SIKADEER Fitness Tracker HR Review

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  • Blood pressure and heart rate indicators
  • Calorie counter
  • Pedometer
  • Waterproof 
  • Great price
  • Sleep patterns


  • Replaceable band not available

Enhance the quality of your life using the SIKADEER Fitness Tracker, one of the best devices suitable for the entire family. The smartwatch uses the latest technologies to offer the best user experience at a great price.

The device provides a wide range of activities and features, including exercise mode which displays activity time, heart rate and blood pressure, distance traveled and pedometer, along with additional characteristics, such as a ‘find mobile phone’ feature and alerts from other apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail. The product comes in various colors, benefits from an elegant design and provides two charging cables.

SIKADEER Fitness Tracker HR

The SIKADEER Fitness Tracker is a new generation watch which provides color screen and waterproof technology to accurately monitor daily activity and fitness patterns. With an easy design, the watch displays notifications, reminders, health indicators, activity, along with a minimum of 4 days of battery life. 

Who is this fitness tracker for?

The SIKADEER Fitness Tracker is an activity tracker designed for sport fans, weight loss, while also allowing monitoring health indicators, such as blood pressure and heart rate. The product is easy to use, and it comes with great value for your money.

With an adjustable band which comes in four different colors, it is the perfect accessory for men, women, and kids alike. The ideal customer can record data regarding their sleep patterns, heart rate, blood pressure, and a sedentary reminder for users interested in weight loss and the enhancement of lifestyle.

It is a waterproof device which makes it perfect for a wide range of activities, including swimming, washing, and showering.

What’s included?

The package comes with the tracker, the user manual and two charging cables. 

Overview of features

The SIKADEER Fitness Tracker includes numerous smart activities. The exercise mode allows the user to display its activity time, heart rate during activity, distance traveled, calories, along with a pedometer which tracks the steps using real-time technology. The blood pressure can be monitored through manual test, automatic test, and private blood pressure modes.

The heart rate also has an automatic mode which displays the test results on your mobile phone. These features are suitable for a wide range of activities due to its waterproof IP68 technology, including washing, running during rain, swimming, and showering.

The product can be synchronized with a mobile phone using the H Band App for both iOS and Android. Once synced, the watch also displays information such as call and messages vibration alerts, notifications from other apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Other features include sleep monitoring, including deep sleep, remote camera shooting, alerts for sedentary lifestyles and wrist sense, in which the watch automatically turns on when it is turned towards you. In addition to this, the tracker also includes a feature for finding your mobile phone, and other activities: countdown, stopwatch, reminders, and notifications, event reminders and alarm clock.

It has a long battery life which lasts up to 8 days. The tracker makes use of minimum iOS 8 and Android 4.4, Bluetooth 4.0. On the other hand, the product does not offer replaceable bands.  

How to use

The product is user-friendly and easy to use due to its one-button design. The core features can be browsed by tapping the button; in order to enter the sport mode, it is required to long-press the button, which can also be paused using the same method.

The device can be charged on the back using the magnetic charge port. When a call is received, a tap on the button will enter mute mode, while a long press rejects the call. When long-pressing the button, the ‘find mobile phone’ feature is activated. For a video demonstration, please click here.


Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami 

This smartwatch by Huami has one big advantage over the SIKADEER fitness tracker, and that is that it offers additional bands. It really is an all-in-one option.


The SIKADEER Fitness Tracker includes core and additional fitness and smart activities to help you track your daily activity and monitor your health rate and blood pressure. The device offers a complete set of fitness features, such as pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitoring, exercise time, while encouraging a wide range of physical activities, including swimming.

Its waterproof technology makes it suitable for daily activities such as washing hands, showering, and running in the rain. The built-in sedentary alarm sends reminders after a long time of inactivity.

The device can be easily maneuvered using its one-button design and can be synced to social media and e-mail accounts. Lastly, the phone comes with two charging cables and a long-life battery. 

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