Home Gym Paint Schemes

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If you’re a home gym person, you’ll know that having your gym in your house or garage can be an absolute gamechanger.

No travel time, no waiting for a machine to be free and not having that gross feeling when you lay on a bench and think “yep, that last person definitely didn’t wipe this down”.

Of, let’s just say one day there’s a global pandemic and all the gyms are closed… But as if that would ever happen…

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However, a home gym can not be the most inviting or motivational workout space. In this article, we’re going to look at the best home gym paint schemes. We’ll actually look at colors that are scientifically believed to impact your workout and deliver the best results.

Note: A lot of art-focused people will have fancy names for all of these colors. Me on the other hand, I’m a very simple person.

Will a Color Seriously Impact My Workout? Really….?

I know it may sound silly, but color can impact mood, and as a result, performance.

In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton observed that if pure white light carries through a prism, it divides into all of the noticeable colors. It was then discovered that each color is a single wavelength, and these wavelengths cannot be separated anymore. However, they can be mixed to make new colors. Think of playing with mixing colors as a kid at school.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the way out body interoperates color is believed to impact our mood in. If you want to read more about it, this book should help.

Handbook of Color Psychology (Cambridge Handbooks in Psychology)

Color Psychology isn’t a new science, but there’s still a lot to know in regards to the ‘why’ these things work.

However, don’t assume that a new coat of paint will add 50 to your deadlift. You still need to do the work, but you may feel better doing it in a room with a light color.

Color psychology

Image Credit: VeryWellMind

Best Home Gym Paint Scheme

All colors give some feeling or relate to energy. Ever noticed no gyms use bright blue colors? 

Well, blue is a traditionally welcoming and calming color – that’s why a lot of social media companies use blue color schemes.

So, with that in mind, the best color for your home gym will strongly depend on what you mostly do in your home workout space.

Best Color For Lifting Heavy? – Deep Red

If you’re one for pumping iron, a nice dark, deep red will set the mood well. You may notice that a LOT of gyms have red in their logo and general color schemes (it’s also a color scheme of this site now I think about it…).

Colors in the red area of the color wheel are called warm colors and they evoke feelings of warmth to aggression.

In fact, red is used to stimulate the mind and body, along with increasing circulation. 

A red feature wall will do the trick. Perhaps the one facing your power rack. However, don’t paint the entire room red as it’ll be far too much.

Best Color For Yoga? Lavender

A calming Lavender color will help with Yoga as it’ll give the room a calming presence. I actually tried to do yoga once in a room that had a bright red feature wall and it was very odd.

Balance the room with off-white colors and natural elements like bamboo.

Best Color For Dancing? Cream

A peach or cream color will add a welcoming, distraction-free vibe to your home dance studio. You’ll give warmth and evoke a sense of focus.

If you’re into energetic dancing, use some vibrant accent colors around the room to counter-balance the cream.

Best for Cardio? Yellow

Yellow is a warm and inviting color that can give energy. Using a few splashes of yellow in a cardio area will keep you on your toes and moving.

Painting Equipment For Your Home Gym

So, if you’ve decided you’ll want to give a new coat of paint to your workout space, you’ll need the right equipment. Let’s go over the gear you’ll need to get your gym looking it’s best.


Painter’s tape is a must if you’re painting a room in your home, or painting your garage.

Perfect for the trim and ceilings, and also handy if you want to include any other details on your walls.

Drop Cloth

Trust me. having a drop cloth will mean you’ll have less clean up to do. No matter how careful you are, there’s going to be paint drips and spills. Use these cloths to cover your floor, workout equipment, and anything else you don’t want to get paint on.

You can also by craft paper to cover the floors with, but a drop cloth is great because you can check it in the garage and bring it back out next time you have a paint job.

Paint Tray

Get a big paint tray so you don’t have to constantly refill it. The more you have to pour paint and walk around, the more likely you are to spill something. Also, it gets annoying to fill up the paint tray every fifteen minutes.

Paint Roller

You’ll obviously need a roller to get an even coat of paint. Make sure you buy some refills for the roller too, so you don’t have to re-visit the store halfway through your paint job.

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As someone who has stood on a chair that was on top of a table to get to those tough-to-reach spots, just get a ladder!

Small Brushes

Finally, you’ll need a set of small brushes to get those last bits and pieces after you’ve peeled the tape off.

Looking For Other Home Gym Needs?

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Final Thoughts

Painting your garage or home gym isn’t an absolute necessity. However, a fresh coat of paint can make your space more inviting, and depending on the color picked, it can actually impact your workout.

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