Best Kettlebells For Home Gym

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Years ago, when people heard ‘kettlebell’, they would think of big, chunky, and uncomfortable weightlifters. These days though, kettlebells come in a range of styles.

When buying a kettlebell, you’ll be investing in a lightweight but effective and powerful workout tool. You can use these tools to combine both weight and cardio training. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best options available on the market today.

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Best Adjustable Kettlebell Reviews

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Yes4All Kettlebells

Our first entry is a great option for those looking for a wide range of weights and a superior design. These vinyl-coated kettlebells from Yes4All have all of that and so much more.

While we have featured one of the weights, they sell a range of different options so everyone can get a good workout.

Product Highlights

The construction and design of kettlebells may seem like a simple thing, and you would be partly right. Even with its simplicity, there are certain things that can be added to a design to make it perform better and offer optimal comfort.

The team at Yes4All understands that and made sure their kettlebell included the following features and attributes:

  • Built using high-quality cast iron
  • Coated in durable vinyl
  • Custom-textured handle for better grip
  • Designed with a flat bottom for improved stability

The Good

There is a lot to love about these kettlebells, but probably the one thing that really caught our attention was the care in the design. This encompasses a lot of different factors. From the flat bottom for stability to the wide handle that makes it versatile in workout selection, you can’t go wrong with these kettlebells.

Rounded out with a light coating of vinyl for extra protection and reduction of noise, this kettlebell is easily one of the best options available.

The Bad

The handle has a great design, but there is one thing that many feel is a drawback – the handle’s thickness. This could lead to less grip for some, particularly those who have smaller hands.

The only other thing that we feel is something to take note of is that the weights are not calibrated for competition.


  1. Coated with a premium, thick vinyl coat
  2. Designed with a wider handle
  3. Comes in a wide range of weight
  4. Made with a flat bottom


  1. Not measured for competition
  2. Handle is thicker than other options

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell

This is a very easy-to-use kettlebell, and it’s quite popular among workout fanatics. It is especially ideal for people who want to do things at home. By using the Bowflex, you’ll get a proper workout in the comfort of your own space.


Bowflex’s kettlebells are suited to meet just about any – if not all – training needs. This is thanks to their easy adjustments and efficiency. They are great to use because you can change the weight. This means that, as you get stronger, the kettlebell can get heavier, sticking with you in your fitness journey.

This kettlebell comes with a convenient and slightly stiff dial that you use to adjust the weight. With this feature, you can change the number of weights you use in your exercise routine. It is easy and simple but very effective indeed.

Thanks to the hard plastic shell on the outside, the kettlebell does not feel flimsy or cheap. It is, however, rather bulky because of its design. Although this is easy to deal with when doing two-handed exercises, it does pose an issue for one-handed routines.

The Bowflex has a rather unique appearance that you will get used to eventually. The plates are open at the bottom, and this creates the feeling that they’ll fall out any minute. Rest assured that they won’t, though. The plates do rattle quite a bit, and this could be off-putting for some people.


  1. Impressive range of weight options available
  2. Built sturdily and durable
  3. Saves on space
  4. Easy to use, even for beginners


  1. Weights can be noisy and rattle
  2. Bulky and not optimal for one-hand exercises

Kettle Gryp Kettlebells

This is a unique option that we knew we had to include on our list. This is an adjustable, portable kettlebell. Innovative and great for the traveler, this is a system you won’t be sorry you upgraded to.

Product Highlights

Innovative may not be the first word that pops into your head when you think about kettlebells. That would be a mistake in the case of this uniquely designed kettlebell converter, though. Opening a whole new world of options, the engineers and designers at Kettle Gryp created a way for you to be able to kettlebell on the go.

  • They designed a tool that has the following features and attributes:
  • Only weighs 1 lb. and is compact
  • Designed to fit most dumbbell handles
  • Easy-to-use, snap-on system

The Good

Sometimes, travel and exercise don’t go together, especially when you only work out in your home gym. What do you do to keep your momentum going while getting to see the world? That is the question that this tool answers.

It is a lightweight option that travels and stores easily. It offers you the ability to use regular dumbbells at any gym and transform them into kettlebells. That means you can maintain your physique and enjoy all the fun and food you want while exploring exotic locales.

The Bad

There are a few things that we would be remiss without mentioning, though. There are some issues with long-term durability, and there is also the fact that it has a rather low max weight limit. This means you will need to stick with the smaller dumbbells.


  1. Lightweight option
  2. The casing is easy to transport
  3. Convenient
  4. Can fit around a range of dumbbells


  1. Long-term durability problems
  2. You need a dumbbell to use it
  3. Low max weight capability


There are many options out there. However, the selections we have chosen are the ones that we feel will benefit you the most. We made sure to include options that will work for everyone, no matter your experience level.

We chose our options very carefully by using a list of features and factors that we feel make a difference when it comes to kettlebells. Though we selected a few of the top kettlebell options above, you may still be looking at other options. In order for you to arrive at the perfect choice, the list of factors we curated could be very helpful.

Here is the list of features we used to find the options above:

Types of Kettlebells

In the wide world of kettlebells, there are two fundamental types that you should know about. There are many options in regards to shape, design, and aesthetics. As the market develops, so does the imagination of the companies that capitalize on this exercise tool’s popularity.

In general, though, there are two main types that all those variations fall under.

Cast Iron

This is your standard-looking kettlebell that has a large handle that is bigger than the bell itself. The material may be cast in different forms from kettlebell to kettlebell. However, the basic shape will remain the same with variations in the handle and bottoms.


Competition kettlebells are not quite the same as your standard cast-iron variety. To start with, these portable weights will have smaller handles. These handles will measure in at 33-35 mm.

Second, the elements of these tools are completely managed, and the handle will line up with the base bit of the bell. This slimmer and skinnier handle is to permit better movement and grip for a wider array of users.


For various exercises, you will require specific weights. This factor absolutely relies on your needs and preferences. When choosing your weight, make sure to look for one that will be able to be used in the majority of your exercise routines.


While most kettlebells are produced using cast iron, there is also a vinyl option. Some of these have an extraordinary vinyl covering, so it won’t be scratched easily. It is also gentler on your floors, as the vinyl will not scuff or scratch the floor as you put it down. Cast iron, then again, is simply solid metal with a layer of paint to give it a decent look.

While rubber variations appear to be the more enchanting choice, they additionally have a couple of cons that merit some genuine thought. For one, the elastic covering may give the unit some bounce, which can cause injuries.


You additionally need to consider the portable weight’s handle, as this detail can assist you with your grip and execution of the exercise. It should be sufficiently large enough to fit both of your hands and thick enough to be grasped appropriately and comfortably. Also, ensure that it is smooth enough to prevent slippage.


Though kettlebells have a simple design, there are still some extra features that you can look at to elevate efficiency and performance. Here are a couple of features to consider:

  • Color-coded for weight
  • Grip design that minimizes fatigue
  • Base sizes that are larger for select exercise

best kettlebell for a home gym


Even though you have been introduced to a lot of information, you may still have quite a few questions in regards to kettlebells. That is why we scoured the internet and found some of the most commonly asked questions. Hopefully, by answering them below, we will help make your decision easier and less stressful.

How many kettlebells do I need?

You can perform the vast majority of activities and produce some mind-boggling results with only one kettlebell. In fact, if you are smart with how you utilize your kettlebell, you may never need to purchase another one again.

What kettlebell weight to start with?

Most experts suggest that, in general, ladies should start with an 18-lb. weight. This weight is neither too heavy nor too light and will offer just the right amount of resistance. However, if you are new to weight lifting, do a little test driving. Pick each weight up until you find the one that offers you a little challenge and go with that one.

As for men, it is recommended to start with 35 lbs. The same rule applies, though, if you are new to the weight lifting world. Choose the one that feels like it will give you a challenge without breaking your back.

How many calories does a kettlebell workout burn?

A normal routine will consume around 20 calories for every minute. This means that you will burn up to 400 calories during an average 20-minute kettlebell routine. This makes it one of the most all-around beneficial options out there.

What are the benefits of using kettlebells instead of regular weights?

Kettlebells can be utilized in precisely the same way as free weights. Contingent upon the activities you do, there might be absolutely no difference between the two. On the other hand, a few people contend that you shouldn’t utilize kettlebells as a conventional weight.

Instead, you should opt for pendulum-based exercises, like kettlebell swings. Since the weight isn’t adjusted like a hand weight, your body must work harder to adjust to the changing focal point of gravity. This offers a different type of resistance and workout.

What is the difference between vinyl and cast iron kettlebells?

Both types can be used in much the same way, but there are some distinctions between the two.


Not all iron weights are made from a similar material. The cast iron, portable weight that is regularly alluded to as the “first” iron weight is made of simply that – cast iron. The handle and weight are predictable in material and plan.

The vinyl type is similar to the cast iron, but it has an additional vinyl covering that covers the weight and the handle.

This means that the kettlebell isn’t 100% iron. The iron weight may not be the specific size it shows on the bell. The additional vinyl covering can expand material assembling costs, which can prompt higher prices, as well.


Cast iron and vinyl kettlebells are reasonable for in-home, rec center, and gathering wellness use. For the most part, vinyl covering is light and does little to change the standard shape and size of the weight. This prompts negligible distinction in gear execution with regards to lifting.

Vinyl iron weights frequently promote their capacity to protect the floor and reduce noise because of their additional layer. However, any weight can potentially damage your flooring.


The cast iron weight is unique in every way. It comes in dark iron colors – straightforward and standard. For those who have an increasingly bright character, a vinyl portable weight could be a progressively more appropriate choice.

It could also help those who want to bring in more rec center individuals or class members. Vinyl-covered weights can be found in many different options of colors – from pink to gold – and fluctuate in style and appeal.

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