Best Fan For a Garage Gym – Cool Your Garage This Summer

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When you have a gym in your garage or home, there’s a lot of positives. However, lord, it can get hot in there!

This is especially true if you’re doing any cardio work in a garage gym. You can overheat quickly if you’re not careful of the dry heat in your garage.

Well, in this article, we’ll look at the best fan for garage gym owners, to keep you comfortable in your next workout. Granted, the term ‘best fans’ really depends on your circumstances, so we’ll check out a few different options.

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Our favorite gym fan is the Maxx Air drum fan. It’s a heavy-duty fan that’s portable, quiet, and easy to put together. However, if you’re looking for the best budget fan is the Lasko is easily the best option. Like we said though, finding the best fans for your gym will depend a lot of your needs, location, and gym size. 

Top Low-Cost Fan For Your Garage Gym (Best Overall): Lasko Wind Machine

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While not an industrial-grade home gym fan like the others we’re recommending, the Wind Machine is a great fan for the price you pay. Sure, you won’t get the quality of the other fans in this article, but for a fraction of the price, you’ll get a decent amount of functionality.

The fan can move 360-degrees around so you can stay cool no matter how you’re positioned for your workout. It is also incredibly light, so you can move it around your gym as you work out on those really hot days. That’s a very good thing. Although the power cord isn’t too long, so you may need an extension if that’s your plan.

One thing to keep in mind though is that this fan is definitely not weatherproof and should only be used indoors. Ideal for a home gym or garage gym that is under decent cover.

The exposed motor won’t go well in the elements, so if you’re also looking to use the fan in your patio, then I’d be looking at another option.

If you’re looking for a good light-duty fan or one that you can use while using cardio machines, then this is a solid option. Easily one of the best fans to scratch that itch.

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Best Garage Gym Fan For a Large Garage: Maxx Air Inch High-Velocity Metal Floor Fan/Drum Fan

The Maxx Air drum fan is a top heavy-duty fan that offers a bunch of great little features:

  • There’s a lot of airflow and three setting adjustments, so it’ll suit both small and large garage gyms
  • Full 360-degree rotation, so it will suit any work position
  • Quiet to run
  • It comes with a set of small wheels, so you can move around the gym while you work out
  • 8ft long power cord, so you can probably avoid extension cords laying around.

Unfortunately, a few customers reported that the fan was delivered with dents, however, in each situation, the company replaced any ill-fitting or damaged bits with no hassle at all. Which, for us, is good enough. The company can’t control what happens in delivery, but they can control their customer service.

Here’s a quick video that goes into more detail about the fan, along with some assembly instructions.

The drum fan is also quite space-efficient, as you can see, only siting about 40-inches tall. The dimensions combined with the fact it’s easily portable means you can use the fan when you’re entertaining too.

You can check the price on Amazon to learn more

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Best Wall-Mounted Fan For Garage Gym Fan: Air King 9020

If you’re a home-owner (or don’t mind patching up the wall when you move out), a wall-mounted fan is a great option for a garage gym because it stays out of your way when you’re working out.

The Air-King 9020 is our favorite wall-mounted fan for a few reasons:

  • It moves a whole lot of air around, which is exactly what you’re looking for
  • Instructions that are easy to follow (some wall-mounted fans can be annoying to put together)
  • Mount to the wall or ceiling

Note: If you’re looking to mount the home gym fan in the corner of your room, you may want to adjust the brackets or even find a new one, as the bracket that comes with the fan won’t really work in a corner too well.

All in all, this is one of the best fans that can be used in any garage gym. If you want to check the prices you can do so on Amazon.

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Best Fans, Pedestal Fan For Home Gyms: Rowenta Standing Fan

If you’re looking for a pedestal or standing fan for your gym, then the Rowenta should be your first choice. The thing about a lot of pedestal fans is that most are the cheapest and bottom-of-the-line option, which means that you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck, even if it’s cheap.

However, the Rowenta garage fan is awesome!

For starters, it’s super quiet compared to other fans. However, I wouldn’t call it completely silent or ‘sound-recording-quality-silent’ though, so if you also use your garage to record any audio then you can’t have the fan running. However, that is pretty standard and if all you’re doing is working out or doing cardio, then it’s more than fine.

The fan also has a remote control which saves constantly having to walk to the fan to change settings or turn it off and on. However, if you do need to use the buttons on the fan, they’re placed in a really convenient spot.

Most top pedestal fans require you to squeeze your hand behind the fan-head and adjust, but this fan is designed differently for easy access – as you can see from the image above.

Some customers on Amazon have mentioned that the grill can rust, however, the user manual also states what you can and cannot use to clean the fan. So, if you stick to their guidelines you should be fine.

If you want to learn more, you can buy this product on Amazon.

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Best Air Conditioner For a Home Gym: Honeywell 176

What if you’re looking for an air conditioner and not a fan? Depending on one where you live, you may find more value in an air-con than you would in a fan.

For example, if you’re in the southwest and Midwest regions of the US, an evaporative air conditioner will work incredibly well. Or, if you’re not in those regions, any hot/dry climates where humidity levels are below 50%, you’ll benefit from an air conditioner.

I grew up in an incredibly hot and dry area and I used a small air conditioner for my gym. It was magnificent.

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How To Cool a Garage – Where To Place A Fan In Your Garage

Finding the best fans is one thing, being able to get the most out of using them is another.

The role of a fan is to replace the hot air in a room with cool air. The placement of your fan can make a huge difference. Placing a single fan at the very back of your garage and pointing the airflow to the open garage door, as so many of us do, is kinda pointless because there’s no cooler air being drawn back in. You’re probably making your garage even hotter.

In fact, you could be making your garage even hotter. Instead, if you want optimum results in large spaces, you should use two fans to circulate the hot air out of the garage. Use openings like windows and doors to help circulate air through the room, with one fan blowing cold air in and the other blowing the warm air our.

Placing garage gym fans near entrances can help circulate the warm air out of your garage gym and replace it with cool air

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fan for a garage?

As we’ve discussed, the best fan for your garage gym is the Maxx Air drum fan. The fan is heavy-duty, quiet, easy to assemble, and portable. This means it covers all the points that you should be looking for in a fan to cool your home gym. However, home gyms and garage gyms vary in size quite a bit so it’s best to see what works for your space. I know I’ve lived in smaller apartments before and used a small room as a makeshift gym and a Tornado fan would have been too much power.

How big of a fan do I need for my garage?

The size of the gym fan that you need depends a lot of the size of your garage gym. For most garages and other open-air spaces, a typical oscillating table fan won’t do the trick. A typical fan is often just 12 inches in diameter, and this won’t make any real change in the comfort levels in your gym or scratch in your airflow needs in the garage. For top performance, make sure you buy to fit your needs.

Instead, you should look for something no smaller than an 18-inch fan to make sure you get the cooling power you need

Are high-velocity fans better?

Top Highvelocity fans are heavy-duty air-circulation floor fans that have a variety of uses- they can cool down your garage, even replacing air conditioning. They’re great for venting, cooling and drying out workshops and garages. The perfect choice for a garage gym fan.

How can I cool my garage gym?

There’s plenty of ways that you can cool your home or garage gym when it gets too hot in the summer. Even if you’re doing heavy cardio sessions in your home gym (for example, on a spin bike), you should fan your gym regardless of the outside temperature – it’s easy to overhead cycling or doing heavy cardio indoors.

It’s not good to overheat, and you can easily do that in a garage gym.

Besides a fan though, if you’re interested in cooling your garage gym down, you can do the following: Crack open the doors, plug in a dehumidifier, or use an evaporative cooler. One time for a large garage, we use an old ducted evaporative cooling system and welded legs onto it and turned it into a gym air conditioner. However, the garage we worked in was enormous and was also a workspace as well as a work-out space. Regardless – it was awesome.

You can even combine multiple of these options to keep things really cool!

Final Thoughts

Keeping cool when you’re in your home gym is important. Hopefully, in this article, you’ve seen a few great options for the best fans so you can stay comfortable in your garage gym going forward.

As we said, the Maxx Air drum fan was our number one home gym fan, but there’s plenty of other great options.

Just make sure you purchase something that will circulate the right amount of air, and keep you cool. A top fan is about more than just the cool air it emits, it’s also about the air circulation.

If you want to keep a nice temp all year round, try our article on the best Garage Gym heater.

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