What is the Most Accurate Fitness Tracker?

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A fitness tracker is a wearable device that monitors your activity and health status. A fitness tracker is like having an electronic finger on your pulse all the time. It keeps tracking your health status and maintains records in an application. 

Most of the latest trackers allow you to record your sleep routine, exercise, stress rate, heart rate, etc. How precise is the data provided by your fitness tracker? This is one of the most frequently asked questions related to fitness trackers. 

When it comes to choosing a fitness tracker, there are thousands of options available for you. Most people want to buy a fitness tracker, which provides the data with pinpoint accuracy. So, the question is, 'what is the most accurate fitness tracker on the market?' Before getting to this question, you need to understand how a fitness tracker works.

How Fitness Trackers Track your Activity

To put it simply, a fitness tracker works by gathering data. Usually, fitness trackers obtain the required information through a number of tools. The hardware incorporated in a fitness tracker gathers the data and processes it.

The capability of such devices to collect the data and algorithms isn’t always the same as the hardware used in one device may be slightly different from the other. As a result, the information offered by one device may be slightly different from another device. 

Usually, most of the fitness trackers work with the help of 3-axis accelerometer. This part measures the movement of a person in all directions. In addition, there are a few devices, which use a gyroscope to measure orientation and rotation. 

Similarly, fitness trackers use altimeter to calculate the altitude; this helps the tracker to measure how many stairs a person has climbed in a given day. There are also some sensors to measure temperature, sleep patterns, and heart rate. 

These hardware or sensors play a vital role when measuring a wide range of variables, including acceleration, frequency, intensity, movement patterns, and duration. The device interprets this with the help of an algorithm, which is slightly different with reference to the specific model or brand.

What is the Most Accurate Fitness Tracker

Most Accurate Fitness Tracker

When it comes to the most accurate fitness tracker, no name comes to mind more than the Fitbit Charge 3. This device came into stores in August 2018, which is an update of previously launched devices by Fitbit.

It is a third-generation device, offering sleep, exercise, and heart rate tracking. It has a more refined and lightweight design. The display is waterproof and is bigger than previous models. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that it is one of the most accomplished devices launched by the Fitbit.

This device not only performs well, but it also looks good on the wrist. By reading various professional/customer reviews, it is clear that Fitbit Charge 3 is the most accurate fitness tracker available so far.

Unlike other fitness trackers, the display of this particular device comes with a black and white screen. Although the display is pretty basic, it performs well to provide all the information that you want to obtain.

The efficiency and accuracy of this tracker rely on the top-rated sensors that are capable of measuring the exact number of variables. For instance, if you take three steps, it will also show a similar number of steps. 

Similarly, the built-in heart rate tracker also performs with great accuracy. It has a full fitness suite, which tracks almost every activity that you have been into. Although this device doesn’t have a GPS, you can use this service by pairing it with your phone. It also offers a fantastic sleep tracking, which allows you to monitor even the slightest abnormality within your sleep pattern.

However, this tracker is slightly expensive than its counterparts, but you won’t regret buying the Fitbit Charge 3 when you experience its performance. In short, it works well for the purpose it was built for.

Final Thoughts

You might have read reviews of different fitness trackers that are available on the market. However, Fitbit Charge 3 holds a special place when answering the question of what the most accurate fitness tracker is. The main reason for this popularity doesn’t relate to its design or appearance; rather, it is the performance and accuracy that makes it one of the most accurate fitness trackers

It may turn out to be a daunting task when you have to choose a fitness tracker that is right for you, but the Fitbit Charge 3 is compatible with a wide range of phones and also comes with a user-friendly app.

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