Top 5 Mass Gainers For Skinny Guys

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When it comes to gaining weight, different people come up with different ways and solutions. A healthy diet such as green vegetables, fish, meat, green vegetables, and fruits are the best option to gain weight and strength. But they fail to produce the required impact on skinny guys. In most of the cases, it is seen that skinny guys who want to achieve weight do not get any result even after having a healthy dietary intake.

For those guys who want to enhance their personality and growth, bodybuilding supplements like mass gainers can help you gain proper weight. These supplements are not only useful for weight gain, but they also make the muscles strong and provide your body with plenty of calories so that you can stay fit and active during workouts.

In this article, we have done a relevant research about these mass gainer supplements.

Comparison of 5 Mass Gainers For Skinny Guys

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Can’t Wait? Here’s Our Favorite

NutraBio Extreme Mass is a nutritious supplement that helps skinny guys to gain weight naturally and in a healthy manner. The supplement is equipped with vital nutrients that will help you to not only gain weight but also in muscle building. Also, the supplements help you in restoring the energy lost by your body during the workout session.

In addition to that, NutraBio’s extreme mass gainer accelerates the rate of metabolism to develop stamina in your body. This mass gainer contains a blend of seventy percent whey concentrate protein along with thirty percent micellar casein protein. This mixture is highly ideal for weight gain and muscle building. No fillers are used in the powder, and it is also gluten-free.

Also, low sodium content makes it healthy to be consumed. It contains a high content of maltodextrin, which imparts the carbohydrate content to the powder. To get the best result, you can consume the supplement two to three times a day. The supplement can be taken with juice, water, milk, or even shakes.

1. Mass Jym Protein Powder- Best Low Calorie Supplement

Mass jym protein has been a universal mass gainer supplement for skinny guys. One serving of this protein powder imparts up to fifty grams of high-quality protein and about thirty grams of carbs in each meal in one single serving. However, the supplement is low in calories.

Supplementary Facts:

  • Carbs: about 30 grams
  • Protein: average 30 grams
  • Calories: 280 Kcal
  • Sugar: 10 grams

Product Highlights:

The mass jym protein powder is made up of vital components that are present in appropriate concentration. The quality of a mass gainer generally depends upon the proportion of carbs present in it with respect to its protein content. In this particular mass gainer, carbs and protein are present in equal proportion. Therefore, it is a perfectly balanced blend for gaining mass.

What I Like:

Mass Jym protein powder contains only ten grams of sugars. With low sugar content, you have nothing to be worried about while consuming it. Each scoop of this powder has about 280 Kcal of calories. Also, this supplement provides well-balanced carbs to the protein ratio. In addition to that, it contains several high- quality protein sources such as micellar casein, whey isolate, and egg whites.

What I Don’t Like:

It includes a large number of artificial sweeteners which hamper the taste of the drink. These artificial sweeteners are, however, used to reduce the sugar levels in the powder, but it does not taste that good.

2. MuscleTech Mass Gainer- Best Supplement To Boost Energy Levels

Muscle tech is a prominent mass gainer supplement that contains a lot more vital components than just carbs and protein. The supplement gives up to ten grams of creatine monohydrates in one serving and contains branched amino acids as well, which boosts your energy levels. The product is preferable because it is free of unessential components which might cause more fat gain than muscle gain.

Supplementary Facts:

  • Calories: 840 Kcal
  • Protein: 63 grams
  • Protein source: 97 percent, additional components- casein, whey
  • Carbs: 132 grams
  • Fat: 7 grams
  • Flavors available: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry

Product Highlights:

The muscle tech mass gainer formula also includes digestive enzymes that provide the required nutrition to the body. The supplement is a mixture of both fast and slow-acting protein. Therefore, your body will receive a constant supply of protein chains. Five scoop serving can deliver eight hundred and twenty Kcal of calories. Also, the sugar content present in this drink is low.

What I Like:

The mixture of muscle tech mass gainer supplement contains nine grams of sugar, which provide eight hundred and twenty Kcal of calories. Also, the supplement offers sixty grams of muscle and weight, gaining protein in each serving. The muscle tech mass gainer utilizes ninety-seven percent of the whey protein isolate, which is the primary protein source in this supplement.

What I Don’t Like:

Muscle tech mass gainer uses gums and artificial sweeteners in their making formula, which hampers its taste.

3. NutraBio Extreme Mass- Best High-Quality Protein Supplement

Nutra bio extreme mass is a healthy mass gainer supplement that contains high-quality protein and, therefore, is highly beneficial for skinny guys. The supplement includes an adequate amount of egg and dairy protein, which are considered a high-quality protein. The supplement has a low fat and sugar content present in it.  Take one to four scoops of this protein powder, as per your protein and calorie requirements and then consume it with milk.

Supplementary Facts:

  • Calories: 650 Kcal
  • Sugar: 6 grams
  • Protein: 53 grams

Product Highlights:

Nutra bio extreme mass gainer supplement contains a high calorific value and low sugar protein, which is again a fabulous blend for skinny mass gainers. The serving can be done as per your requirement, or you keep it to four scoops. You can add one or two teaspoonful sugar as well. Sixty hundred and fifty calories and a serving of only fifty-three grams of protein is again a good combo.

What I Like:

The best thing about Nutrabio extreme mass gainer supplement is that all the ingredients are lab-verified and clinically tested. Therefore, there is no chance of protein spiking or spiking due to any other irrelevant substances. In each six hundred and fifty calories serving, only six grams of sugar is used. The blending part of the supplement is superb and tastes amazing.

What I Don’t Like:

Nutra bio extreme mass contains a little higher level of caffeine. If it is taken just before going to bed at night, it may cause insomnia.

4. Vitol Russian Bear 5000- Best Vegan Supplement

The best thing about Vitol Russian bear 5000 is that it contains a unique blend of protein sources apart from egg and dairy. It also includes some amount of creatine monohydrate. Creatine is an active and best-known supplement source for developing and enhancing muscular power and strength. It is relatively affordable, and if you want a combination of both creatine and mass gainer, then you can go for this one.

Supplementary Facts:

  • Protein: 41g
  • Vitamin A: 53 grams
  • Vitamin C: 51 grams
  • Calcium: 24 grams

Product Highlights:

Mass gainer Vitol Russian bear is made up of a sports supplement known as Vitol under a company that was founded by Val Vasiliev. He was a renowned American popularly known in the bodybuilding world. Based on Russian scientific methodology, this mass gainer was designed. It contains high carbs and proteins and imparts high calorie, which helps the consumer in rapid mass gaining.

Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer  imparts around 2,600 calories in one serving upon being mixed with water. It contains around 184 grams of protein, 391 grams of quality glycogen-replenishing carbohydrates and around 46 grams of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).

Also, it is designed in such a manner that it dissolves easily and starts functioning within seconds of being intaken.  It is present in three different flavors namely; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Add one scoop of this powder to a gallon of milk and chug it down every morning for best results.

What I Like:

If you blend the supplement with milk only, then it gives you twelve hundred calories and sixty-nine grams of protein. Vitol Russian bear 5000 is a unique supplement that improves your muscles and aids in bodybuilding. It is rich in energy-enhancing ingredients such as Tribulus and colostrum.

The mass gainer contains a wide range of vital vitamin components. It also uses MCT oil, which is very much essential for proper weight gain and growth.

What I Don’t Like:

Although Vitol Russian Bear 5000 contains a lot of useful components in it, the supplement is high in sugar.

5. Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice- Best Multi-Flavor Supplement

Ultimate nutrition muscle juice mass gainer can be an ideal choice and supplement for the consumers who want to develop their muscle weight. This mass gainer supplement has all types of components that are essential for an increasing body in a balanced way.

Supplementary Facts:

  • Calories: 1030 Kcal
  • Fat: 17 grams
  • Saturated Fat: 17 grams
  • Trans Fat: 0 grams

Product Highlights:

The ultimate nutrition muscle juice mass gainer supplement is delicious and is available in various flavors. Blending the powder with milk will give you a perfect taste. Digestive enzymes like omega 3s and MCT oil are both essential components present in this mass gainer supplement.

Supplementary Facts:

  • Calories- 1020 Kcals per servings
  • Protein- 56 grams

What I Like:

Each serving gives you one thousand and twenty grams of calories, whether you blend it with milk or water. It tastes delicious and gets mixed well both with milk and water. The protein content of the powder is about fifty-six grams when you mix with water, and it is much more than that when mixed with milk.

What I Don’t Like:

The mass gainer is too sugary to taste, and a high level of maltodextrin is added in this supplement.

Best Mass Gainer Buying Guide

Gaining mass is an essential factor for any skinny person, whether it is about enhancing the personality or gaining confidence. Mass gainers are one of the most versatile bodybuilding supplements available in the market today.

In general, their most compelling benefit is they are high-calorie supplements. These supplements contain various levels of minerals, fats, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates along with other fundamental supplements. Before buying the right supplement, you must be aware of the purpose and benefits of these supplements.

Some Significant Benefits of Mass Gainer Supplements Are Listed Below.

  • Enhanced Muscle Mass.
  • More Power, Energy, Strength, and Endurance to your personality.
  • Quick and easy to reach daily calorie goal.
  • Quick and easy to achieve the nutritional goal.
  • Partial replacement of meals in case you are busy.
  • Healthy fats help you with muscle gain.
  • Faster recovery.

Different mass gainers come with varying amounts of calorific supply. But the sources of calories are more important and remember that your ultimate aim should be to become muscular, not fatty. However, it is always recommended to go for mass gainers having less sugar and more carbohydrates.

Here are some factors which you need to consider before buying the mass gainer:

● Check the Carbs and Protein Ratio

Carbs and protein play a significant role in muscles and mass gain. At this point, you must know that every individual body has specific needs of proteins; therefore, any extra amount of protein just goes wasted through the human body. Also, as far as protein is concerned, for vegetarians, it is difficult to get the right amount of proteins only through vegetables. In this case, mass gainers become essential for skinny guys.

Therefore, it is necessary to have balanced content of these two nutrients, and it is recommended to keep the carbs and protein ratio at 3:1. The protein content in mass gainers required to have in small quantities, and it should have origin from slow-medium and quick-release sources. These sources of proteins may be whey proteins, calcium caseinate, and micellar casein.

● Choose in Between Slow-Medium and Fast Release Sources

Slow-medium and fast release sources have their distinct function in metabolization. Slow-medium sources such as calcium caseinate and micellar casein are useful in preventing muscle breakdown. They preserve lean muscle mass and keep the body in a positive nitrogen balance.

While fast release sources of proteins act as an immediate supplier of nutrients to muscle tissues distressed after a heavy-duty workout and help in triggering the synthesis of new muscles. The reason for having a large proportion of carbs, especially complex carbs, in mass gainer supplement is that they digest slowly and provide sustained energy for workouts.

● Digestive Enzymes Must be Present

Mass gaining is a long-term process, and hence to avoid any chances of person bloating, the presence of digestive enzymes in mass gainer supplement is essential. Digestive enzymes also play a significant role in fueling the body for intense workouts, which are necessary for the body to achieve mass gain and stronger muscles.

● Low Added Sugar

An ideal mass gainer must have low added sugar. However, the best way to increase the calorie value indeed is to add more sugar, but it is not helpful in mass gain and muscle growth. The best mass gainer always has lower sugar content, and the nutrients must come from cleaner sources like complex carbs and proteins.

It is worthy to note here that you don’t need to have high calorific value instantly; what your body requires will come from carbs and proteins available in the supplement. The mass gainer supplement you are going to buy should have ideally contained 6 grams of sugar in 100 grams of the supplement.

● Creatine and  Betaine Must Be Present in Mass Gainers

One of the vital components in mass gainers is creatine, which helps your bodybuilding to reserve phosphocreatine. This energy reserve plays a pivotal role during the training session of heavy-duty. Therefore, before purchasing your favorite mass gainers, make sure it contains additional creatine. Creatine is a healthy and vital component that helps you in explosive lifting and more muscle mass.

If the creatine is creapure, then it is the most potent and purest creatine available in the market. Better buy it. Betaine is an essential component present in most of the mass gainers. It helps to increase muscle mass and size while supporting the alpha performance of the human body. There is another essential component known as recovery fuel glutamine.

It helps to reduce muscle breakdown in your body to increase muscle mass. MCT oil, which is found only in professional mass gainers, helps to improve fat burns. MCT oil allows high-quality mass gainers to take the bodybuilders’ training session into a higher level easily and comfortably.

● Other  Essential Nutrients Should be Present

If you are a professional bodybuilder or have been doing bodybuilding for a very long time, then your mass gainer supplement should work overtime just like you do. According to medical health studies, high-quality mass gainers contain MCT oil, creatine, and betaine amino acid. These additional vital nutrients help a bodybuilder to gain all the potential energy while making their muscles healthy and strong as well.

Also, these extra essential nutrients present in a professional mass gainers supplement to bring a change in the endurance and training intensity of skinny guys. So, as you step into the store to choose your mass gainer supplement, make sure to check the ingredients and nutrients. Also, you make sure that all the components, as mentioned above, like MCT oil, creatine, and betaine, are included in your mass gainer supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a Mass Gainer Supplement?

Mass gainer supplements are consumed by those people who want to improve their growth of the muscles and gain weight to enhance their personality and confidence. The supplementary powders contain vital components like carbs, protein, sugar, fats, and calories in high amounts.

These products are designed specially to build mass and gain weight overnight. Skinny guys prefer these mass gainer supplements as they help to develop muscles in a short time more efficiently and appropriately.

2. What if You Take an Overdose? Are There Any Side Effects of Mass Gainers?

There is nothing to worry about, even if you take an overdose. If you take an overdose by mistake, you will have to do more workout to spread the effect uniformly. However, if you feel uncomfortable after that, then you should consult your doctor.

Although mass gainers are available today to gain weight, few of these supplements come with unwanted side effects as well. Out of which, the most prevalent side effect is increased risk of cavities. Most mass gainer supplements contain an enormous amount of sugar that can lead to tooth decay. Apart from that, some people’s pulse rate and heartbeats start skipping while they supplement.

3. Is the Consumption of Mass Gainer Supplement Safe? Is There Any Particular Time for Consuming Mass Gainer?

Mass gainer supplement is safe when intake is as per the recommendation of your doctor, or you can also take the dosage as per the instructions that come with the products. However, if you are already on the medication due to any health issue, then the doctor’s recommendation is inevitable.

Two shakes in a day in between three servings can be an ideal choice for those who are hard mass gainers. To get the best result, it is better to take one mass gainer shake in the early morning and the second drink right before you go to bed.

4. Is There Any Difference Between a Protein Supplement and a Mass Gainer? Is It Safe to Consume Mass Gainer Supplement With Creatine?

Though protein supplement and mass gainer both aim at the quick weight and muscle gain, their essential components differ from each other. In protein supplements, there is a healthy protein dose by keeping the carb and calorie at a minimum level. Similarly, in mass gainer, there is a high protein dose, but carb and calorie are also at the maximum level.

Therefore, it is essential to check the nutrients component factor before purchasing. Creatine is one of the best yet active mass gainer ingredients that are proven clinically with ample medical benefits. You can indeed take your mass gainer with creatine.

However, several mass gainers already contain an adequate amount of it. Therefore, check your mass gainer, whether it includes additional creatine or not before you supplement it with more of it. Intake of too much creatine may lead to adverse effects.

5. What is the Best Mass Gainer Diy Recipe?

If you take out your time to cook, then give your mass gainer DIY recipe a whirl in your blender for an amazing shake. Let’s try the below-mentioned mass gainer recipe.

  • take two cups of milk, calories 298, protein 16 gr
  • Two scoops of pure whey isolate, calories 100, protein 24 grams
  • add half cup plain instant oatmeal, calories 105, protein 3gram
  • add two Tbsp of natural peanut butter, calories 190, protein 8 gram
  • add two Tbsp of honey, calories 128, protein 0 gram
  • total calories- 821 and total protein- 51

Mix the supplement in a blender, also add a few chunks of ice, and your shake is ready, enjoy.

6. How Long Can I Expect to Get the Best Result?

First, the result depends on the type of mass gainer supplement you take, and it can vary, especially with weight gain and loss conditions. However, you can expect to see the results in as little as two to three weeks. As a regular mass gainer consumer, you must keep a unique eye on your weight gain progress to ensure if you are meeting the goal or not.


Though weight loss is an essential factor for most people, others hope to gain weight quickly. Skinny guys often feel not good about their physique. Therefore they want to gain proper weight in order to look good and stay fit. Regardless of the above-mentioned reason, the most significant component of gaining weight is the intake of more calories compared to that you burn daily.

Skinny guys, those who struggle to eat enough to gain sufficient weight, mass gainer supplements are an effective and best product to increase your calorie consumption. Unlike other protein supplements, mass gainers are not only rich in protein, but they also provide ample carbs. In addition to that, sometimes they also give you other ingredients like amino acids.

NutraBio Extreme Mass is one of the best mass gainers present in the market as of now. The brand Nutrabio is famous for using transparent ingredient formulas and keeps up to his reputation of manufacturing only the best quality supplements. Each serving of this mass gainer consists of 53gram of protein, 6gram of fat, and 99 Kcal of carbohydrates. Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice is a cheaper alternative.

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