How Many Types of FitBit Are There?

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If you’re into the world of fitness, tracking your steps and sleep, or you simply just like to have the newest gadget, you may have seen a wide variety of FitBits in your shopping experiences.  But how many are there and how can you tell which one is right for you?

The first answer is simple: There are many types of FitBits. But which is right for you? You could go with a small FitBit Inspire, with its sleek, streamlined design, or you could try the FitBit Versa, which is a blend of a smartwatch and tracker. 

Whatever the case, it’s good to have an idea of what you’re looking for in terms of tracking, and this article is here to help you make that decision.  

When it comes to different types of wearable tech, FitBit has a great reputation.  As one of the first companies to give us step counts and calorie burn and sends that information to our phones, you can see the growth of the devices starting with the Ultra, the FitBit One and the FitBit Flex around ten years ago, to the trackers you can wear today, such as the Versa, or the Charge 3. 

Today’s options are more versatile, and FitBit has a huge range of devices geared towards whatever lifestyle and budget you are working with.  


The first option is the Fitbit Ionic.  This watch is equipped with all of the cool fitness-tracking that comes in other FitBit options, such as exercise modes, heart rate monitoring, floors climbed, calories burned, swim mode, and many others. 

However, the great thing about this watch, is the fact that it has an onboard GPS. If you like to run outdoors, this watch can keep track of your pace, how far you’ve ran, and the speed in which you’ve gone, all while your phone is at home.  


The next option is FitBit Versa.  This design carries a watch with a large face, customizable bands, and of course, the fitness tracking that FitBit is famous for.  This watch has a smaller design, sitting closer to the wrist than the Ionic.

Again, the fitness tracking is off the charts, with the same above-mentioned abilities as the Ionic.  You can put apps onto the watch, along with approximately 300 songs. Unlike the Ionic, you would have to keep your phone with you to be able to keep track of your pace, how far you’ve ran, and the speed.    

How Many Types of FitBits Are There?

Charge 3

Another option is the Charge 3.  This tracker is unique in the fact that its wrist band tends to be on the thicker side, thus looking more like a real watch, especially when compared to the earlier versions of the Charge. 

It has been regarded as one of the best you can use, and like the Ionic, comes with a heart rate tracker, and improved notifications. It comes with phone and GPS compatibility, but you will also have to take your phone with you if you’re running, which might not appeal to avid runners.  

Inspire HR

One of the latest FitBits is the Inspire HR, which is a reasonably priced basic tracker from the company.  Again, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and sleep monitoring are all featured in this tracker. It also has the option to connect to GPS, but it is not onboard.  

However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly tracker and find that none of these are what you want, a more simple design in the FitBit Flex 2 may be right for you. This tracker doesn’t come with a screen or a heart rate tracker, but it does keep track of your activities, and is waterproof, so if swimming is more up your ally, this might be your choice. 

Ace 2

Lastly, FitBit also produces a tracker for kids aged 6 and up.  This tracker is known as the Ace 2, and is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of fitness tracking. 

The Ace can be worn day and night, due to its long battery life, allowing you to track sleep habits. It also has fun celebration messages for when they hit a daily goal.  The data is sent to a family version of the FitBit app, where both you and your child can look at badges and trophies earned. 

Final Thoughts

So how many types of FitBits are there? Many! FitBit is a reputable company that has been in production for over a decade, and they have done an excellent job to cater their designs to people from all fitness lifestyle and budgets.  

Whether you want to track your heart rate, count your steps, or keep track of your pace while running, FitBit will have an option to suit your needs. 

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