Best Weightlifting Shoes Reviewed

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One of the crucial decisions that the weightlifters make is about the type of shoes they can conveniently lift weights in. Weightlifting shoes are also known as lifters. These genres of shoes are slowly evolving and becoming increasingly popular among varied strength sports.

Weightlifting shoes offer maximum advantages and are specifically designed to offer maximum benefits at different positions. Several features are composed in these shoes and they are believed to enhance performance greatly. These types of shoes are in general flat, which is a feature provided to enhance the stability of the wearer. Hence, more power is furnished while lifting weights. These shoes are appropriate for weightlifting as they help in doing back​ or front squats, clean and jerks, snatches, or overhead squats among other weightlifting exercises.

Weightlifting shoes are usually heavier as compared to a normal sneaker, with a flat sole, non-compressible material, a bit high heel between 0.75 to 1 inch in height, and some type of midfoot straps for stable fitting at the foot. A perfect weightlifting shoe can provide ample support and vitality to protect the impacts of weightlifting exercises.

We have reviewed some of the industry’s top-performing shoes appropriate for weightlifting. We are not saying that you cannot perform weightlifting exercises without proper shoes, but they are efficient and help push your lifting game to the next level.

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There are a couple of shoes that are perfect for heavy lifters. Olympic weightlifters always trust on a particular class of weightlifting shoes. Hence they always prefer the top performers in the industry by some famous brands. A great lifter who is a 3pro in performing such exercises prefers the Nike Romaleos .

There is no denying the fact that Nike is a renowned name in the world of sports shoes and people swear by the performance of its shoes.

This Nike model has adapted to the game of weightlifting and has gained amazing popularity. The brand hooked up both amateur and professional weightlifters in no time by the iconic design, quality, and clever touches of its amazingly designed shoes.

Nike Romaleos 3 gained great momentum in the community of weightlifters and it was not just because the shoes were introduced by Nike. It will be an enormous understatement if someone says that Nike Romaleos 3 is simply an advancement of its predecessor. These pairs of shoes are gifted with an enormous design that is distinct from other sports shoes available in the market. Romaleos 3 is an innovation created by perfect competence and expertise. This shoe iteration of Nike is a true piece for the professional meet.

1. Nike Men’s Romaleos 3 Weightlifting Shoes

Nike is a leading shoe brand and its shoes are popular all over the globe. The flexible forefoot is provided in this amazing pair to enable a natural range of motion while lifting super heavy weights. You can hold this pair for optimal period use as synthetic material is used to curate them. This shoe delivers the stability and close-fitting which is most needed for heavy weightlifting and it provides optimal durability. The shoes are designed specifically for elite level lifting.

Product Highlights:

The shoe is the best among most other weightlifting shoes and is magnificently lightweight and more flexible even to its predecessor Romaleos 2. The low weight of this shoe is due to its resilient material and soft sole padding. It is a favourite among many weightlifters because of its flexible front and dynamic straps. It comes with a double strap, unlike its predecessors which are featured with a single strap.

The honey-comb pattern is featured in this pair of shoes to provide maximum stability. The straps of these shoes are responsible for providing a locked-down fit to ensure that it doesn’t move while exercising. A smooth, minimalistic, super-stylish design along with a generously-sized strap, and durable rubber outsole of Nike Men’s Romaleos 3 are some of the superior features lacked by predecessor shoes from Nike.

It is super convenient and durable when worn on the feet. Professionals claim that Romaleos 3 by Nike is just the right fit for weightlifting, as the brand has designed this pair keeping each and every customer in mind. No other shoes can beat this pair in terms of performance and providing strength. If comfort is your ultimate requirement then go for this amazing pair and there is no looking back.

An appeal of a few weightlifting shoe brands and models have made them an excellent choice for amateur and professional weightlifters. These shoes are truly superb with compelling features and performance. This article demonstrates the reviews of the best five high-performance weightlifting shoes available on the market.

What I Like:

The shoes provide a great lightweight feeling and are available with two distinct insoles to provide the maximum stability. The insoles are accountable for the weight of shoes. The heel provided is designed with solid TPU technology to ensure great performance. These shoes are durable and extremely comfortable.

What I Don’t Like:

There are potential tongue durability issues experienced sometimes upon wearing them. It feels like it will rip easily. This is not so efficient for some people.

2. Adidas Men’s Leistung 16 II Cross Trainer

Adidas is also a renowned brand for sports shoes and Adidas Leistung, is one such lifting shoe which is loved by the mass at large. Leistung 16 II is the updated version of the previously released Rio model. The word ‘Leistung’ is a German word which simply means great output or performance.

As evident from its name, the Leistung line has been created to provide maximum performance that efficiently helps in weight lifting exercises. The Adidas Leistung II features heels that have a height of 1″. The high heel is provided to assure that a person performs weightlifting exercises with greater ease. A model is distinct from another model because of a few features.

Adidas Leistung 16 II is better than its predecessor Leistung Rio model. The shoes are manufactured using woven synthetic fabric rather than using the solid synthetic fabric. This pair of shoes is given a much more subtle design than the shoes that were previously designed by Adidas.

Product Highlights:

The Leistung 16 II from Adidas is a popular, durable shoe model which is ideal for weightlifters. It has a limited Range of Motion (ROM). Its lace tightening system and tightening knob are excellent features to offer a secured locked-in fit.

What I Like:

With its heels being one inch high; it is a better performer as compared to its predecessors. The heel grip is also firm because of BOA and it ensures that the heel doesn’t slip and has good ground stability. One more thing which is superb in this model is its outer surface which is moderately flexible and durable. More stability is added to the pair with the help of such amazing features.

What I Don’t Like:

The high heel is an excellent feature on this shoe but it pushes forward sometimes which can easily make anyone feel uncomfortable. The added weight is sometimes considered bad.

3. Reebok Men’s Legacylifter Cross Trainer

The pair of shoes was manufactured keeping Olympic weightlifters in mind, which is one of the main reasons that it can provide great feats. Reebok itself is a renowned brand for training shoes, but the range of legacy lifter shoes added prestige to an already prestigious brand. The shoes are believed to be one of the great fits for weightlifting.

This pair has a bit of extra weight as compared to the Nike Romaleos and Adidas Leistungs. This feature can be regarded as both plus and minus points. Many weightlifters don’t bother about the shoe weight. The weightlifters with slower feet may require some time before they get used to the extra ounces on their lifter shoes.

Product Highlights:

It is the most technical weightlifting shoe introduced in the lifter shoe industry. The Reebok Legacy Lifters have a narrow fit and a lower heel with a flat sole that makes it a highly considerable weightlifting shoe. This model is perfect for those with narrow feet and doesn’t face problems with their ROM. The best part about this shoe is its durability and they are upgraded drastically from what they used to provide in their previous cross-training footwear.

What I Like:

The flat insole is effective with no arch support. The heel is more stable, flat and wide. Relatively low heel for a weightlifter with a height of 22mm is a bonus for this model. The pair is perfect for both men and women. The shoe is firm irrespective of the training obtained by the user may it be substantial and explosive lifts. Mesh around the ankle area is provided to ensure maximum flexibility. It also feels like a snug fit around the ankle and heel.

What I Don’t Like:

The shoes have somewhat narrow toe boxes. Hence, some users may experience a bit of stiffness in that portion. While the heel height is apt for weightlifting sessions, the user may require some time to get used to receiving snatches and cleans.

4. Asics Men’s Lift Trainer Cross Trainer


Asics’s TOW 7 was the rival of Nike’s Romaleos 2 in the weightlifting shoes category for quite some time until Romaleos 3 was out in the market. Asics also introduced Men’s Lift Trainer Cross-Trainer shoes for daily workouts. The demands continued to evolve and people felt the urge of wearing lifters to keep them up in any endurance training. Asics is designed to understand the challenges of the modern world especially when it comes to the challenges faced by weightlifters. Asics Men’s Lift shoes enable weightlifters to achieve their goals.

You want something that is almost flat with a form midsole and heel as hard as a rock. Try Asics lifter for lifting weights with confidence. You will see a tremendous change in your performance.

Product Highlights:

Asics lifters fit perfectly and are designed using synthetic leather along with a portion of air mesh on the top portion for maximum flexibility. It is an affordable choice that fits one’s budget and is the best pair to get started for beginners. The height of the stable rigid heel is ¾ inch, which helps in weight lifting.

What I Like:

The mesh upper provides constant air circulation to keep feet cool and comfortable no matter how long you wear them or how hard you push them. The shoe is more stable and gripped with a thick rubber sole. The outer sole also adds to support and lift to the heel area.

The removable insole of this shoe enables someone to manage the cushioning. A midfoot strap in the shoe keeps it firmly locked-in when squatting or engaged in a similar kind of exercise. Gel cushioning is provided throughout to ensure a comfortable fit. The shoe is quite flexible with a roomy toe box. You will get great value for the amount of money spent to buy this extremely durable pair of shoes.

What I Don’t Like:

The drawback of this shoe is that it runs larger than the usual size. Hence, you may have to be precise about your exact foot measurements while ordering online. People recommend that it is wise to order a smaller size that would fit perfectly.

5. Sabo Men’s Deadlift Shoes

Deadlift means merely picking up dead weight from the floor with a pair of lockout shoes in your foot. It is a very technical lift in the compound exercise category that requires complete emphasis for safety reasons. This exercise is one-third of the iron sport of Powerlifting. Deadlift shoes are overall best for the weightlifters who want to maximize deadlift strength, conventional deadweight lifters, sumo deadlifts.

This pair of shoes by SABO is the best fit that is apt for almost all kinds of deadlift exercises. Deadlift shoes are also excellent for squats and other similar exercises. The 2017 model of deadlift shoes by SABO had several drawbacks and they are all rectified in the upgraded model.

Product Highlights:

Sabo Deadlift shoes have a flat thin sole with no heel drop. They are considered crossover shoes because they are quite flexible to be used for a range of exercises. The ankle strap on the deadlift shoe is provided for proper arch support. Besides, the shoe design is right for lateral and ankle support. Imported fabric and synthetic leather are used to manufacture this reliable pair of shoes.

What I Like:

Stability and flexibility are the best characteristics of this model. Razor-thin 5 mm sole of Sabo Deadlift Shoes is perfect for deadlifts and squats. It allows a stable base. The high-top design is useful to provide lateral support, and the metatarsal strap offers arch support.

The rubber soles of Sabo shoes with unique textured pattern (wide grooves forming concentric circle-like shapes on the upper or ball of the foot region and lower or heel portions of the sole) on the bottom is ideal for enhanced grip against the floor when deadlifting. It makes an unbeatable grip not available in most other weightlifting shoes.

What I Don’t Like:

This pair of shoes from Sabo misses arch support which is a drawback in the stability domain. Also, the heel drop provided in this shoe is quite low.

Best Weightlifting Shoes Buying Guide

Weightlifting shoes are evolving each day and companies are coming up with new shoe models and color schemes to catch the attention of buyers. Strength sports lovers have good news that they now have several options available for lifters and they can easily choose from a pool of weightlifting shoes available. Such shoes are believed to enhance lifting efficiently. They help to add to the personality of a user when they walk into the gym with their shoes on.

Let us know the essential factors to look for to grab the best pair of weightlifting shoes.

● Elevated Heels –

A certain amount of heels should be provided to the weightlifting shoes. The ankles should be a bit elevated so as to keep a check on positions. They are helpful in providing proper postures while lifting weights. Moreover, the elevation of heels varies in distinct shoes and users can choose their choice of elevation. The heel height should provide great comfort to the user.

● Ankle Support –

Several weight lifter shoes are manufactured using rubber, leather, or somewhat plastic coating. Such materials are able to provide full ankle support. There are additional straps incorporated as well that assure maximum support. Hence, choose according to your preferences, which one you find more suitable.

A solid base is efficient in providing a secure feeling that the shoes will provide a greater level of strength. The shoe should have all the supporting materials needed. Find a pair that gives an experience of high-quality shoes and doesn’t feel cheap.

● Higher Safety Levels –

Weight lifting shoes are used efficiently to prevent a user from possible injuries caused due to weightlifting. A higher level of risk is involved while a person is engaged in lifting heavy weights and in complex movements. Choose shoes with a stable base so that they don’t lack protection from injuries. Shoes should fit you snug and make you feel totally secure. It shouldn’t get misplaced from any point.

● Solid Base –

Apart from having elevated levels, lifters should also have a solid base to ensure great stability on the ground. A solid base is helpful in lifting weights easily. Hence, choose a shoe whose base is, hence, made of hard plastic or wood or a similar other material.

In spite of being hard, it should be firm enough so that you can stand on the ground conveniently. Moreover, landing on solid base shoes may take some time to learn, but you will gradually learn. The pair of shoes with a solid base should not rock while exercising.

●  Personal Touch –

With a plethora of colour schemes and shoe designs, you can look for a pair that adds to the personality. Choose a pair of shoes which is pretty cool and will add charm to your personality. With the perfect pair of shoes, your personality is enhanced and it adds to the lifts performed and it can also serve as recognition.

The pair of shoes selected should make you feel great and proud. You may need to do some research to find the best pair. Find a pair that motivates you and pushes you harder to reach your goals, every time you wear them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Weightlifting Shoes Worth Purchasing?

When weightlifting is done as a workout activity for fitness and bodybuilding, special weightlifting shoes are not necessary, and it is not worthwhile to buy a select pair. But wearing it will make performance better. You will realize the importance after wearing it to lift weights.

A professional weightlifter cannot perform better without the right weightlifting shoe. A pair of dedicated lifting shoes is helpful not only to improve weightlifters’ form but also to eliminate pain in the back, ankle, and knee. Every professional weightlifter, therefore, wears high-quality weightlifting shoes to add value to their workout.

Do Weightlifting Shoes Make a Difference?

There is a difference. One can find this difference in switching over from a regular tennis shoe to a dedicated weightlifting shoe.

A wide solid base of the weightlifting shoe keeps a heavy lifter stuck to the ground giving him stability and more energy for lifts.

Too much cushion in regular sneakers compresses and becomes unstable under heavyweight. The heel of range in between 0.75 to 1.0 inch in weightlifting shoes gives better ROM and more ability to squat. The lifts feel more natural and secure with a pair of weightlifting shoes. It will increase weight and lifts.

Is Converse Good for Weightlifting?

Converse shoes are flat-soled shoes without heel height and have no padding. Converse sneakers are popular for dead lifts because of broad base and flat outsole, but no heel-height and padding makes them the perfect fit and popular option for weightlifting.

Can You Deadlift Without Shoes?

Deadlift in barefoot or the flat-footed, no-cushion converse shoes are okay, but nothing provides a performance better than the performance of dedicated Olympic lifting shoes. These shoes are excellent from various perspectives, such as the deeper squat, erect torso, keeping knees out of the way of the bar, and lessening the chance of ankle and knee pain.

Can I Lift Weight With My Crossfit Shoes?

Yes, of course. Many people perform Olympic lifts using a good pair of CrossFit shoes. The stability and good contact with the ground in CrossFit shoes are provided by minimal cushioning and wide flat sole, respectively. For a pair of CrossFit shoes to use for lifting, there are a few best models of CrossFit shoes for men and the CrossFit shoes for women.


In this article, we have illustrated the vital aspects of lifters. By following this article, you will have an idea as to why one should wear specific weightlifting shoes. Now, you can understand why perfect weightlifting shoes are a real tool for Olympic lifting. You can understand why you can’t use your running shoes for effective performance in weightlifting. You can also understand why weightlifting shoes are not ideal for other gym workouts such as treadmill, cardio, and more.

Nike Men’s Romaleos 3 is the most preferred choice when it comes to choosing weightlifting shoes. They are super durable and provide maximum stability. It is after wearing this perfect pair that you will get to know what it feels like after wearing weightlifting shoes. With this pair of shoes on your feet, you will get the required amount of motivation each time you hit the ground to lift weight.

Sabo Men’s Deadlift shoe is a cheaper alternative. They are just what a user needs to carry out proper deadlift exercises. A single pair of shoes will last for a long period of time. They are apt for the job they serve and go really well with varied kinds of deadlifting exercises. So, if you are someone who is into deadlifting exercises, and is looking for a budget friendly option, then feel free to choose this amazing pair from the list.

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