The Best YouTube Spin Class Videos

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When working out, you kinda want something that’s terrifying while you do it, and satisfying after you’re finished. In that regard, spin bikes or exercise bikes tick both boxes. There’s nothing quite like that jelly-leg feeling when you hop off a spin bike after a session.

I’ve never been too much of a bike rider outdoors, but have a reasonable level of fitness and don’t mind a good challenge. Recently, I’ve brought the spin bike into my regular at-home workout routine – and it hurts… a lot.

My usual feelings towards my spin bike straight after using it.

Spin classes can be pretty expensive though! And those app-lead workouts like Peloton are great but definitely not for everyone – nor are they in everyone’s budget. Luckily, these days you don’t need to go into a spin class or hire an instructor – nor do you have to pay a crazy amount for one of the all-in-one services. Here, we’ll look at the best YouTube spin classes you can take from home.

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The Best YouTube Spin Class Videos For Your Next Home Workout

Here are some of the best workouts that you can do on your spin bike at home. What I like about most of these is they allow you to push yourself at your own pace – and there’s usually a great timer or speed gauge that you can mimic to ride at the right pace.

Global Cycling Network – Sweet Spot Intervals

You’ll see in this article that Global Cycling Network is the leader in at-home spin classes. This one follows one of the riders on a real climb and is a great workout.


60 Minute Aerobic Endurance

A longer workout this hour-long ride will build a sweat up for sure. This is a good workout to do once a week or so.


High-Intensity 35-Minute Micro-Interval Ride

Don’t let the word ‘micro’ fool you, this ride is a nightmare. With a bunch of small sprints and longer close to max efforts in-between, it’s aimed at mimicking a race scenario.


30-Minute HIIT Climb

When most people think of a spin session they think of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This quick session will let you get a sweat into a busy day.


25-Minute HIIT Session

If the thirty minutes is a little too long, then try the 25-minute HIIT session. Just remember, the shorter the session the more brutal.


Need Bike Equipment?

If you’re looking for some gear for your at-home riding you don’t have to go all-out. Some spin bikes can be very expensive but if you’re just starting out you can find a reasonably priced bike.

Other than a bike, you could also use a fan while you exercise. If you want to know more about what fan I recommend for a home gym, click here.


Is spinning a good way to lose weight?

If you’re looking to lose weight, then taking up occasional spin classes could help. Depending on a few factors, a class can burn at least 500 calories, which is a great way to bring more cardio into your day.
Also, many spin classes are HIIT classes, and interval training burns calories all day while your body recovers .

What is the best spin class app?

If you’re after an app rather than YouTube videos, Echelon, Peloton and iFit Coach are some of the best indoor cycling apps you can buy.

Is spinning good for beginners?

What I like about spin classes and YouTube classes is that a lot of the challenge from spinning comes from what you put in. You’ll find that most classes use a ‘rate of exhaustion level out of 10’ or something similar to measure how hard you’re working. You 10 out of 10 may be completely different pace and resistance to someone else’s but that’s okay. This customization means that spinning is definitely okay for beginners.

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