Top 10 – Best Cable Machine For Home Gym Owners

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I love cable machines in a home gym. When it comes to the ultimate bang-for-your-buck, you can’t go too wrong with a cable machine.

They’re flexible, don’t take up too much space, and there’s a massive amount of exercises that you can do on a cable machine.

In this article, we’ll look at the best cable machine for a home gym. So, no matter your budget or the amount of space you have available, we’ll find the best for you. 

Can’t Wait? Here’s Our Best Cable Machine For a Home Gym

When it comes to the best cable machine for a home gym, the best option is the PowerLine, which offers you a bunch of workout options for the price. Keep in mind though, that the PowerLine is a plate loaded cable machine. If you want one with a built-in weight stack, the XMark Functional Trainer is also popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Powerline Cable PCCO90X

PowerLine is an extremely versatile fitness that fits perfectly in any sized room or garage.

Key Features

  • Strong frame
  • Sized to fit inside
  • 8 resin pulleys
  • 180-degree action
  • Chrome cable handles

The dimensions of the PowerLine after assembly are 112L x 39W x 82H inches. So, if your ceiling is at lease seven-foot-tall, you should be fine.

The frame is made of robust steel tubing with rubber stabilizers on the bases to keep it from moving.

The PowerLine is fitted with a group of eight wide-diameter resin pulleys that have integrated ball bearings for the highest possible longevity. It’s made to move 180 degrees, so both high and low pulley exercises easy for users.

The machine provides two chrome cable handles for the users, but without weights. Users can choose weights according to their needs. Thanks to the convenience of the PowerLine, users can do as many exercises as they want.

What we love about it

  • Easy to assemble
  • Can use both Standard and Olympic weight plates
  • Can perform more than 50 exercises
  • Quiet operation

What could be better

  • Exercise manual not included
  • Top and bottom pulleys are fixed
  • Uses Olympic plates, so you’ll need to buy some of those

While we don’t love the fact that the cable machine uses Olympic Plates for functionality purposes, if you already have the plates at home, you’ll have far more control over the weight you use.

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Best For Limited Space: Body-Solid SDC2000G2

A lot of home-gyms are small in size and, a bulky cable machine is a nightmare. Luckily, the Body Solid SDC2000G2 is small enough to fit in a 3ft x 4ft area.

Key Features

  • 160-pound weight-stacks
  • Tough, durable frame
  • Adaptable
  • Smooth to use

The frame is durable and made from 2 × 4-inch heavy gauge steel.

Fully adjustable vertical pulleys that can be moved up and down easily with help from a pop-pin arrangement.

The pulleys and cable are of premium quality, ensuring that you have a smooth and exciting workout experience.

What we like

  • Compact, uses less space
  • Uses aircraft quality cables and pulleys
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

What can be improved

  • Fewer possibilities for exercises that can only be done on more extensive machines. For example, I’d love to do cable crossovers on it, but the pulleys are too close together
  • Expensive compared to others

Our favorite part of the Body Solid SDC2000G2 is that you can carry out more than 100 diverse kinds of exercises.

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Best All-in-One: Valor Fitness CB-12

 I’m not the biggest fan of the all-in-one home gym, but I understand why they’re famous. The Valor Fitness CB-12 is an excellent choice if that’s what you’re into, though.

There are both high and low cable pulleys, which is a great feature. So that means you can do far more exercises than the ones that only have an upper pulley. There’s also a lat pulldown bar, rows, and leg extension.

Key Features:

  • Tough, steel tubing frame
  • High tension pulleys
  • Flexible seat pads
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room

Valor CB-12 has a robust steel tube frame and pulleys that give you the freedom to use it without shifting about. The ergonomic seat pads and four base caps guarantee that you are relaxed but also that your machine is stabilized while you work out.

Despite being compact, the CB-12 still lets you perform numerous exercises such as upright rows, tricep pull-downs, ab-exercises, standing leg extensions, and a seated row. This is the best all-in-one cable device for a home gym because it’s small and light, sturdy, and comfortable.

What we love

  • Solid metal frame
  • Highly durable tension pulleys that ensure safety and smooth performance
  • The plate-loaded system can hold up to 250 pounds of resistance.

What could be better

  • Weight stack not provided
  • Not suitable for very tall and heavy people

While the equipment is cheap, you’ll need to remember that it doesn’t include a weight stack, so add that onto the price.

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Best Overall: XMark Functional Trainer

 The XMark Functional Trainer fits the bill if you want your home gym equipment to be slim, solid, and versatile.

Highlight Features

  • Scratch resistance
  • Solid build quality
  • Adjustable
  • Comes with weight stacks of up to 200 pounds

The XMark Functional Trainer’s mainframe is durable steel. It’s finished with a scratch- and corrosion-resistant grey coating.

The equipment comes bundled in with 200-pound weight stacks, giving it some much-needed stability and robustness. When fully assembled, the machine weighs more than 800 pounds.

The machine provides you two weight stacks, which are affixed to cable pulleys. They let you exercise each limb individually. Also, you get 19 dedicated column adjustments, and multiple accessories tagging along.

The XMark needs minimal maintenance and functions silently. The several add-ons that come in the package render the machine a lot more functional and versatile.


  • Facilitates true isolateral movements
  • The pulleys are easy to use and adjust quickly
  • The PVC-covered metallic cables are durable and smooth at work


  • Weight stacks cannot be upgraded
  • Assembly can be a bit tricky
  • Expensive

The XMark Functional Trainer works for different users, primarily thanks to its ability to let them perform more than 35 authentic exercise moves with it. Though a bit on the expensive side, this versatile training equipment does offer solid value for its price.

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Best Gym-Quality: Body-Solid Plate-Loaded Functional Trainer

 This functional trainer from Body-Solid isn’t the cheapest machine. But once you explore the various exercise options it offers, you would understand why it’s priced the way it’s priced.

Highlight Features

  • Easy to use
  • Premium build
  • 180-degree pulley setup
  • Two 160-pound weight stacks

This Body-Solid functional trainer with a couple of 160-pound weight stacks is a sturdy and premium gym equipment. The body frame is made of 11-gauge, two-inch by four-inch oval tubing.

The stack arms are upgradable, with each stack willing to shoulder up to five additional plates. The stack arm comes with a fiberglass-made, vertical carriage setup.

The pulley setup shifts 180 degrees and lets users smoothly exercise through several planes of motion.

The machine comes with a chin-up bar and dual-positioning feature. It has handles featuring nylon strips that offer a comfortable, yet strong grip.


  • Solid build quality and extremely functional powder coat finish
  • Supports people of different heights and builds
  • Hand straps adjust four ways
  • Wide yet sufficiently compact to be used in limited spaces


  • Doesn’t come with the pulldown bar
  • The rails guiding the weight stack don’t come with rubber stoppers at the bottom

This Body-Solid functional trainer lets you do more than 25 traditional gym exercises. People who don’t have enough time to head to a gym would find solid value in this machine.

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Best Weight Stack For Limited Space in your Home Gym: BodyCraft HFT

 The BodyCraft HFT is an extremely adaptable, practical, and space-saving functional trainer.

Highlight Features

  • Sturdy build
  • Space-saving
  • Adjustable
  • 31 height positions
  • Comes with a couple of 150-pound weight stacks

With a width of 56 inches, 38-inch depth, and 82-inch height, the BodyCraft HFT is a truly compact fitness trainer. Made from a steel plate and a strong single-gauge steel tube coating, the machine is extremely well built too. Despite its compactness, the HFT can hold an independent modifiable cable column setup.

The machine comes bundled in with a couple of 150-pound weight stacks located on either side of the machine. You can upgrade by up to 200 pounds each for some intense training sessions. The aircraft-grade cables weigh 2000 pounds and have a flexible plastic coating.

Each pulley is completely adjustable, which means you benefit from more than 30 different 180-degree height positions.

The BodyCraft HFT boasts several attractive features, including a 180-degree swivel, fiberglass nylon pulleys, 31 height positions, and laser-cut weight stacks for smooth performance.


  • 31 height positions
  • Comes with multiple accessories


  • The bundled-in stacks (150 pounds each) may not suffice in most training scenarios

Besides the solid number of workout options, the BodyCraft HFT facilitates effective strength training exercises. It allows users to showcase a healthy range of mobility and movement.

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Yukon Fitness

Yukon Fitness would be an ideal addition to any home gym since it facilitates a range of body toning workouts such as one-arm rows, incline flies, and leg kickbacks.

Highlight Features

  • Solid construction
  • Offers 14 height positions
  • Chrome cable handles
  • Smooth to the touch

With a height of approximately 7 feet and a width of 12 feet, Yukon Fitness is wide enough to facilitate a wide variety of motions.

It comes with 14 adjustable height options for the weight pegs and pulleys, which could hold a maximum of 250 pounds on each side. The fiberglass-made pulleys have sealed ball bearings, which provide a smooth feel.

The machine boasts two chrome cable handles, an integrated chin-up bar, and a silver finish. These attributes render the machine ideal for people who are on the lookout for a complete and practical home gym setup and who have loads of personal space to spare.


  • One of the largest personal gym cable setup
  • Additional width enables a wide range of motions


  • Does occupy considerable space in a room
  • Since there are just two chrome handles, users may have to look for add-ons

Compared to most other personal gym machines, Yukon Fitness does occupy some serious room space. If you have the required space, be ready to rake in the benefits of the endless number of exercises you could perform with this machine.

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Valor Fitness BD-62

The BD-62 from Valor Fitness is compact and should fit inside most homes. Most importantly, the small stature doesn’t imply compromises on the functionality and versatility front.

Highlight Features

  • Dual pulley setup with 16 height adjusting options
  • Bilateral and unilateral action
  • Loaded with Olympic-standard or regular weight plates
  • Wall-mounted for greater stability

Cable machines, particularly the ones that come with twin weight stacks, occupy significant space in any house. Valor Fitness’ BD-62, however, is narrow and can fit in the most compact workout spaces as well.

With zero fixed weight stack, the machine lets you add any number of weight plates. This obviously means the BD-62 supports a wide range of exercises for all types of fitness freaks.


  • An ideal personal exercise equipment
  • Facilitates a variety of exercises
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Comes with all the important attachments and handles
  • Ideal for both lower and upper body training


  • Narrow design
  • Weights don’t come bundled in the box and should be bought separately

The BD-62 by Valor Fitness is the perfect home gym equipment for people who want a proper and complete gym set up in the house but don’t necessarily have too much space to spare. However, for the level of compactness, you may have to make do with some of the machines’ limitations.

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Archon Cable Machine


Most home gym equipment comes with integrated weight stacks. This Archon machine uses one inch and two-inch weight plates instead. This helps with the machine’s installation and also makes it perfect for home-usage.

Highlight Features

  • 19 height adjustments
  • Two isolated pulley machines
  • 180-degree swivels
  • A couple of wall mounts for each station
  • Ideal for bilateral and unilateral lower and upper body exercises

The Archon is a professional machine made to use at home. With two individual pulley machines, you may place each pulley as per the space available at your disposal. The machine is plate-loaded and doesn’t come with weight stacks. It’s versatile and works for both advanced and amateur exercisers.


  • Offers multiple exercise options
  • The width can be customized according to your space
  • Smooth and quiet during use
  • Secure and stable


  • No chin-up/pull-up motions since there are no center beams
  • Wall-mounted only; doesn’t attach to the floor
  • Weights and attachments don’t come in the box and should be bought separately

This Archon machine fits well within limited physical spaces, thanks to the customizable space between pulleys. However, this crossover machine doesn’t come with a central beam, which means no chin-ups and pull-ups. For a lot of people, this could be a dealbreaker.

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Body-Solid BFFT10R

 Body-Solid is known for its high-quality fitness equipment. Its BFFT10R model is small and versatile, which makes it perfect to be used both in your home and garage.

Highlight Features

  • Small footprint
  • Comes with a 190-pound weight stack
  • 19 vertical adjustments
  • A couple of pulleys for bilateral and unilateral workouts
  • Built-in pull-up/chin-up bar

The BFFT10R by Body-Solid is a functional trainer that lets you perform a variety of lower and upper body workouts in a fairly limited space.

The partitioned weight stacks facilitate quick and easy changes in exercises. When used in conjunction with a modifiable bench, this machine becomes an extremely versatile piece of exercise equipment for home exercising.


  • Versatile and extremely compact
  • Independent pulleys
  • Ideal for both lower and upper body workouts
  • Has a pull-up bar


  • Single 190-pound weight stack would not be enough for some users
  • Only one nylon handle pair in the box – additional accessories have to be purchased separately

The Body-Solid BFFT10R is an affordable, compact, and quintessential home gym equipment for people with limited working areas.

Despite its size and price, it works as well as the larger, more expensive machines. However, the 190-pound weight stack would be no match to machines that come with two weight stacks weighing 150 pounds each.

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Titan Functional Trainer: Best Plate Loaded Cable Machine

This Titan Functional Trainer is a plate-loaded no-fuss functional cable machine for home use. With no integrated weight stacks, you may add as much or as little weight you desire to the machine, which makes it ideal for both amateurs and advanced users.

Titan Functional Trainer Review

  • Freestanding
  • Four fixed pulleys
  • A couple of independent weight towers
  • The 8-inch height lets it fit in most garages and rooms
  • Good-quality cables and pulleys

This lightweight, functional trainer is made exclusively for domestic use. When not in usage, you may slide the machine out of your way. With its couple of high and low pulleys, the machine lets you perform a healthy number of varied workouts. There are a couple of nylon handles as well.


  • The Titan functional trainer is ideal for domestic use
  • Easy to install, and lightweight
  • Plate loaded cable machine – therefore cost-effective


  • Doesn’t fix to the floor or wall and could, therefore, be unstable
  • Center beam isn’t the strongest for confidence-inspiring chin-ups and pull-ups
  • Accessories, such as weight plates, have to be bought separately
  • Pulley height cannot be adjusted

Though budget-friendly, this home gym equipment from Titan Fitness isn’t the most feature-packed functional trainer, particularly when compared to the more expensive machines. The mobile and lightweight design render the machine a bit unstable, which could pose issues when using it with large weights. If you can work around these limitations, you should be fine with the machine.

Also, being a plate loaded cable machine, it means you can use a lot of the plates you’ve already got laying around your home gym.

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Body-Solid Deluxe

 Designed for serious or advanced home gym users, the Body-Solid Deluxe is a home-use functional trainer that would seamlessly fit within commercial gyms as well. Large and sturdy, this machine would offer some solid workouts for years together. You would just need a good amount of space to accommodate the equipment.

BodySolid Delux Review

  • 11-gauge, commercial-grade tubing with powder coating
  • 20 unique height adjustments
  • Two 310-pound weight stacks
  • Built-in chin-up/pull-up bar
  • Lifetime warranty for in-home use

Strong and steady, the Body-Solid Deluxe is built like a tank. The massive weight stacks render the machine ideal not just for amateurs and intermediates, but for advanced gymgoers as well. Thanks to the integrated pull-up bars, this equipment lets you work on pretty much all your body muscles.


  • Equipped to meet the requirements of even the strongest individuals
  • Extremely stable and sturdy
  • Freestanding
  • Can be used for bilateral and unilateral lower and upper body workouts
  • Handles supplied


  • Premium pricing
  • Huge footprint
  • Cannot possibly be assembled by a single person
  • Accessories don’t come in the box

If you are not constrained by physical space and money, the Body-Solid Deluxe is arguably the best home gym you can buy. The machine is comparable to the best exercising equipment you’ll find in the most popular commercial gyms.

The only difference is Body-Solid Deluxe doesn’t make you wait in line for your turn.

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grayscale photo of man exercising

Finding the Best Home Gym Cable Machine for Your Home Gym

When on the lookout for the ideal home gym cable machine setup, you must consider a few things.


Generally, cable machines are large workout equipment. They also need a bit of overhead clearance for a clear and easy installation. Therefore, make sure your home has enough space for assembling and using the machine.

Easy to Use

When looking for the best cable machine for a home gym owner, you don’t have look for complicated cable machine systems, particularly if you’re an amateur. If adjusting the pulleys or weights takes too much time and effort, you would end up not liking and abandoning the machine. An easy-to-use home equipment setup would make your workouts simple, quick, and effective.

Assembly Requirements

Assembling the unit should not be too big of a task. Whether the assembly can be done by a single person or you’ll need a helping hand, make sure the assembly is pretty straightforward. Some gym machines can be an absolute nightmare to set up.


Cable machines don’t come cheap. If you are buying one, you must be willing to set aside a fairly big sum of money. If you have never been to a gym before, it’s recommended you start going to one first. Once you get used to the training and you start enjoying the process, you may put your hard-earned money on the table to buy your very own cable machine. Before buying one, make sure the machine’s size, total stack weight, accessories, etc. are to your knowledge and liking. Don’t focus too much on saving money on the purchase, particularly if you see yourself using the machine for several years.

Using a Cable Machine

When finding the best cable machine for home gym workouts, you need to think about it like any other strength building machine. The exercises you perform on it usually entail muscle resistance of some kind or the other. Pulleys are employed to attach weights to the cable.

You exercise by engaging with those cables, which stay under tension due to the weights. Your muscles to remain under pressure during your workouts. Kindly note there is zero resting point’ with a cable machine.

Generally, a home cable machine setup comprises two weight stacks, which are attached using a pair of cables. The middle area is for the user to perform exercises. There are external pulleys that could be altered to fix the cable connections at different heights.

This cable machine setup lets a user perform a range of exercises. Also, the cables can be stretched in pretty much any direction, without losing their original resistance. You may take your training sessions to another level by combining unique cable accessories.

Cable Machine Benefits

A cable machine’s flexibility results in several benefits, which include:

Versatility in Home Gym Workouts

The ideal cable machine lets you perform a variety of exercises and work on all your different muscles. Therefore, it becomes an essential addition to your personal gym if you’re on the lookout for one workout machine only. Likewise, if there is not enough space in your house for multiple exercising types of equipment.

Muscle Group Isolation

A cable machine effectively isolates different muscle groups. It lets you perform multiple exercises that particularly help with working out your chest, triceps, biceps, etc.

A Cable is Safe to Use

Properly using a cable machine needs persistence and consistency. Once you know your way around the machine, using the machine to perform a variety of exercises safely would become second nature. Also, you will not need a spotter.


When a single machine works on various muscle groups simultaneously, the need for switching machines and spending time unloading and loading weights comes down drastically.

A Cable Machine Keep You Engaged in Your Workouts

If traditional exercises bore you, a cable machine would add an interesting twist to those same set of workouts.

Some Cable Machine Workouts for Building Muscles

A cable machine lets you work out your chest, shoulders, triceps, etc. It can be used for exercising your lower back and also your lower body, including your legs, knees, and abdominals. The following are some of the best cable machine exercises:

  • Standing cable row
  • Cable chest press
  • Cable forward lunge
  • Cable machine squat
  • Anti-rotation press
  • Core exercises
  • Pall of Press
  • Face pull
  • One-arm chest fly
  • Shoulder rotation

Remember that cable machines have certain weight limitations and they help isolate the smaller muscles. Therefore, it’s advised you do higher repetitions with less weight on them.

Stay focused and patiently work on the muscles so that you achieve your workout goals and do so without harming yourself or sabotaging the machine in any which way.

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