Best Gym Bag for Wet Clothes

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Having a proper bag to go take to the gym is essential if you’re a person who likes to have everything stored correctly in a bag. One of the main issues with gym bags is that some of them don’t have compartments with proper ventilation systems, making them awful to store wet clothes.

In this article, we review the best gym bag for wet clothes to help you decide which one is best for you.

Don’t Want to Wait? Here’s Our Favorite

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Our favorite, in this case, is the Yixinunique Gym Bag since it’s completely waterproof, and it provides many pockets to fit everything that you need. A great feature about this bag is that all of the pockets are waterproof too, making it suitable for people who are regularly exposed to water.

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Youlerbu Dry Wet Drawstring Bag – Best for Portability

This is a dry wet drawstring backpack bag made by the brand ‘Youlerbu.’ This one is compact enough to fit everything that you need, but it’s also optimized to store your wet clothes.


This bag is made of thickened oxford cloth, and a PVC reinforce at the bottom, making it a sturdy but lightweight bag for going to the gym. It has two main compartments in which you can separate your dry clothes from the wet ones.

If you want to take your sneakers separately, there’s also a compartment at the bottom in which you can store your shoes properly. The bag has adjustable straps that make it perfect for any kind of person.

This gym bag is suitable for the gym, swimming, walking, traveling, and many more activities. Click here to read more about this bag!

Pros & Cons


  • It has two mesh pockets to separate the wet clothes from dry clothes.
  • It has three additional pockets to store extra things.
  • It’s easy to carry.


  • It can’t hold a lot of things since it’s a small bag.
  • The additional pockets are very small.

Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket – Best for Durability

This is a gym bag with a wet pocket made by the band ‘Everest.’ If you want an affordable and compact gym bag that has a specific compartment for wet clothes, this is the best option.


This gym bag is designed for people who only want to store essential things. It’s designed with one main compartment, two front pouches with a mesh pocket, and a large side mesh pocket.

The bag was made with 600D polyester, which makes it durable. The bag’s wet pocket is great to fit a considerable amount of wet clothes, and you can store your shoes in that compartment when you’re not using it for wet clothes.

Overall, it’s a great bag where you can fit all the essentials. Click here to read more about this gym bag!

Pros & Cons


  • It provides a comfortable shoulder strap to carry it.
  • It’s suitable for any kind of sports activity.
  • It’s compact enough to fit it in gym lockers.


  • It’s not big enough to fit a lot of gym gear.
  • There’s only one wet pocket for shoes and wet clothes.

Yixinunique Gym Bag – Best Waterproof Bag

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This is a waterproof gym bag made by the brand ‘Yixinunique.’ Its best feature is that the bag is made with a waterproof external surface, making it resistant to water under any conditions.


This bag is made specifically for people who regularly deal with water, such as swimmers. It’s made with water-resistant polyester fabric, and its main compartments are all waterproof.

With this bag, you get one main compartment where you can store your work clothes and other items and 11 additional pockets which you can use to store anything else that you want.

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Pros & Cons


  • It’s great to store wet clothes, towels, and many other things.
  • It has a lot of pockets.
  • The bag is entirely waterproof.


  • The bag may be too small for some people.

Canway Sports Gym Bag – Best Lightweight Bag

This is a sports gym bag made by the brand ‘Canway.’ The main feature of this bag is its build material; it’s made from premium materials, but it’s also lightweight.


This bag consists of one main compartment with eight additional pockets. You also get an inner wet pocket and a separate shoe compartment where you can put your sneakers comfortably.

The pockets are adequately sized, so you can store your gym essentials and some extra items easily. The bag comes with a soft pocket explicitly designed for valuable or fragile items.

This gym bag is suitable for any kind of sports activity and for traveling. Check out more about this bag here!

Pros & Cons


  • It’s suitable for any kind of sports activity.
  • It has many additional pockets.
  • It’s designed with premium materials.


  • The bag may be too small for some people.
  • The shoe compartment is not designed to fit huge shoes.
  • The shoulder strap is not very comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do You Travel with Sweaty Clothes?

The best thing that you can do in this case is to find a bag that has a proper wet pocket. These are designed with ventilation systems that help eliminate bad smells.

How Do You Deal with Sweaty Gym Clothes?

If you just finished your workout, you can put the wet clothes in your bag’s wet compartment. When you get home, try to hand-wash them and then leave them to hang dry.

Do I Have to Wash Gym Clothes Every Day?

It’s recommended that you wash your gym clothes every single time that you use them. This helps to avoid getting infections.

How Do You Deodorize Sweaty Gym Clothes?

Some gym bags come with a built-in deodorizer, making it easier to eliminate the odor. However, there are many ways to deodorize your clothes by yourself, such as using white vinegar.

Can I Use a Backpack as a Gym Bag?

Yes, you can! Some gym bags give you the option to turn them into backpacks. This is the best option if you are planning to put a lot of things in your bag, and you don’t want to put any strain on your back.

Final Thoughts

While all of the bags are great, the Yixinunique Gym Bag is our favorite since it provides a lot of wet pockets to store wet clothes and other things. The bag itself is also made with high-quality waterproof fabric, making it suitable for any kind of sports activity.

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