Best Flooring Options And Top Rubber Floor Mats For Your Home Gym

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Are you all set to start working out from your dream training space, that is, within the comfort of your home gym ? Then, you certainly must have arranged all the necessary stuff for your home gym, including the large wall mirrors, the required equipment, a kickass stereo system, etc? Oh wait, but you are forgetting an important thing that lays the groundwork for any successful sweat sesh, the floor! Yes, you need to get the right floor setting as the concrete ones are not going to work.

Concrete floors have poor traction and slips or falls can lead to serious injuries or can cause chronic joint pains. Hence, consider investing in a floor-friendly option that will replace the concrete floor by being placed on the top.

The right flooring option helps to reduce body impact, increase stability, and boost plyometric power. There are a few factors that need to be considered while choosing a floor surface. These factors are based on the type of equipment you are planning to use, the amount of space you will use and the exercises that you will perform. Here is a list of best flooring and rubber floor mat options that will prove best for your home workout sessions.

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SuperMats High-Density Equipment Mat is one of the best mats available in the market and the users swear by this product. It has got a great fan base and people are very happy to own this flooring option. It is the best fit for all your exercise equipment needs. Also, it does not contain any harmful materials or chemicals, and hence are safe to be used around pets and children.

Owing to the fact that it features heavy-duty durable construction, it is effective to protect your home floor from damages that may be caused due to the usage of heavy exercising equipment. The mat is the best flooring solution to be used with treadmills, recumbent bikes, steppers, rowers and other similar cardio units.

Grab this heavy-duty, durable mat at the earliest. It works generously as an exercise mat as well. It can also absorb excess vibration and efficiently protect your floor from damages.

1.  XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Gym Flooring – Best Known For Providing Thick Flooring

XMark Fitness Ultra is a heavy-duty mat that has an adequate amount of thickness which makes it a good buying option. It is feasible to handle the weight of just anything and everything. It has a textured non-slippery surface, which means that possibilities of slipping away while exercising are negligible with this option.  You can skilfully use this flooring mat beneath any exercise equipment.

Product Highlights:

Till date, no user has filed complaints about the product. Weightlifters prefer XMark’s Ultra Thick mat for their weightlifting exercises. It is one of the best steals and will last for years. Also, the mat can easily combat high-intensity exercises.

What I Like:

The best part about this option is that it is manufactured using recycled rubber, which is a great initiative taken by the brand to save the environment. It has a textured surface which ensures a great level of security from slips and falls. The dimensions of this mat are sufficient to place a diversity of equipment. It is an ideal fit that is great for commercial gyms as well as home gyms.

What I Don’t Like:

The price is on the higher end. The density may be disturbing for some as the thickness makes the mat less fluffy. The mat may not be the best fit for exercises that involve jumping.

2. Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Exercise Mats- Best Known as the Most Comfortable Mat

It is a premium quality mat that is crafted specifically to turn your home floor into that of a gym. The mat is a great option and you can easily protect your joints from getting brushed by the hard surface of your floor by exercising on these ultra-comfortable mats. Just unroll the mat to transform your residential space instantly into your gym.

It creates just the perfect surface to have a great workout session. This is an all-purpose mat and is the best fit for your home gym.

Product Highlights:

Gorilla Mats are tough enough to easily endure almost any workout. Great support is provided by these mats to protect your joints as well as the floor. The size of this flooring option is quite decent and you can store all your exercising equipment on these mats easily.

Flawless grip to the floor is ensured with unique circle patterns. Gorilla mats are constructed using heavy-duty materials that make it stable to a great extent.

What I Like:

The surface of Gorilla Mats is non-slippery and has unique patterns which ensure good grasp during exercises. Great cushioning is provided which makes it the best fit for exercises that include jumping as well. They are available in two different sizes to suit different needs. It is a durable option that will last for years.

What I Don’t Like:

Owing to the material used in the manufacturing procedure, the mat may turn a bit slippery when wet. You have to choose the size wisely, since smaller ones may not have adequate space to accommodate all equipment.

3. SuperMats High-Density Equipment Mats- Best Known for being Dent-Proof

It is one of the sturdiest choices of mats available in the market that doesn’t get dented easily. It is sound resistant as well. Being highly protective and tough, these floor mats save your floor from the damages caused by the exercising equipment. It is prepared by heavy-duty durable construction material. It is the best fit for weight benches, cross-fit training and all your weightlifting equipment.

Product Description:

The mat works as a protective floor mat as it is super tough and durable that will help to protect your floor. You will not experience any kind of damage effects by using even the heaviest exercising equipment. Leave the worries of debris from mechanical parts behind and enjoy your workout session to the fullest. Incredible cushioning is provided to them. It has a PVC surface that offers a slip-free experience.

What I Like:

Vibrations caused due to intense workout are dampened easily with the help of SuperMats flooring. It has a great textured finish with an attractive look.

Heavy construction and high-quality materials make this mat a great purchase. The mat is perfect for working out with shoes giving a better grip while exercising with heavyweights. Hence, there are no worries of sliding while executing workouts with heavyweights. The mat has good traction. It can be used roughly as well during an intense workout session without nurturing the fear of it wearing out with regular heavy use.

What I Don’t Like:

The mat is not soft enough and feels hard against the surface of your shoes. An extra softer mat may be needed at the top to ensure the required amount of softness. The price of this mat is one the higher end and hence it is not an economical option.

4. IncStores Rubber Roll Gym Floor Mat – Best Flooring Option to Store Heavyweight Equipment

It is one of the most versatile house gym flooring options and it serves as an all-purpose gym floor mat. With this mat, you no longer have to entertain the fearful thoughts of the floors of your home getting cracked in case you mistakenly drop a dumbbell on the bare floor.

With just one to two rolls of this mat, you can create the space you need to exercise. The rolls are available in size 4′ by 10′ and are engineered to efficiently protect your floor from the impact of your cardio machines and weights. It is one of the best flooring options if you own equipment or heavy racks that are of irregular sizes. Undoubtedly, it is well-worth the cost you invest to buy this incredibly durable option.

Product Description:

They are ideal to be used either indoors or outdoors, and are highly durable to withstand large weights. They are ideal for rough and tough conditions. The only thing that is to be kept in mind is that they are not UV friendly. Hence, keep them away from direct sunlight as they may fade away. The rolls also respond to temperature fluctuations and therefore expand or contract.

They are the best fit to serve a multitude of applications. You need to ensure that you cut the mat with extra care and cautions so that you get the right size in the first cut itself.

What I Like:

These mats are FloorScore certified which means that no harmful chemicals were used in the manufacturing process and are therefore safe for pets and children. They are waterproof flooring options. Hence, you have nothing to worry about even if you sweat a lot while working out. These are heavy-duty mats that absorb shocks effectively.

Custom fits are easy to achieve as the mat is easy to cut. Hence, if the pre-sized mat doesn’t fit your needs, then you can easily cut the roll to get your preferred size. The mat goes well with large machines as well.

What I Don’t Like:

Because of heavy-duty construction and good quality materials used to manufacture this mat, it turns out to be heavy. The rubber rolls are heavier than other options. Hence, it is difficult to shift this mat from one place to another after it is placed at a certain area.

5. Rubber-Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat- Provides Best Value for Money

This mat offers the most value for your money. It is probably one of the best flooring options available in the market that is eco-friendly as well. The mat is highly durable and sustainable. EPDM rubber is used to manufacture this mat and hence, the material provides protection from harmful UV rays.

They add a layer of protective flooring in case you try out an intense workout. An economical rubber flooring option is available with which you can also cover your entire gym floor space.

Product Description:

Unlike several other flooring options that are available for your home gym, these rubber mats are available in three variants. The rolls are available in 5mm, 6.4mm and 9.5mm thick.

The roller mat has excellent protective qualities and is extra durable, thereby posing no threat of wear and tear, even after constant pressure. Rubber-Cal Elephant mats are the most preferred choice of mats. The level of protection provided is great for the price these mats are available at.

What I Like:

It is durable and can sustain heavyweight equipment for the long term. These mats are also available in custom lengths and hence you can buy according to your choice or preference. It is perfect for numerous applications. They can be either glued to the floor or can be just laid on the bare floors.


It can easily withstand vibration and absorb sound to a great extent. Built with a great level of traction, these mats are UV rays and water-resistant. It ensures that the surface doesn’t turn slippery even if there is sweat on the surface.

What I Don’t Like:

Though it is an ideal fit to cope up with heavy equipment, these mats are made with heavy-duty materials and are hence quite heavy in weight. It is difficult to shift them from one place to another. The mats are not much spongy and are thus not an ideal fit for dropping weights.

Best Home Gym Flooring and Rubber Floor Mats Buyer’s Guide

A lot of people forget about the flooring, but it is one of the must-haves of your home gym. It should be at the forefront of your mind.

Thinking of setting a gym at your home? You will need the most suitable flooring to ensure that there are no slips and falls, and no damage is done to your floor. Durable flooring options don’t slide while you are exercising.   While expensive mats don’t always translate to best products, cheap mats are definitely a nightmare. They are too soft under your foot and they tend to absorb a lot of force which we invest in lifting the weights. Hence, invest in quality.

Let us go through the factors that are to be kept in mind before buying a rubber mat flooring option. This buyer guide will help you find the most suitable choice that would be an ideal fit for your home gym needs.

● Choose Rubber Mats of Optimal Size and Thickness:

While rubber is not the only available flooring option, it is the most preferred one. Rubber flooring mats are the most versatile option available and they easily endure almost any kind of workout.

These mats are manufactured by vulcanizing rubber tires. Recycled products make them a premium and high-density option. High-quality rubber mats are ideal for your home gym and at the same time, they are super durable and slip-resistant.

After determining the place where you will place your mat, you need to determine the size. A variety of sizes are available to fit different needs and spaces.  Some mats are available in predefined sizes, whereas, you can choose your preferred size for some. Usual sizes available are 4’x6′, 4’x8′, 4’x10′. 4’x10′ is large enough with plenty of movement.

Considering the thickness level of your gym floor is equally important. You need to know the level of thickness that is needed to support your entire workout session. Thickness depends on the type of workout that you will do and also the area that you will cover.  The rule of thumb is that great protection is provided to the subfloor with a thicker mat. Thicker mats are more durable and shock absorbent.

● Mats Should be Water-Resistant:

It is natural that people will sweat while working out. Hence, look for water-resistant options as your home gym floor should withstand water. Moreover, it should be able to withstand various forms of workouts which include sweaty workouts, poolside yoga, or spilt water.

● Aesthetic Appearance:

The flooring mats should provide a premium appearance to your home gym space. They should provide a smooth finish and protect your floor from any damages caused due to dropping of weights. It further makes your gym appear more legit and professional.

● Should Be Easily Portable and Durable:

Look for an option that is portable. This means that you will be easily able to change your setup by simply picking them up and shifting when needed. Move them easily wherever you want.

Gym Mats are one of the toughest and durable flooring options available in the market. Choose mats that are made from premium quality materials and are highly durable. It should be capable of handling tough workouts and heavyweights. It should also be able to easily comprehend shock and its impact. This quality of rubber mats will protect your joints effectively from injuries.

One of the major reasons for investing in a gym flooring mat is to protect your floor from any kind of damage. Hence, choose a gym mat that is strong enough to survive heavyweights even if they are dropped by mistake. The mats should be worthy to protect the floor from getting cracked or dented. Flooring mats act as a perfect layer of covering with adequate thickness and are happily used by many. It will keep you and your floor safe and comfy during exercises.

● Ability to Absorb Shock and Noise:

Gym flooring mats should be good sound insulators. Rubbers mats are great sound insulators. Though there are some options that ensure sound insulation at a level that is higher than others. Pick the best mats so that you can conveniently work out at any point in time without disturbing others.

Selecting the best floor rubber mats is daunting, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Rubber mats are the best and popularly used alternative worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rubber Mats Expand and Contract? Do I Need to Consider This Property While Deciding the Size?

Numerous rubber flooring mat brands use vulcanized rubber to produce rubber mats. It makes the products less vulnerable to expansion and contraction due to weather conditions. Moreover, if the rubber mat has a strong seal against moisture, then the mat will not expand.

Is Rubber Flooring for Gym Waterproof?

You will see that several rubber flooring mats are slip-resistant and waterproof. This is because of the capabilities of rubber that the mats manufactured are also waterproof. Hence, rubber is one of the most popularly used flooring alternatives and a lot of people swear by installing them in their home gym.

What is the Recommended Thickness of Your Home Gym Rubber Flooring?

The most popular and preferred thickness for a home gym flooring is 8mm. This thickness can effortlessly provide the level of comfort needed and will also protect the floor from cracking. However, if you are planning to go for Olympic lifting and CrossFit workouts at your home, then 8mm of thickness is not sufficient. You will have to then go for at least ⅜”. Moreover, if you are into dropping super heavy dumbbells or kettlebells more often, it is recommended that you for ½”, just to be safe.

How Long Will the Rubber Flooring Mat Last?

20 long years, yes, you heard that right. If you care for your rubber mat then a well-maintained mat is believed to last 20 long years. Rubber is a tough material and it can easily withstand a lot of intense workout sessions. It works well in spaces where there is high traffic and it is less susceptible to dents, scuffs or wears and tears.

It is preferred more than any other flooring option. Hence, people prefer investing in rubber flooring mats as they require low maintenance and last long. Choose a flooring option that will stay with you for several years.

Is Rubber Gym Flooring Toxic?

There are chances that the materials used to manufacture rubber flooring mats trigger concerns with toxic contaminants. They are also present sometimes in the final product. Flame retardants are hazardous and are used in the manufacturing procedure of home gym rubber flooring mats.

Even if the companies are using recycled rubber flooring, it may also raise concerns as they also have potentially high toxic content. However, brands are efficiently making their products chemical-free to ensure they are not hazardous even to kids.

How Can I Clean My Rubber Flooring?

You can also easily clean your rubber flooring by using a broom and get rid of visible dirt and dust and then vacuum clean it for sufficient cleaning. You can also consider using mild soap and water solution to clean heavy dust.

Spice up your workout environment and add vibrant colours and textures to make it look attractive. Rubber home gym mats require low maintenance so you can consider cleaning it once in two weeks. They can be transported as well if you wish to change your space for some days.


Without proper guidance, buying the correct flooring option can become overwhelming quickly. Hence, you need to consider all your choices and the required factors before making a purchase. Secondly, there are two major questions that you should ask yourself before buying a rubber floor mat.

The first one being, “What is my budget?” and the second one “What will I use it for?”. When you have found the answer to these two questions, you are halfway done to buy the best rubber mat for your gym.

Well, therefore to help you out of your dilemma, we recommend SuperMats High-Density Equipment Mat since it is extremely durable and heavy-duty. It is designed to easily withstand heavy weights and you will not have to worry about the wear and tear. Moreover, it is a safe option to be used around kids as no harmful or toxic chemicals are used.

Hence, you can keep the mat as it is and your kids or pets can play around them as well. Being a rubber mat, it is capable of absorbing sound to a great extent. PVC surface is a plus point of this option as the material can tolerate more abuse than other materials.

If you are looking for another alternative, then you can go for IncStores Rubber Floor Mat. It is a great option that can easily withstand heavyweights as well. Commercial gyms can also install this rubber flooring mat as they are available in different sizes. A budget-friendly option, that is available in different colours to suit varied needs. With this option customize your workout space according to your wish. It will make you feel that the mat is worth every penny spent.

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