Answers To Common Fitbit Questions

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When you talk about fitness trackers, one name and company that usually comes in your mind is Fitbit. While there are hundreds of companies selling the same kind of smart fitness trackers and a similar range of products, Fitbit’s product build quality, design and innovation simply stand out from the rest. And therefore Fitbit has emerged as one of the most popular companies worldwide.

But with increasing popularity, the questions around any product also increases. And with Fitbit as well, there are some frequently asked questions around its working. In this piece, we will try and answer all of these questions about the working and compatibility of the Fitbit device in detail.

Can Fitbit Track Treadmill?

Different users have different experiences when it comes to treadmill tracking. On your Fitbit, you will have to ensure you are setting the right mode for it to track your workouts accurately. If you are setting the mode to Treadmill exercise, it will use your walking stride lengths and not your running strides to calculate the distance from your steps. This means your distance tracked will not be accurate and will be less than what you actually might have walked. So if you are working out on the treadmill it is better to set it to running exercise mode for it to count your steps accurately, assuming that the stride lengths are set up correctly. Ensure that while walking or running you are freely swinging your arms and not holding them tight to the body.

Can Fitbit Track Stationary Bike?

Fitbit is one of the most versatile tracking devices. And yes, it does track your workouts on stationary bikes. To do that in your Fitbit app you have to select spinning as one of the activities. Click on the tracker image and open the menu. Towards the bottom, select the option that says “exercise shortcuts”. In this list remove one if required and add spinning. Now sync your tracker to the device and once the sync is complete spinning will be in the list of the exercises. You can simply switch on the tracker and do you do on the stationary bike and it works perfectly to capture your workouts.

Can Fitbit Track Yoga?

Yes, with your Fitbit device you can track yoga too. Just select the Fitbit tracker icon or the bracelet icon from the app. Then move on to exercise shortcuts. From here remove one of the choices and then add yoga as one of the exercises. Then what you need to do is sync your tracker with the app again. Once Sync is complete you will see Yoga as one of the exercise options on the tracker. So now all you need to do is switch it on and complete your yoga sessions and you will have all the stats ready on the Fitbit app. Nothing seems to track yoga smoother than your Fitbit device.

Can Fitbit Track Cycling?

Your Fitbit app allows you to add up to seven exercise shortcuts and track them via your Fitbit device. You just need to go on your tracker by clicking the Fitbit bracelet icon. Scroll to the bottom. If you already have all the seven exercises added, remove one of them and add Cycling from the list of available exercises. Once Cycling is added on the app, you will then need to Sync your app with the device. Complete the Sync process and you will then be able to see the Cycling option on the device. Switch on the tracker hit the road or your tracks with your bicycle and let your Fitbit track your workouts all through the route. You will be amazed at the statistics you can check on your app dashboard.

Can Fitbit Track Elliptical?

Like every other exercise tracking functionality, Fitbit does also Track your workouts on an elliptical. The process of adding the workout remains the same – Go to the Fitbit Bracelet icon – Scroll down to exercise shortcuts – Remove one if full – Add Elliptical exercise – And Sync the tracker. Upon completion of the Sync, the tracker does track the exercise but since Fitbit tracks major strides and steps, it may not be all that accurate. While many users have reported that the tracking is accurate many think otherwise. But you may want to try adding it yourself and check.

Can Fitbit Track Rowing Machine?

The Fitbit app as we mentioned earlier is known for its flexibility and versatility. You may not go rowing too often but when you do you sure can track and log all the activity in your app. You can follow the simple steps of adding Rowing in exercise shortcuts using the Add +’ button and then syncing your app with the device. Tap Log and then enter the prompted details manually. Once you complete your activity you can then come back to the app you will see that your app has picked up your heart rate. And it tracks perfectly, yeah it is a bit of going through the long route but it does help in tracking such rare activities as well.

Can Fitbit Work with the iPad?

Yes absolutely. Fitbit is compatible with almost all major Android and Apple devices that include the iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Touch versions. All you need is to download the Fitbit app for iOS and follow the setup instructions. Set it up Add your exercises and sync it with the tracker and you will be good to go.

Can Fitbit Work with Apple Health?

Fitbit and Apple are the two major competitors when it comes to smart fitness trackers. And that is why you would see that Fitbit devices won’t sync with Apple apps like Apple Health. The same is true when you try to sync the Apple watch with the Fitbit app. They do not sync and there are no plans for them to come together in the near or far future. Having said that you might try some third-party apps to sync Fitbit with Apple devices and vice versa.

Can Fitbit Detect Pregnancy?

Fitbit is a device that tracks a lot of your body’s vital parameters which involves the heart rate among other things. When women are pregnant, the resting heart rates of women are between 70 to 90 beats per minute which are higher than the normal. As such if such a spike is recorded in the heart rates for a few days, which might be an indication of pregnancy. Having said that Fitbit won’t do what a doctor can so consider doing a pregnancy test or visiting a doctor when you find such irregularities.

How does Fitbit Work with iPhone?

Your Fitbit smart tracker or smartwatch is compatible with almost all major devices. And yes, of course, your Fitbit works perfectly with iPhone. All that you need to do is to download the Fitbit App for iOS from the Apple Store. Find and set up your device using the app and you are ready to roll.

Can Fitbit Work Without Phone?

The Fitbit device needs to be synced to the App for all the data and statistics to be recorded. Having said that you can certainly use your Fitbit device to check your heart rate and other parameters while on the go if you do not take your phone. But you will need a phone to set up your Fitbit device initially and after the initial set up you can go phoneless and sync regularly to view the recorded and tracked data.

Can Fitbit Track Location?

Most of your Fitbit devices do not have inbuilt GPS and need the GPS of your phone to track the map and the route. A route map is generated usually at the end of the workout and that too once you sync your tracker to the phone. So real-time location tracking is not possible with Fitbit. You may want to try third party family locator apps if you need to track location though.

Can Fitbit Remind me to Drink Water?

Though most of the Fitbits won’t give you that hydration reminder, you might want to set up such a personal reminder on your Fitbit app. All major versions of the device may not have that functionality but Versa 2 and other Smartwatch versions can display your personalized reminders the way you have set them. And that too with a little inspiring message to stay hydrated or to do something that you need to stay fit and active.

Can Fitbit Cause Wrist Pain?

Though all Fitbit products are quality checked and need to pass all safety standards, at times you may feel some amount of wrist pain when you are wearing it. That may be due to tying it too tight or maybe the back of your device or watch is not fitting properly near your wrist bone. That may be a cause of major discomfort and if that is the case, you can write to Fitbit and your concern will be taken care of immediately.

Final Thoughts

Fitbit devices, now after a recent update has the smart track feature that auto-detects the type of activity and the workout and you may not even need to change any settings. Having said that, with all the most frequently asked questions answered your love for this powerful device should only increase manifold.