Best Budget Fitness Trackers

Do you want to get fit and stay on the path you’ve set yourself? One of the best ways of doing that is tracking your progress and your vital signs. We all know the benefits of wearing a fitness tracker – but sometimes the price on wearables can be outrageous. In this article we’re going … Read more

How Do You Set Up a Fitbit?

Have you purchased a new Fitbit? Are you looking for how to set up your device to start tracking your daily activity? The good news is that you have landed at the right place.  There are various Fitbit devices, including Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit Charge3, Fitbit versa, Fitbit ionic, etc. The setup process of all the … Read more

What is the Most Accurate Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a wearable device that monitors your activity and health status. A fitness tracker is like having an electronic finger on your pulse all the time. It keeps tracking your health status and maintains records in an application.  Most of the latest trackers allow you to record your sleep routine, exercise, stress … Read more

Is it Safe to Wear a Fitbit All the Time?

Fitbit is a renowned name when it comes to fitness trackers. After monitoring your activity levels, heart rate, and calorie tracking, it sends all the information to a connected device (computer or smartphone). Fitbit uses low-level radiofrequency waves as a medium of data sharing. Since people wear this device for most of the time, a question … Read more