Can Fitbit Batteries Be Replaced? – Fitbit Battery Replacement Guide

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So, you’ve had your Fitbit a while now. It’s served you well, but time has run its course, and your Fitbit has died. You want to know if the now-dead battery in your Fitbit can be replaced, so you’ve come here, and we have the answer.

Can the Batteries in My Fitbit Be Replaced?

The answer is no, and technically yes. Confused… you should be. Fitbit battery replacement is harder than it needs to be.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to replace a Fitbit batteries. After having your Fitbit long enough for the battery to die, the chances are that it is also past warranty, so there’s no replacing it either.

That being said, if you contact Fitbit’s customer representatives, they may offer you a small discount on a replacement. Not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

However, with some technical know-how, and the willingness to risk breaking your device beyond repair, it is actually possible to replace your Fitbit’s battery yourself.

Bear in mind that you can bring your Fitbit to a tech shop and they can do this for you, but of course, you have to pay for this service, although it is likely cheaper than buying a new watch altogether.

If you don’t want to pay, then read on. We’ll go over how to replace a Fitbit battery Things are about to get tricky.

How to Change My Fitbit Battery

So, this is going to be risky and complicated. It involves taking apart your watch and fiddling around in its internal parts. If this isn’t something you are comfortable with, then don’t risk it. Just pay a professional to do it for you.

These instructions are for the Fitbit Charge HR but should more or less work for any Fitbit. However, you may need different batteries for different models, and there is no guarantee that these instructions always work.

What You’re Going to Need:

  • Some bits of random plastic to separate the band
  • A Torx driver
  • A new battery
  • A soldering iron

First, You Have to Separate the Electronics Casing From the Fitbit’s Band:

  • First, remove the four Torx screws from inside the watch’s band.
  • Next, you need to remove the housing from the band on both sides. This is best done with a blade and your nails, or two bits of plastic. Be very careful here, the assembly is snapped into place, and too much force can cause it to break.
  • Now, you need to remove the circuit board from the electronic casing. Get your Torx driver again and remove the two screws holding the circuit board in place. Then pry the board out, being careful not to damage any of its components.
  • Now, remove the batteries connections from the circuit board, and prepare your new battery.
  • Smoldering is up next. It can be hard to smolder the circuit board while you’re holding it, so we recommend that you tape it down while you’re working on it.
  • Connect your new battery to the appropriate part of the circuit board (where you removed the old battery) and smolder it into place.
  • Make sure to splice both wires before you remove the old battery. Doing this prevents the circuit board from shorting out.
  • After you have replaced the battery, test it out to make sure everything is working as it should be.
  • Plug it in on charge and wait for about half an hour. Plug it out and see if it’s working.
  • Then reassemble your device. Screw the circuit board back into the electronic casing.
  • Attach the casing back into the band, being careful not to cause any damage. It should just snap back into place.
  • Screw the electronic casing back onto the band.

Then you’re done. If you’ve done everything correctly, then your Fitbit should be good as new! If not, then you are probably going to have to buy a new one.

Keep in mind, doing this is risky and requires the right equipment and skill. It also voids your device’s warranty. So, if it’s still under said warranty, then you are better off just replacing that way.

If you are not confident you can pull this off, a tech shop can do it for you for a price.

It might be a case that your battery does not need to be replaced at all, however. It is recommended that you try the following before risking this procedure.

Why Isn’t My Fitbit Holding Charge?

As you have read, it could be a case of a dead battery. It could also be as simple as a faulty charger, or dirty charging port, however. So, before you go crazy with the tech surgery, try out the following solutions:

  • Try using a different charger; you might just have a faulty charger or a defective socket. So, try a combination of the two to see if anything works.
  • Try restarting your Fitbit device. It’s rudimentary, but it might work.
  • Clean the charging area at the back of your Fitbit. Over time this area can get really dirty, so give it a clean to make sure that your charger is actually making proper contact with where it needs to be.
  • Use a toothbrush or a toothpick to clean the area. Make sure you don’t use anything that could scrape and damage it.

If one of these has worked, then great! If not, then bad luck. If you want to make your battery last as long as possible next time, then follow the tips down below.

How to Maximize A Fitbit’s Battery life

  • Minimize the alarms you have on.
  • Turn quick view off.
  • Try to avoid using music control when you can.
  • Use less Fitstar workouts.
  • Reduce brightness.

So, you sort of can, and sort of can’t change your Fitbit’s battery. Hopefully, this guide has helped you out.

Your Fitbit dying can be an extremely costly and frustrating event. If you have the guts and expertise to go for a repair yourself then good luck, you are braver than most.

If not, there is always the option of paying a tech shop to do it for you. It costs, but chances are they will do a better and safer job than you will.

Of course, if your device still has its warranty, then go ahead and drop Fitbit an email for a replacement. Otherwise, you can contact them, and they will give you a small discount on a new watch.

Either way, there’s plenty of ways around Fitbit battery replacement that doesn’t involve attacking your smart watch with a screwdriver and soldering iron.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do fitbit batteries last?

A Fitbit battery can last between five and seven days on a charge. Obviously that depends on how often you use it and the model/age of the Fitbit. However, you might need to replace your Fitbit battery if it breaks or dies. Honestly, that isn’t a super common issue.

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