Best Workout Headbands for Athletes Reviewed

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Anyone who goes jogging and other intense exercises must be aware of how irritating it feels to have hair on your face? If you are yet to master the high ponytail or do that French plait, then you can always look up to some quality workout headbands for help.

With so many headbands already present in the market, it is quite difficult to choose the best among them. Hence, in this article, we have formulated a list of the best headbands for you to look at.

Comparison of 5 Best Workout Headbands for Athletes

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Can’t Wait? Here’s our favorite

Halo II Headband is one of our favorite headbands that features a sweat seal grip technology. It is created by using a dryline fabric by the manufacturer. This athletic sweatband is one of the most favorite options of many and they prefer choosing this one over other options.

It ensures that there is no sweat on your face and therefore, your workout is not hindered. The sweatband redirects sweat towards itself, thus keeping your face dry and fresh. As a result, you are able to concentrate more and make the most of your workout session. Use this wonderful headband during almost all sorts of exercises that include cycling, running, or virtually any other activity.

These headbands fit perfectly well under your helmet and the fabric used for this is really great. It doesn’t feel like you are wearing something to draw all your sweat away. It is one of the best selling helmets available on the market and we are sure that our recommended choice will never let you down.  Both men and women can comfortably use this amazing piece. Keep that burning sweat away from your eyes and you will not have to run to wipe your face often with a towel.

1. Turtle Fur Double-Layer Bang Band- Best For Comfort

A super-soft headband in the list and is made from two layers of fleece. It is the best option for both men and women and is super comfortable when worn. You will not feel like you are wearing something tight in your head. You can also wear it during winters to keep your ears warm and protect them from freezing cold. The band comes in plain black appearance and therefore, it doesn’t look like an athletic headband. The material used to manufacture this headband has the right amount of stretch and it easily fits almost every head.

Product Highlights:

The shape of the headband is contoured and it is the best for any outdoor activity whether you perform any sport, play, run, or cycle. The band is designed in such a way that it can easily fit any head just perfectly fine. Maximum coverage is ensured by the surface area of this band and it ensures that there is no sweat on your face at all. The fabric used to manufacture it is itch-free and therefore it is best for summer as well as the winter season. No special care is required to keep this band, and it requires just a minimal amount of care.

What I Like:

Two layers of fleece are provided to this headband and the fabric is absolutely warm. It serves as one of the most decent options that are affordable as well. It is always available online and you will not face any availability issues. It can also cover our ears. Wash it in a machine and don’t worry about the fabric being hampered.

What I Don’t Like:

There are several duplicate copies available for this choice of headband. Hence, the buyer needs to be peculiar while buying it from a vendor since there are some vendors who often sell artificial products that lack quality. Some may not like this choice and wear them during the summer season because the band is very warm when worn.

2. Halo II Headband- Best Workout Headband

Halo is a brand which is quite famous among the athletes because of the quality products it manufactures. The Halo II Headband features a sweat seal technology and is provided with a yellow silicone strip that absorbs sweat and thus protects you from feeling all sticky and hot during a workout session.

Also, the sweat seal technology helps to lock away the sweat drops and channels it away from your face.  The headband is made up of thin material which doesn’t make your head feel too heavy. Also, the anti-odor technology helps to lock away the odor produced from the smell of our sweat.

Product Highlights:

Halo II Headband is an elastic headband that is one size that fits everyone. It will stretch to any head size. And, it has no issues with the head size. Also, it is machine washable and hence can be washed after every workout session. It dries quickly and is extremely comfortable. It is highly recommended to buy this set of headband mainly for summer outdoor activities because no other headband beats this product in terms of its sweat locking technology.

What I Like:

The silicone strip provides a nice grip and helps to keep sweat away from the face. It is manufactured using dryline material which helps the sweat to dry quickly and also keep odor produced from sweat at bay. Also, it is thin enough to be easily worn under a hat.

What I Didn’t Like:

The price is a bit on the higher end. Also, there is no ponytail placement provided and women need to tie their hairs up in a bun in order to use this product.

3. TrailHead’s Women’s Ponytail Headband- Best for Long Haired People

This headband provides full coverage to the ears and thus prevents sweat dripping down the ears as well. It is made from a single material of fleece and hence is lightweight and provides ultimate comfort to the wearer. Also, it accommodates a ponytail, and women no longer need to wear their hair in a bun.

It is perfect for cold weather as it provides protection to the ears from the cold as well as from the sweat dripping down to their ears. The soft quality of fleece material is used in making this headband which makes it all the more suitable to be worn in the winter season.

Product Highlights:

This headband is extremely stylish and innovative. Also, the integrated loop design makes it easy for the women who wear their hair in a ponytail to use these headbands. This headband is available in a plethora of colors and you can choose one which suits your personality. It provides full ear coverage. Also, the spandex material is elastic and can be stretched easily over the ear part.

What I Like:

I can easily make a ponytail and can still choose to wear this headband. Other options available on the market don’t allow women to make a ponytail and they have to look for other hairstyling options. A single layer of fleece is provided to this headband and hence, it is not so warm. The loop design is stylish and integrated to hold your ponytail just at the place. It wicks moisture just perfectly to keep face cool.

What I Don’t Like:

The placement made for the ponytail is very low. Women who prefer tying a high ponytail may not find the position of the ponytail cut suitable enough. There is no way that you can adjust the headband since it is designed in such a way that it fits in just at the same position on everyone’s head.

4. Nike’s women running headband

Available in cute color options, this headband is manufactured by Nike. A very popular brand and hence, its products are always one of the best in the market. This headband will not let you down and you can have all your workout sessions without even a drop of sweat on your face. A reflective logo is embedded on the top so that the brand is easily recognized when you wear this headband. It is a thermal running band and it ensures that your hair stays in position.

Product Highlights:

This band ensures that the users stay warm even during harsh winter weather and can have their workout sessions without any hindrance. Several color options are available for this particular headband and they are created by the brand, keeping women in mind. The fleece used to manufacture this headband is really very soft and it doesn’t feel heavy in your head.

What I Like:

This thermal headband is manufactured with the help of warm technology and is, therefore, most suitable for the winter season. The fleece feels super soft when worn on the head. It feels comfortable on the skin and it is also itch-free. The headband can be used from both sides, which means you can also flip it to use it.

A secure fit is ensured as it has just the right amount of stretch.

What I Don’t Like:

Its availability is an issue and most of the time this is out of stock because of its huge demand. The price range charged for this particular headband is more than other available options.  The band is also not adjustable and the fit may run small for some.

5. Buff Headband- Best Known for Comfort

This is yet another great option available on the list. This headband has a huge fan base and it doesn’t disappoint its users at all. It is available in a lot of cute designs and colors. Women are kept in mind when the brand has curated some great options.

However, both men and women can use this headband, men can choose something that suits their personality. The material used in this band is soft and comfortable. Your hair is ensured at the position and it feels very light on the head.

Product Highlights:

The headband is designed using microfiber polyester that keeps sweat at bay. The material is also dry fit due to which it dries up rapidly. With moisture-wicking technology, you will not experience sweat on your face while running or exercising. Thinner material is used, so you can also wear helmets and caps on top of it. It has a wider surface area to provide considerable coverage. It is a technical headband designed for people who are engaged in active sports.

What I Like:

The wideness of this band is just right. However, two options are available with different widths and you can buy according to your preferences. There are no seams in between this band and therefore no irritation is experienced. Anti-odor properties make it suitable for people who sweat a lot.

What I Don’t Like:

This band is manufactured by a brand that releases a new model every year. The model released this year is manufactured using a material that is much thinner than what was used last year. Sometimes it feels like the band may tear if stretched beyond the limit.

Best Workout Bands for Athletes Buying Guide

Athletes are engaged in some high-intensity exercises and for some of them; the best running equipment is not only the best shoes. One of the most popular elements that several athletes look for is the perfect headband. They choose to wear headband while working out because of varied reasons. The reasons also vary from one person to another and their desires are also different.

There are several factors that are to be considered to choose the right headband for you. Some are manufactured only for men, some only for women and some for both. Hence, it is necessary that you should find the best one that suits your needs perfectly well. And of the reasons why athletes wear a headband is to restrain their hair from coming onto the face over and over again. Another reason to wear a headband is that some people sweat a lot. Headbands have moisture-wicking technology to keep sweat at bay.

Let us have a look at some of the factors that you should consider to choose the best headband.


Traditional headbands were created using dense and heavy cotton fabrics. Gone are the days when the heavy fabric was used to create a headband. Nowadays, brands try to make headbands with the lightest fabric available on the market. This is done to make the user feel comfortable with the headband on their head.

The headbands are created using varied materials. This is done so that they can be used in different scenarios. To your surprise, you will have to consider the situation for which you are going to use this headband. Different headbands are used to fit specific needs.


The thickness of this headband depends on several factors. The reason for the difference in thickness of headbands includes durability, utility, functionality, etc. According to specific needs, different headbands with varied thickness will suit several needs.

Hence, it is important to determine the amount of thickness you need in your headband. This will help you make an informed and right choice. The thickness of the headband is also significant to the performance needs of different athletes. For example, the thinner headband is more suitable for speed. On the contrary, thicker ones soak just the right amount of sweat.


When it comes to headbands, it is expected that their fabric won’t stretch due to frequently taking it on and off. Hence, durable headbands are considered that are manufactured using great quality material. Durable headbands are used just anyway and their quality will not deteriorate over time. They can easily withstand harsh behavior.

Headbands get drenched in sweat and therefore they go through multiple washes so as to keep them fresh. Therefore, it is necessary that they should not wither out with frequent washing. Maximum durability ensures that they stay just in the right condition even after going through a lot.


For women who are more concerned about fashion, the looks of the headband are equally important. They look for choices that look cool when worn and at the same time deliver what a woman desires. A headband may not suit your personality but has all features that are necessary.

If you wear this kind of headband it might distract you from the workout you are engaged in. Moreover, a headband that has proper branding, and the perfect look is believed to empower runners to a great extent.

Keeping all such criteria in mind you can choose the best headband for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Athletes Need a Headband?

There are varied reasons why most of the people engaged in sports activities and other workouts wear headbands. Athletes primarily wear a headband so as to keep the sweat out of their eyes while they are working out. Sweat distracts them and also causes irritation sometimes.

Athletes sweat a lot particularly while playing sports such as football and basketball. Apart from keeping sweat out, athletes particularly women want to keep their hair out of their face. While working out, hair tends to flip and come over the face again and again. It tends to distract a lot too.

Do Headbands Help With Sweat?

Yes, headbands are used in particular to keep sweat away. You can also wear just a regular headband to keep sweat away while exercising. But, the normal ones fall off quite often and also become gross after a workout session.

This happens because of frequent taking on and off the band from your head. Hence, while working out it is necessary that you choose for a headband manufactured particularly for athletes. It will wick the sweat away. Headbands will help you concentrate better on your workout.

Can Guys Also Wear Headbands?

Yes, why not? A headband is a versatile tool even for guys. While working out, guys even sweat a lot while exercising. If guys have hair above their shoulders or they are just too short to be tied, then they can easily resort to headbands.

Headbands come to the rescue by ridiculously keeping the hair at the position.

Why Does My Headband Keep Slipping?

There are a few reasons as to why this problem occurs over and over again. The biggest issue of this problem is gravity and there is no denying to the fact that you must have a band from a local distributor. If you place the headband a little downwards in a tilted position across your forehead or if its weight is not distributed evenly throughout, then it is natural to fall. Hence, make sure that you buy from a well-known distributor and place it in the right position so that it stays there.

Will I Lose My Hair Because of the Headband?

No, not at all! This is a myth and you shouldn’t believe such facts. Headbands are made from clothing materials and no chemicals are used at all. Clothes will not harm your hair follicles and there is no way that you will lose your hair because of it. Hats and headbands will never damage your hair.

It is just that they help in keeping your hair in the right position so that they don’t flip here and there while exercising. Moreover, you should not pull the headbands on your head for a longer period of time. Hats and headbands are unlikely to accelerate hair loss. Just ensure that you don’t vigorously pull them off.

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