Best Inexpensive Fitness Trackers

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Becoming fit and getting in shape—this is perhaps the most common New Year’s resolution that millions of people pledge to accomplish every year.

However, we all know how this resolution pans out for the most. There are many reasons why people fall out of their fitness regime as the initial excitement and resolute slacks off.

Not being able to track efforts and progress is one of the major reasons why people just quit healthy eating and exercise altogether.

Fitness trackers can be of great help for all such people. A fitness tracker, which keeps tabs on your vitals, lets you know about your sleep quality and counts every step that you take in a day, can prove to be a great 24/7 personal fitness trainer. Having such a wearable on your wrist all the time can also act as a constant reminder about getting fit and lean.

The best thing about wearing a fitness tracker is you get to see improvement and progress in numeric values.

These numbers can also become a positive reinforcement for many people. In short, a top-quality fitness tracker can help you in sticking to your New Year’s resolution to the end.

It has been observed that many people don’t fancy the idea of wearing fitness trackers because of their hefty price tags. Yes, a fitness tracker can be a very expensive gadget.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find first-rate fitness trackers at a reasonable price. If you are not getting a fitness tracker just because you find its price to be unreasonably high, then continue reading.

In this piece, we have listed down and reviewed some of the best inexpensive fitness trackers of this year. It is important to mention here that the prices of these fitness gadgets don’t take a toll on their quality and function.

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Why it’s Our Top Pick

If you don’t want to get confused with the list of options and just want to know a single fitness tracker to spend on, then we would recommend you to buy YAMAY Fitness Tracker.

Whether it’s about features, design, or price, this fitness wearable fares well on all fronts. Its heart monitoring is one of a kind. It monitors both heart rate and blood pressure to give you a more precise picture of your activity and fitness.

This device features a sports mode that we found to be very impressive. When the majority of budget fitness trackers come with 4-8 sports options, you get to track 14 different physical activities in a customized way.

From football to yoga and hiking to dancing, you can switch the tracker to different sports modes to get more streamlined updates regarding your vitals and overall physical activity.

GPS connectivity is a rare feature in inexpensive fitness trackers, and you will find this rarity in the YAMAY fitness tracker.

You can synchronize your fitness tracker with your smartphone to get real-time updates regarding your workout routes and other fitness features on the big cell phone screen. 

GPS connectivity also allows you to receive text messages and calls on your wrist. The color display of the tracker is large enough on which you can easily read messages.

With the add-ons of intuitive sleep monitoring, impressive waterproofing, and long battery life, there is no reason to not choose this YAMAY wearable as our top pick among the best inexpensive fitness trackers of this year.

Best Inexpensive Fitness Trackers - Comparison Table

Best Inexpensive Fitness Trackers - Reviews

Our Top Pick

Our rating

If you are looking to get the features of a high-end fitness tracker, but without blowing your budget, then this YAMAY device is worth considering. YAMAY has struck a perfect combination of price and function in this device, which you won’t be able to find in the majority of budget fitness trackers. To begin with, the YAMAY fitness tracker doesn’t just feature a heart rate monitor. While counting your heart beats, it also monitors your blood pressure.

Receiving these two sets of data gives you a more well-informed insight into your cardiovascular health and its link with your physical activity. The tracker also gives you the number of miles you have traveled by foot every day, along with the total step count. We also like the activity tracker mode of this device. From hiking to treadmill and cycling to basketball, you can track 14 different high-endurance physical activities in a more streamlined manner.

YAMAY fitness tracker features GPS connectivity. This means you can connect it to your smartphone and can track your hiking and cycling routes in real-time. The GPS connectivity also allows you to bring the essential features of your phone on your wrist. You can receive calls and read text messages directly through the fitness tracker.

We also like the color display and the large screen of this fitness tracker. The use of different colors to display different measurements in large fonts makes it easy to read the watch. Lastly, the waterproof rating of this fitness tracker is also better than other budget options. It is IP68 waterproof. This means you can even wear it while swimming. 


  • One full charge for complete 1-week use
  • Features one of the best hear activity monitor
  • Features sedentary reminder
  • Compatible with the latest iOS and Android upgrades
  • Available in eight different band colors


  • Can’t collect data during swimming

LETSCOM has designed a really handy and highly functional fitness tracker with the price tag under $30. Budget fitness trackers usually have elementary features only. However, that’s not the case with this LETSCOM gadget. If you are serious about maintaining an active lifestyle and getting fit, then this fitness tracker will righty serve you.

Let’s start with its heart rate monitoring that is not just a counter but an intuitive feature that offers better insight into your HR activity. It monitors your heart rate throughout the day and develops an in-app report that compares resting, average, and maximum heart rates. Similarly, the sleep tracking of this LETSCOM device is also intuitive. It doesn’t just count your total sleeping hours but also differentiates between deep, light, and wake-sleep so you can determine the quality of sleep.

The other impressive feature of this machine is its customized tracking of 14 different exercises. From hiking to running and cycling, it can track your physical activity during all the high-endurance activities. You can also connect this customized tracking to your phone’s GPS to navigate through your route in real-time. It will also save the route of your workout on the map for later analysis.

It is worth noting that this LETSCOM gadget doesn’t just come handy when you are sweating it away. It is a true fitness tracker and assistant. It will be at work even when you are sitting idle or eating your dinner. It will track the calories you are burning every day. It will also send you a sedentary alert when you are sitting in the same position for too long. This seemingly trivial feature helps you in getting rid of the chronic lethargy we face on a daily basis.


  • Smart GPS connectivity— receive all important SMS and emails on your wrist
  • One charge last an entire week
  • Features built-in USB port— no charging cable needed
  • Sweat and waterproof


  • The screen could have a better layout
  • Swapping bands is a bit difficult

Inculcating the importance of a physically active lifestyle and being fit is one of the most valuable gifts that parents could give to their children. BIGGERFIVE has made it easy for you to get your kids on the fitness train right from the beginning. This reasonably priced fitness tracker watch can be a great gift for your kids on their next birthday. It is important to note that BIGGERFIVE doesn’t compromise on the set of features and the overall quality of the tracker just because it is a kids’ gadget.

For instance, it features an intuitive sleep tracker that differentiates and counts deep and light sleep hours separately. Knowing how good your kid sleeps is a significant insight into their overall health. The activity tracking regimen of this tracker watch is also really impressive. It counts every step while measuring the total distance the wearer is covering every day.

Besides that, the activity tracker of the watch also furnishes data regarding the calories your kid is burning every day. The tracker separately counts the active daily minute of the user. This small piece of information is really meaningful and helps you in picking up any irregularity in your kid’s eating, daily routine, etc. This fitness tracker is also great for kids because of its impressive waterproof characteristics.

It is sweat-proof. It is rain-proof. It is okay to wear it amid heavy water splashing. In short, kids don’t have to remove the tracker no matter what game and fun activity they are indulging in. You can also connect the device to your smartphone to real-time track your kid’s performance. This BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker also features an anti-lost feature. This feature sets off the vibration alert when the tracker goes beyond the Bluetooth range of the connected device. 


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Gives reminders to stay active all through the day
  • Equally suitable for adults (with large bands)
  • Can function up to a week without needing charging


  • The screen is too slim

Akasma has designed a budget fitness tracker that takes care of your fitness all through the day. For instance, it monitors your heart rate in both restive and active phases so you can know how your anaerobic exercises are affecting your body. We also like this Akasma fitness tracker for its impressive sleep tracking. When the majority of fitness trackers only measure deep and light sleep, this one also measures the duration of REM sleep.

Having this detailed breakdown of your sleep means you can exactly know how good you are sleeping. Deep and REM hours of your sleep indicate that you are sleeping healthy. The other striking feature of this fitness tracker is its customized tracking of 12 different physical activities. No matter which high-endurance exercise you are indulging in, this Akasma fitness tracker will track it accordingly.

The majority of fitness trackers are waterproof. However, their waterproof performance is only limited to sweat, raindrops, and splash resistance. Akasma has stepped up the waterproofing in its budget fitness tracker. You can keep on wearing this fitness tracker in the pool and or while showering.  Such a tremendous waterproof construction allows you to track your swimming activity too.

We also like this fitness tracker because you get to use it with a dedicated smartphone app called Runmifit. Through this app, you can dig deep into your exercise data and explore more functions of the tracker. For fitness freaks who love to analyze their activity for every minor tweak, this combo of tracker and app will come in very useful. Lastly, this fitness tracker also features the activity alert that will go off if you have been idle for too long.


  • Features camera control via Bluetooth— Shake your wrist to take photos
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Cordless charging
  • One of the most intuitive sleep tracker  


  • The band design could be better
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If you are looking for a budget-friendly fitness tracker with all the basic and important tracking features, then consider buying this PUBA gadget. PUBA has designed a truly handy and functional fitness device at a reasonable price in the form of this wearable. From sleep tracking to the sports mode and sedentary alerts, it has all the features that you want to have in your smart personal fitness assistant.

Besides counting your steps and heartbeat, you can also use the tracker to know how many calories you have consumed throughout the day. You can also put the tracker in four different sports mode to get more meaningful data about particular physical exercises. This fitness tracker doesn’t feature GPS connectivity. However, you can still connect it to your phone to receive all important SMS and SNS (Social Networking Alerts) alerts on your wrist.

PUBA has also made sure that you can charge your fitness tracker in the most hassle-free manner. You can charge it via any USB block or computer device without needing a charging cable or docking device. It takes two hours to fully charge the tracker for using it for up to seven days. This impressive battery life and easy charging allow you to wear it on your multi-day off-the-grid trips.

The waterproofing of this PUBA Fitness Tracker is IP rated. Whether it is raining or you are at the beach, you can wear this fitness without a worry. You can submerge the tracker in one meter deep water for half an hour, and it will continue to function without a glitch.


  • Lightweight design
  • Long battery life — ideal for camping and hiking trips
  • Comes with a dedicated fitness tracking app
  • Unisex construction— perfect for both men and women


  • Doesn’t feature GPS
  • Not suitable to wear while swimming

We are concluding our list with LEKOO’s fitness device that also fares well on both functional and pricing front. The manufacturer has made sure that you get to use a smart tracker with all the valuable fitness features but without putting too much burden on your pocket. From sleep monitor to sports mode, you get every necessary feature in this fitness tracker for a complete 24-hour day.

Sleep monitor separately counts your deep and light sleep hours so you can know the precise quality and nature of your sleep. Moreover, the activity tracker doesn’t just count your steps and heartbeat. It also takes account of the calories you are burning every day. Moreover, you can also use the tracker in sports mode to track high-endurance exercises in a better manner.

The other impressive bit about this smart fitness tracker is its smartphone compatibility even without GPS.  LEKOO has developed a customized app for this fitness tracker that you can use it on both android and iOS devices. This app allows you to use the fitness tracker for receiving calls and check calendars, SMS, and SNS alerts. You can even store up to three messages in the device. In short, you don’t need to take out your cell phone when you are on your activity/exercise binge.

We also like the sturdy construction of this machine. LEKOO has used highly clear resin material for making this wearable and used a high-frequency machine to seal its casing. This top-quality construction is the reason why you can use it underwater without a worry. It is also hard enough to withstand forceful impacts without getting cracked. 


  • Impressive slimline design
  • Offers one of the longest working time— up to 10 days
  • Comes with a responsive companion app·         Comes with a responsive companion app

  • Perfect wearable for both teenagers and adults


  • Lack of GPS tracking 

Best Inexpensive Fitness Trackers - Buyers Guide


The market has been flooded with fitness tracker wearable in the last couple of years. From $20 to $200, you can find fitness trackers from all different price points. However, it gets somewhat tricky when you narrow down your search to find the best inexpensive fitness tracker (a device with a price tag below $50).

If you want to explore more options apart from the above list, then always try to factor in these features to make the best inexpensive fitness tracker purchase.


Let’s start with the feature that immediately grabs our attention, i.e., the display of a fitness tracker. Buying an inexpensive fitness tracker doesn’t mean you have to put up with black and white color schemes and small screens. The above reviews have made it quite clear that budget-friendly fitness trackers also feature bigger screens with color displays. Similarly, you can also find inexpensive fitness trackers with a display that will work in all different light conditions.

However, the touch screen is one thing that you may not find in fitness trackers lying at low price points. If you are really into a fitness wearable with a responsive touch screen, then we would recommend you to increase your price range. Otherwise, a large color display that works in all light conditions is easily available in budget options. You don’t need to compromise on any of these screen/display features while looking at fitness trackers in the lower price range.

Heart-Rate Monitoring

Contrary to popular belief, many experts think heart-rating monitoring is a more crucial fitness tracking feature than the step counting. So, you should make sure that the budget fitness tracker you are interested in features a comprehensive heart-rate monitor. By comprehensive, we mean an HR monitor that can record your restive and active heartbeat and furnish in-app reports on it. Getting a detailed report regarding heart rate helps you in determining the effects of your physical activity in a better manner.

The heart-rate monitor of a fitness tracker also helps in maintaining the accuracy of the calorie count of the device. Heart-rate monitors also play an integral role in calculating VO2 max in some fitness tracking devices. VO2 max measures the maximum rate of consumption of oxygen. For athletes and climbers, this feature comes in very useful.

Calorie Counter

Calorie counters have become common in fitness trackers of all price points. You will find this feature in all the inexpensive fitness trackers we have reviewed here. Many people can’t understand how fitness trackers can determine daily calorie consumption. Similarly, fitness experts are also skeptical about a fitness tracker’s capacity to count the number of burned calories. We would also recommend our readers to take the calorie readings of a fitness tracker with a pinch of salt.

Nonetheless, a well-thought-out calorie counter can give a good idea regarding the food energy you are using every day.  So, how to know if a calorie counter of a fitness tracker is a decent one and produces near-accurate values? The best way to know if your fitness tracker features a good calorie counter is to have a look at several other related features.

For instance, if a fitness tracker asks for your gender, age, weight, and height and then calculates your basal metabolic rate, it is a sign that this wearable device will give a closer number of calorie consumption. The calculation of basal metabolic rate that is further combined with heart rate and reading of accelerometer/pedometer equips a fitness tracker to produce more accurate data regarding calorie consumption.

If you want to pick a fitness tracker with a good calorie counter, then always search for the features we have discussed above. If need be, also get in touch with customer support of the company or download the user manual to find out more about how the particular calorie counter of a fitness tracker works.


A pedometer is the most elementary part of any fitness tracker. Even the cheapest of the devices have a built-in pedometer. However, not every fitness tracker features the same pedometer model, and this is where you need to be smart in your search for a wearable that is within your budget.

The most basic pedometer just measures the steps you have taken by counting the sideways swings your body makes while walking/running. A more functional pedometer also calculates the total distance you have covered through these steps by taking into account your stride length, estimated through your gender and age.

Pedometers that are connected with GPS can gather more accurate data regarding your walking/running miles. To sum it up, always try to find out fitness trackers where pedometers are linked to GPS. Case in point: #1 and #5 on our list.

GPS Connectivity

For people who take care of their physical fitness through running and cycling, having this feature in a fitness tracker is very important. GPS allows you to map your routes in real-time. You can also get to explore new routes when your fitness tracker is GPS powered. The traveling distance gathered through GPS is more detailed and accurate and offers a more in-depth insight into your high-endurance physical activity.

You have two options when it comes to getting GPS in a fitness tracker: built-in GPS and linked GPS. Fitness trackers with built-in GPS lie at the higher end of the price range. However, these trackers are complete wearable devices that can work independently of smartphones.

On the other hand, fitness trackers with linked GPS functionality use the phone’s GPS system for tracking and mapping. Keep in mind that even trackers with linked GPS functionality are not economical. Finding budget fitness trackers with GPS connectivity requires a lot of market research. For the benefit of our readers, we have featured two models with linked GPS connectivity in our list of the best inexpensive fitness trackers.

Compatibility and Companion App

Before locking in the fitness tracker, have a quick look at its compatibility and companion app. Make sure that the tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS. Also, review its companion app on the respective app stores to find out about its features, responsiveness, and bug-freeness.

Sleep Monitoring

Many people don’t think about the sleep monitor feature while buying a smart fitness device. As you can see in the above reviews, sleep monitoring is an important feature of nearly all the fitness trackers. A good sleep monitoring device tracks your deep, light, and REM sleep sessions separately to determine your sleep quality, which is reflective of your health and lifestyle.

Make sure the tracker you are investing in measures deep and light phases of sleep separately instead of just counting the total hours of sleep. The hours of deep and REM sleep respectively tell about the immune system and brain function of an individual.


Nearly every fitness tracker, irrespective of its price tag, is waterproof to some extent. However, you need to be precise about this feature while picking your fitness tracker. If you are looking for a sweat and splash-proof wearable, then any fitness tracker with IP66 or IP67 waterproof rating will be good enough. However, you will need a fitness tracker with an IP68 rating if you want to use it underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers?

Smartwatches are a more comprehensive wearable version of fitness trackers. They are primarily made for communication and entertainment purposes and boast fitness tracking as a secondary feature. Smartwatches are also quite expensive than fitness trackers. An inexpensive branded smartwatch would have a higher price than any high-end fitness tracker. For fitness purposes, one should stick with the latter.

What Battery Life Is Considered Good in Fitness Trackers?

Any top-quality fitness tracker works for at least three days in a single charge. Then you also get the models that keep on working for more than a week. A battery that offers five days of nonstop function is considered good, and you can easily find it in inexpensive fitness trackers.

How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers?

Fitness trackers are not entirely foolproof. As mentioned earlier, many fitness trackers are not good with their calorie counting feature. Therefore, it would be better to never use fitness tracker reading as the conclusive result regarding any physical activity. Instead, use activity-specific devices to get accurate readings. For example, use a standalone pedometer instead of a fitness tracker to measure the exact number of steps taken and distance covered.

We truly hope that this detailed discussion, including reviews, buying guides, and FAQs, helps you in picking the best inexpensive fitness tracker, and with its help, you get to realize the fitness goals you have set for yourself this year.

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