Top 4 Best Gym Bags with Laptop Compartment

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Whether you need your laptop before or after your workout, finding a gym bag with a laptop compartment can be a shrewd move. You’re practically getting a 2-in-1 bag that will serve you well for several purposes.

Versatility is one of the key features of a good bag. What makes a gym bag versatile? It is having enough space to help you store both your gym equipment as well as your laptop or other things.

There are many bags able to do this, but finding the right one is not easy. That’s what we’re here for – we’ll help you find the best gym bag with laptop compartment for you.

Don’t Want to Wait? Here’s Our Favorite…

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The North Face Vault backpack is, in our opinion, the best overall option when it comes to gym bags with a laptop compartment. It’s a convenient backpack with two large compartments that will give you more than enough space for both your gym gear as well as your laptop and your electronics. We also liked the material quality and the comfortable design of the backpack.

North Face Vault Backpack – Best Overall

If you’re after a more versatile option that has a bit of everything, then the North Face Vault backpack represents the perfect choice. It’s well-suited to urban environments and has enough storage space to help you carry your gym equipment as well as your laptop.

With the two large compartments, this backpack brings a lot of versatility to the table. It’s available in numerous colors, allowing you to choose your favorite one. The bag is also comfy, making it great for carrying it for longer periods.


One of the main appeals of this bag is its spacious design. With two large compartments, you’re getting enough space to carry both your gym gear as well as your laptop. The latter can be stored in the first compartment.

The bag has a big front compartment made especially for storing your electronics, such as your phone. It’s a relatively big bag, but it still feels very comfortable to wear even after long periods.

This is thanks to the padded strap with extra support for your shoulders. The back of the bag is also padded with breathable material, making sure your back won’t be sweaty when you wear it for longer.

Overall, this bag puts quality over looks and it’s everything you need for a gym bag – it’s spacious, comfy, and durable, meaning that it will last you for quite a long time.


  • Spacious with the two main large compartments
  • Comfortable design with the padded straps and the back
  • Internal organization pockets and extra side pockets
  • Durable build


  • Not the most good-looking bag

KAKA Travel Duffel Backpack – Best Unisex Option

The KAKA travel duffel backpack is a more trendy option for those who are looking for a unisex bag. This multifunctional backpack can become your go-to bag for everyday use, traveling, going to school/college, and everything else in between.

It has several modes of using it. You can use it as a backpack, or it can transform into a travel bag that you wear on your shoulder with a strap or drag it alongside you. It’s water-repellent, unisex, and very versatile, making it one of the best backpacks for the asking price.


The KAKA travel duffel backpack will certainly win over a lot of hearts purely based on its looks. It’s a very trendy-looking bag and slightly different from the rest – including the North Face backpack we’ve featured above.

But there’s a lot to love in terms of practicality with this product. It has a large main compartment where you can, for example, store your gym equipment. Inside that main compartment is another smaller compartment where your laptop goes.

On the front of the bag, there is another smaller compartment. This one is suitable for your electronics and other smaller gear you might need on a daily basis. The interior of the bag is filled with several internal pockets allowing for a better organization.

The bag is also water and shock-resistant, which will help you protect the contents of your bag – especially your laptop. Having said that, one of the downsides of this bag is that it’s not as comfortable to wear for long periods as the North Face backpack, and the zippers are not waxed, which means the zippers do not open and close very smoothly.


  • Impeccable design
  • Incredible versatility – it acts like a backpack and a travel bag all in one
  • A lot of space in the main compartment and the side compartment
  • Water and shock-resistant
  • Unisex


  • Not comfortable to wear after long periods
  • The zippers don’t open and close smoothly

Kah&Kee Nylon Backpack – Best for Women

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If you don’t like the unisex bag so much and you want a bag that’s made purely for women, then the Kah&Kee nylon backpack certainly won’t disappoint.

This bag is a very trendy-looking women’s bag with a lot of space inside the main compartment. The big thing here is that there’s a padded interior pocket made purely for laptops, and it will fit laptops of up to 15” in size. With the additional compartment and the various color options, you shouldn’t miss this bag if you’re a woman – here’s why.


The Kah&Kee bag is a trendy backpack with impressive amounts of storage room inside. Thanks to the large main compartment, you’ll be able to store quite a lot inside, including your gym clothing.

The bag is versatile and is suitable for various purposes – from travel, school, to work and gym. The laptop compartment is located inside the main compartment, and it has extra padding which allows your laptop to stay safe.

This option is also great in terms of looks. It’s available in different colors – black, dark gray, red, pink, and blue. It’s one of those bags that despite looking trendy, they don’t lose the versatility and the usefulness where many other bags fail.


  • A lot of storage space
  • Padded laptop pocket inside the main compartment
  • Additional pockets and compartment at the front of the bag
  • Versatile
  • It looks great


  • The straps are not padded, meaning the wearing is not comfortable after long periods of time
  • The strap buckle slips when it’s being carried

Mouteeno Travel Duffel Backpack – Best for Back Support

Here’s the deal: uncomfortable backpacks can ruin your posture and make your back hurt, especially if you carry a lot of stuff in your bag for longer periods. That’s where a back-friendly backpack like the Mouteeno travel duffel backpack comes into play.

It’s a slightly larger backpack but it offers a lot of support for your back. The bag is comfortable to wear and very spacious, allowing you to use it in various scenarios. It has a separate laptop compartment as well as a shoe compartment. Let’s see why you should pick this bag.


If you’re constantly worried about the backpack ruining your posture and you have back problems, then buying a more comfortable bag is the right option for you.

The Mouteeno backpack offers you that flexibility where you can use it both as a backpack and a bag you can carry in your hands or on your shoulder. Its solid construction makes it durable, even after years of wearing it.

Granted, this is a slightly larger backpack, so be mindful of that. It’s not that practical if you intend to use it on a daily basis, although it’s great if you’re looking for a more comfortable bag that will provide more support for your back.


  • Very comfortable for your back
  • A lot of storage space for both your laptop and your shoes/gym gear
  • Can be used both as a backpack or as a carry bag
  • Water-resistant and durable


  • Slightly larger and bulkier

Gym Bag with Laptop Compartment – Buying Guide

So, what should you be looking for in a gym bag with a laptop compartment?

Padded and Secure Laptop Compartment

If you’re going to be using the bag for carrying your laptop, then you will need a separate compartment with enough padding to make it comfortable and safe for the laptop.

This will help you keep your laptop safe even if you unintentionally drop your laptop or if someone bumps into you, which can happen in some cases.


Opt for a spacious bag where you’ll be able to store a lot of things, including your gym gear. But this comes with a caveat – more space means larger backpack, although that’s not always the case.

The best backpacks have a lot of space while also cutting back on the size. Look for a combination of both – you should still have enough space for your clothing and your laptop, though.


The backpack should also be as versatile as possible. You will also sometimes need the bag for other means, such as for traveling, or for going to other places, sometimes.

A good bag should have several ways of using it – some bags can be carried only on shoulders, while others have the option to deploy a shoulder strap or even wheels, allowing you to use the bag in different scenarios.

Looks and Build Quality

Looks do matter, but not as much as build quality. Namely, the materials the bag’s made from determine how long the bag will last and how durable it will be.

Find a bag that looks well AND is durable enough to last you for years to come (which is not always easy).


Can I use a gym bag as luggage?

Sure, you can definitely use the gym bag as luggage. In fact, most bags will offer you the option to use them for traveling because they have a lot of storage room. But be sure to check with your airline’s requirements before you do so.

Is a backpack considered a carry on?

If you’re going to use the backpack as a carry-on, then it must fit under the seat or at least fit in the overhead compartment.

Can I put shoes in the gym bag?

Yes, most gym bags will be large enough to carry your clothing, laptop, and your shoes. To make sure of this, roll your clothing carefully to conserve on space.

How should I pack my gym bag?

Pack everything you need for the gym and for your everyday life. This can include the following: a towel (or several towels), a water bottle, clothes for the gym, shoes, protein shake, plastic bags, laptop, electronics, other accessories.

Do you shower at the gym?

Yes, most gyms will have showers, but don’t expect it to be a comfortable shower you take at home. Instead, this is likely to be a quick shower. So make sure you take your showering equipment with you when you go to the gym in your gym bag.

Final Thoughts

We’ve seen that gym bags come in different shapes and sizes. Which one you will choose will depend on how you intend to use the bag and what things you need to put inside.

Our overall best option is the North Face Vault backpack. It’s nothing fancy in terms of looks, but it’s definitely a bag that focuses on the practical side of things. It has an impressive amount of storage and is comfortable to wear, which is almost all you need from a gym bag.

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