Best Running Shoes For Overpronation Reviewed

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If you are a runner then you must be familiar with the term “overpronation”. Overpronation is a syndrome which causes your feet to roll inwards when you are running. It can cause severe injuries to your feet and might result in you falling down and hurting yourself.

If you are one of those persons who suffer from overpronation often, then this is the article for you. There are many reasons as to why overpronation occurs; an excessive flattening of your feet is one of many reasons.

A good shoe can help you prevent overpronation easily. Wearing shoes which are specially designed for overpronators is one of the best remedies to this medical condition. Such shoes prevent the inward rolling of feet while you are running. The shoes also prevent excessive flattening which is one of the main causes of overpronation. These shoes provide firm support to your feet and help you to retain the natural position of your feet and thus provide you with better running experience.

This article has all the information about some of the best running shoes for overpronation.

Comparison of 5 Best Running Shoes For Overpronation

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The Nike MEN’S Air Zoom Structure 22 Running shoe is the best shoe for overpronation. Ike has been a favourite among runners and athletes and the brand lives up to the expectation. It comes with a strong sole which is stuffed with foam which helps to keep your feet cushioned and thus prevents overpronation.

Additionally, this model has a soft outer edge and hard arch support that prevents over flattening of the feet during running. It is comfortable and allows your feet to breathe. This model employs the Air Zoom technology designed by Nike.

Also, it is quite sturdy and allows you to run for long intervals of time without hurting your feet.

1.​ Nike Men’s Air Zoom Structure 22 Running Shoe​ – Best Known for its Air Zoom Technology

Nike is a well-known sports shoe and sports gear company. Nike shoes are a hot favourite among the runners and joggers. The air Zoom series from Nike comprises comfortable shoes with strong support under the feet. The Nike MEN Air Zoom Structure 22 running shoe is undoubtedly the best shoes in this series. It offers a high degree of comforts and prevents your feet from rolling inward.

Product Highlights:

This shoe has a sole unit which is made with different types of foams for better support. All the foams are layered one above the other and such an arrangement offers maximum support. It also comes with a strong arch structure which helps to keep your feet naturally inclined. Also, the sole outer edge is extremely soft.

The innovative air zoom technology provides you with enhanced support under the ball of the foot. It provides a cushioning effect which is a great thing for anyone who frequently overpronates. This shoe comes with a well-built mesh upper cover which allows your feet to breathe freely and is extremely soft. The shoe is extremely flexible and provides the required support to your arches.

What I Like:

It comes with a good cushioning effect with the right amount of firmness in the right place. Hence, you can run easily with these shoes on. The arch support may remain unnoticed but it supports your whole foot while you run. The upper surface of the shoe is also quite comfortable and is designed for long term use.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best shoes for those who suffer from overpronation.

What I Don’t Like:

The price is a bit on the higher end. More arch support provided in the option would have made the shoes stand out in the competition. Runner material is used which may not be a suitable choice during rainy days.

2.​ Addidas Men’s Ultra Boost ST Running Shoe​- Best Known for its Boost Technology

If you are brand conscious then you need to consider this shoe model from Adidas. It is a great choice for athletes who love going to run regularly. It is a stability shoe for everyday use. This Ultra Boost ST running shoe helps to keep your foot steady so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet rolled with every step you take.

Product Highlights:

Adidas has designed this shoe with their world-famous Boost Technology. This technology allows the shoe sole to respond to every movement of your feet and it adjusts itself to every movement of the wearer. It also has a great spring effect.

There is a torsion system in the midsole that gives you more stability. It keeps your leg in place and provides a better arch. The Ultra Boost ST shoes come with dual-density cushioning in the middle side. This allows the sole to be responsive and extra durable. The stretch web outsole is flexible and mimics the natural curve of your feet arch. It is also sturdy and is made to bear the body weight of the user. This shoe comes with Adidas exclusive Primeknit upper cover. It may not be aesthetically pleasing but is, in fact, comfortable and lasts for a really long time.

What I Like:

The midsole with spring boost technology allows you to run faster. The 8mm heel drop enhances stability and proves to be a great thing for the fast runners. It also has a strong outer sole for added support. Additionally, the upper surface is durable and needs minimum maintenance.

What I Don’t Like:

In Spite of being one of the most comfortable options available, the sizes run inconsistent for some. Adidas should pay attention to the sizing of their products so that they are appropriate and fit a person’s feet perfectly. The shoes are also a bit narrow for people who have a wider foot.

3.​ Saucony Women’s Omni ISO Running Shoe​- Best Known to provide Ultimate Comfort

This is mainly designed for female runners. Women also tend to suffer from overpronation. Saucony Omni ISO is one of the best shoes for women overpronators. Saucony has been in the market for a long time and it is known for making one of the best running shoes for women. The Omni ISO shoe is extremely stable. This shoe is affordable, offers great features and comes in different colours and styles.

Product Highlights:

It comes with the innovative Everun midsole design. This midsole provides the runner enough support and cushioning effect during running. It is also provided with a mid arch which enhances the stability of the product. The sole adapts to the arch and supports your feet well and helps you to run comfortably.

The upper portion is designed to provide the user comfort and it lasts for a long period of time. It also has a good mesh that covers your feet properly and feels like the second skin. The biggest advantage of Saucony running shoes is their personalized lacing system. So, you do not need to worry about the laces getting untied while running.

What I Like:

This shoe is affordable and does not burn a hole in your pocket. It comes with the Everun midsole for extra support. The shoe is also very flexible and allows you to run quite fast. It is comfortable and designed to ensure a long running time. The upper portion moulds onto your skin and prevents any type of irritation.

What I Don’t Like:

The upper surface is great but is not breathable enough. So, if you have sensitive skin, you may feel irritated with these shoes on. Besides that, this choice is not water-resistant and hence not waterproof. So, if you sweat a lot, you may need to think twice before buying it.

4.​ Asics Men’s Metarun Running Shoe​- Best Known for its IGS Recology Technology

Asics claims that their Metarun Running Shoe is the best for those who overpronate a lot. Owing to their claims, this shoe provides everything which you need to prevent rolling your feet during running. Asics has incorporated their best features in this shoe model. It has a strong client base and is a favourite among the runners. Well, the shoe lives up to the claims of the makers. Metarun is surely one of the best running shoes from the house of Asics.

Product Highlights:

This shoe is made with IGS Recology that allows the foot to retain its natural curve while running. It incorporates heel clutching technology that provides support to your heels and keeps it well-positioned and thus prevents it from getting rolled inward while running. It has a well-cushioned sole that protects your feet.

The dual-density midsole is great for athletes who prefer to run quite fast and offer great bounce at the same time. It also has a good sole which prevents the shoe from rolling. The midsole is made with Flytefoam technology which ensures great stability during running.

The upper surface of the Metraun shoe is designed with a jacquard mesh such that it fits your skin like a glove and keeps your feet in place. This shoe is made up of extremely durable materials, and hence, it will last for a long time and you won’t have to keep changing your running shoes time and again. Therefore, if you want comfort, Metarun is a good choice.

What I Like:

The Metarun from Asics offers high stability. It provides you with that much-needed stability. The shoes are cushioned properly and offer a lot of comforts. It is also very lightweight. Hence, you get more control over the shoe during your running schedule. It is also very durable.

What I Don’t Like:

This shoe is a bit costly. So, if you have a high budget, then you can surely buy Metarun. Also, the shoes are available in a very limited edition. Hence, people who genuinely want to buy shoes from this brand are sometimes not able to.

5.​ Hoka One One Men’s Gaviota Running Shoe​ – Best Known for providing Great Stability

Hoka One One Gaviota is another shoe specially designed for the overpronators. This shoe is best for those who want the cushioning effect and keep it as their top priority. If you love soft shoes and want to buy something comfortable then Hoka One One is your best choice. This shoe is not a conventional choice but if you are willing to take the lesser-known route, then choose it- and you won’t be disappointed.

Product Highlights:

The main motto of Hoka is fit to size. And this shoe has variants for every foot size. It is quite lightweight and does not pose any problem. So, runners who love lightweight shoes can buy this model. This shoe comes with some of the most exciting features which add to the charm of this shoe. It comes with 5 mm help drop which adds to the stability of the shoe.

Since this shoe is very stable, it offers you more control while running, The midsole is different from other models. It wraps to the base of the foot and provides the right arch to your feet. It is also aligned to heel strike. This prevents the inward rolling of your feet and thus helps to prevent overpronation. The midsole is very soft and bounces a lot; that too in a good way.

The upper portion of this shoe is similarly eye-catching and advances. The rush comes with overlays printed with 3D printing technology. This allows the mesh structure to be stronger and offers stability to your upper portion also. So, if you want a shoe with great stability and one which helps to prevent overpronation, then this is the perfect pick for you.

What I Like:

It is a highly stable shoe to prevent your rolling feet and keep your feet in the right direction. One One Gaviota is also very lightweight. It offers support to your heel and feet and the sole is enough responsive. This shoe is also comfortable. It is available in different colour schemes and the variations are quite trendy looking. If you are ready to take a new route and experience something new, you need to try this show for once.

What I Don’t Like:

Although this shoe is a great buy, it comes with its flaws. This Graviota shoe does not have enough space for the toes. So, if you have longer toes, you might feel your feet getting a little bit cramped due to the lack of space. The toe space could be a little wider for better comfort.

Best Running Shoes for Overpronation Buying Guide

If you are an overpronator you need to buy a shoe that keeps your feet stable and prevents overpronation. These shoes have enough arch support to prevent the rolling of your feet. It is generally said that those who have flat feet are more prone to overpronate. But, you may feel this problem even with a higher foot arch. This happens when you have weak leg muscles that cannot support the arch and in result, the arch collapses and so the feet rolls back inside.

There is something that you need to consider when you need to buy a stability shoe. Since you are an overpronator, you need to take a more careful attitude towards your shoe. A proper shoe helps you to run or walk with better efficiency.

You do not need to worry. This is because overpronation can be cured with shoes that offer a better arch and a lot more stability.

Always do proper research before you buy. Choose a shoe that serves your purpose. Research well about the different types of shoe models and read their reviews online. Also, it is better to wear thinner socks if you have a habit of overpronation. Consider the below-mentioned factors before buying the best running shoes for overpronation.

· Check the Arch and Midsole:​

You need to buy a shoe that has good arch support. These stability shoes have better midsoles that offer stability to your feet and prevent rollings. Check if the shoes have enough support in the midsole area. If the midsole is not strong enough you need to buy another one.

· Choose One Which Provides a Great Cushioning Effect:​

Any good quality shoe has a good cushioning effect. Those who overpronate, often experience a sharp pain in a part of their feet. This pain can be prevented by a soft cushioning sole and some support. The shoes with a soft cushioning sole are equipped with shock-absorbent properties.

The shoe also protects your hips and knee and leg muscles from the painful impact of overpronation. You need to check if the shoe has enough thick sole with a good midsole, which adds to the cushioning effect.

· Responsive Design:​

If you are prone to overpronate then you need to choose a responsive shoe. Most of the shoes are either cushioning or have a responsive design. So, you need to buy a shoe that offers a cushion effect alongside responsiveness.

If you are a slow runner or jigger then a responsive stability shoe may not be your priority. But if you run faster and prefer a shorter quick then make sure to buy a shoe with responsive design. It is extremely important.

· the Upper and Outsole Are Also Important:​

You cannot neglect the outsole or the upper portion while buying a stability shoe. Check if the outside is sturdy enough. If you run in winters or monsoon then it is better to invest in a waterproof shoe with the waterproof outer sole. This is also a great choice for those who are trail runners. The upper of the shoe needs to be comfortable and breathable for a better experience.

· Choose a Shoe with Removable Inner Sole:​

If you have a very high arched foot or a flat foot, then you need to buy a shoe with the removable inner sole. This will allow you to insert an orthotic sole that can provide you with more stability and a great position. So, if you have some orthopaedic issue, make sure to ask your doctor for a recommendation.

· Check the Lacing Style:​

If you want a comfortable shoe then make sure to check the lacing style of a shoe model. If the lacing style can be customised to suit your needs then it is a great advantage. Some are not pros in tying shoelaces and still need the help of a second person who can tie laces for them. Hence, select the ones for which you yourself can tie laces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Neutral Shoes Cure Overpronation?

Well, stability shoes are best suited to cure overpronation. It provides support and arch for your feet. But, if you want to cure your overpronation naturally by strengthening your feet to the right degree, you may choose a neutral shoe with stability. But for flat feet, an arched stability shoe is a must.

Why Pick Gender-Specific Shoes?

Well, you might be tempted to choose a shoe that is not for your gender. A lot of females buy male shoes thinking these pairs offer greater support. But, that is not right. A male foot is different from a female foot. So, you need to buy a shoe as per your gender. Compromising in these criteria can cost you a lot.

Do I Need a Stability Shoe if I Overpronate?

This is not a simple question. So, you need to consider how much you overpronate. If you overpronate a lot and f have injuries related to overpronation then it is best to buy a shoe which is specially designed for overpronators. But, if you overpronate seldom, a neutral shoe can be enough.

You have to remember that the best idea to cure overpronation is to run barefoot, which is not always possible. So, buying a stability shoe can be great.

How to Check if I Overpronate?

You need to check your shoes to understand whether or not you overpronate. If your shoe’s outer sole has worn out more on the side or on the insides than at the edge of your heel then it is likely that you overpronate. But, if you are not sure you can contact a specialist to help you understand. You may also visit an orthopaedic physician for this purpose. Alternatively, you can take a guide from the following section.

How to Diagnose Whether or Not I Am Suffering From Overpronation?

This is a Simple Process and Can Be Done by Anyone at Home.

  • Step-1: You need to stand on your feet. If you do not see any visible space between your feet and floor then it means your feet do not have a proper arch, or you have flat feet. People with flat feet have more chances of overpronation.
  • Step-2: Alternatively, you can check your footprint with your wet and bare feet on the floor. If you have normal pronation then you will see a curved heel print on your floor. But, people who have an overpronating habit may see their heelprint connected to your full feet.

Those who tend to overpronate, tend to show a certain pattern. They put extra pressure on their feet and basically on the centre part of their heel. So, their shoe often wears on the inside of their heel.

If you feel trouble during running or your leg feels quite cramped while running or if you experience cramped muscles in your leg then you might be suffering from overpronation and it is about time you start wearing shoes which are especially made to treat overpronation.


Overpronation is a serious health issue and only the ones suffering from it understand how painful it is. In such a scenario, they find it hard to do normal leg exercises which the others can easily execute. Hence, they need to wear only those shoes which provide them with great stability and prevent their feet from folding in an inward direction. Also, these shoes help to ease the muscle cramps which develop in the leg muscles from time to time.

The above mentioned list features shoes that are specially made for people suffering from overpronation. They are provided with the right amount of cushioning on the sides and the insides which will add to your feet’s stability. Running Shoe is the ideal shoe for people who have overpronation. With amazing cushioning present on its insides and sides, it is one of the most supportive shoes available.

It is one of the best motion controlling shoes and therefore it has a huge fan base. The cushion feels amazing against the feet and prevents the feet from folding inward. It locks the feet in one position and at the same time provides enough space for your feet to breathe. The cushioning provided is simply excellent. It is one of the most efficient options when it comes to running shoes. Hoka One One Gaviota shoes are a cheaper alternative.

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