Can Fitbit Cause Wrist Pain?

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Fitbits have taken the world of fitness by storm. They have made tracking your health trivially easy and provide users with a 24/7 monitor on their body’s performance. The devices monitor blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, and more. As such, people tend to wear these things consistently, never taking them off.

That begs the question, can your Fitbit cause wrist pain if you wear if too long?

Can a Fitbit Cause Wrist Pain?

Unfortunately, the general consensus is “yes.” Improper and prolonged use of a Fitbit can cause irritation and pain in the wrist.

In fact, it has caused a bit of an outcry among consumers. There are a few reasons that Fitbit is citing in response to users’ complaints. Wearing your device too tightly, for too long, or experiencing an allergic reaction seem to be at the top of the list of reasons.

Symptoms you can experience as a result of your Fitbit are irritation of the skin, breaking out in a sort of rash, joint pain, and discomfort.

On the official Fitbit website, it is recommended that to treat Fitbit related injuries; you should ensure that your device is clean and that you are looking after it. The company advises that the watch should be kept dry and free from any water or sweat.

It is also recommended that you don’t wear the device too tightly, as that can hurt blood flow and put pressure on the skin. Lastly, take the band off after extended use to allow your skin to rest. If your symptoms go on for more than three days, go and consult a doctor.

What Models Are Worst For Wrist Pain?

Unfortunately, this seems to be a pretty widespread issue for Fitbit products. Some more notable examples include the Charge 3, the Versa, the Ionic, and the Blaze, but all models can cause the symptoms listed.

Why Does It Cause Irritation?

As mentioned above, there are a few reasons that a Fitbit can irritate your skin.

One of the sneakier causes can be an allergy to the watch’s materials. There are traces of gold and nickel on the underside of the watch, and if you have an allergy to those minerals, then you are going to experience some intense irritation.

A possible fix for this is to cover the charging pins with some tape, as that seems to be the danger area. Fitbit doesn’t officially recognize this solution, but it seems to work for users.

You may also be wearing your watch too tight. Lots of people wear their Fitbits while playing sports. Needless to say, this causes you to get sweaty. If you work up said sweat, and your watch is on tight, then you are going to end up with some nasty irritation, and possibly some burns, on your wrist.

If your symptoms return every time you wear your Fitbit, you can ask for a refund. The company has had no issues offering refunds for this problem in the past, so worst-case scenario, you can at least get your money back.

What to Do About It

First things first, you want to get the watch off your wrist. Then determine which of the already mentioned causes is the one that you’re dealing with.

Once you do that, you can begin working on a treatment. If it is as simple as loosening up the strap, then do that and see if it works, if it’s something more serious, then you may have some more work ahead of you.

You see, the pain you experience can get pretty bad if certain forum posters are to be believed. There are reports of the devices causing cysts, tendonitis, and ligament damage. Needless to say, if you expect you are suffering from one of these, then go to the doctor immediately.

A lot of users claim to experience long-term pain while wearing the watches, but when they took it off, the pain subsided overnight like magic.

This leads one to question whether or not Fitbits are actually responsible for the problem, or whether it is a result of mass hysteria.

Regardless, if you start experiencing joint pain and difficulty moving your wrist, let it rest. Avoid using and straining the muscles and see a medical professional ASAP. These symptoms are typical of someone who has arthritis, which is usually only present in those over 50.

Don’t let all this scare you, though. The vast majority of Fitbit users are perfectly fine with their devices, reporting no health issues whatsoever. As mentioned, the complaints could just be the result of the media whipping people up into a frenzy.

Even further, it could be the cause of something else entirely. There are a million and one things that people use their hands for daily, and any number of them can cause damage. The chances that your Fitbit is some super kryptonite is very low.

Should You Be Worried

Yes, and no. Of course, if you are experiencing severe joint pain, then you should be concerned. Get yourself over to a doctor and see what the problem is and try to nip it in the bud.

That being said, you should not be worried about wearing a Fitbit. If the device is the cause of the issue, you can simply take it off.

If you have yet to purchase a Fitbit, and this is putting you off, don’t let it. There are millions of users around the world who use their Fitbits every day with absolutely no issues. A tiny percentage of any community can experience health difficulty with fitness products, but just because they do doesn’t mean that it’s definitely going to happen to you.


Yes, your Fitbit can cause wrist pain. There are reports of rashes, irritation, burns, cysts, joint pains, and more. That being said, attributing all of these to a Fitbit watch is a bit of a stretch.

The main problem seems to be irritation caused by an allergic reaction to some materials in the watch, namely gold and copper. This can be fixed by taping over the charging area on the underside of the watch.

If you are experiencing wrist pains while wearing your Fitbit, take it off and go to the doctor. If the problems continue with the device, you can request a refund for your watch online.

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