Best Workout Shoes for Men & Women Reviewed

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If you are an athlete or engage in workout activities, then you might be aware of the importance of wearing the right pair of shoes while working out.

If you are in search of the best shoes to wear to get the most out of your workouts, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have discussed in detail the best workout shoes for men and women and the factors which one should consider before investing in them.

Comparison: The 5 Best Workout Shoes for Men & Women

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Can’t Wait? Here’s Our Favorite

Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer is certainly one of the best workout shoes out there in the market. It has undergone quite a makeover as compared to its last eight predecessors.

The shoe has a split outsole and an added midsole which offers the utmost comfort to the users. It is one of those rare workout shoes which can not only handle heavy weightlifting but will also provide a comfortable workout daily.

The Nano series has always been the best workout shoe brand in the market, and the Nano 9 is no different. It has a 4mm long heel drop which provides the utmost balance while working out. The cushiony backdrop prevents any lateral movement which adds to the stability of the shoes.

The midsole has dual-density and hence high-intensity exercises will not have any adverse effects on your feet and will not cause any injury to the same.

Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer- Best known for Amazing Overall Performance

Reebok is one of the leading brands in training shoes. It is known for its excellent workout performances. In the Nano line, substantial updates were made to improve performance in every odd-numbered model.

The Nano 9 received outstanding updates that include new flex weave outer structure, added midsole, and split outsole.

These constructional modifications have enhanced the performance of the shoe. This nano model can perform comfortably with both heavyweights and in a daily workout regime.

Product Highlights

This shoe model is awesome for people with wide feet and is one of the favorites of the people who work out and do heavy weightlifting.

It is also great for short-distance runs, lateral moves, and jumping. The reason is that this 9th edition of Reebok has a slight underfoot cushion, which allows the real-life ground contact feeling.

Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer is one of the best workout shoes out there in the market.

What I Like

It has a flat base with a slight cushion which creates excellent support for heavy weightlifting. Being provided with a stretchy flex texture and form-fitting fixes, it allows flexible movements. It is excellent for different types of performances.

What I Don’t Like

The only drawback of this model is that it is a bit firm in the beginning and takes at least a few weeks to attain complete flexibility. When pulling the shoe tight, forefront material is hunched.

Nike Men’s Metcon 5 Training Shoe- Best known for its High Flexibility

Nike is the king of training shoes, and you will never regret spending money on a pair of Nike brand shoes. The Metcon shoe model is perfect for cross-training, especially lifting, running short distances within a mile. It fits best in narrow feet.

Product Highlights

Metcon offers the best combination of stability and flexibility. It has a bit wider toe box compared to the previous one. The unique feature of this model is a mini lifter that helps you improve your range of motion.

What I Like

It has a flat and wide sole which is quite stable; it makes it an excellent choice for weightlifting. Also, it has flexibility in front and stability and support in the heels. A range of motion helps in thrusts, squats, and pistol squats are provided by Nike Hyperlift.

What I Don’t Like

The sole detachment after prolonged wearing is an issue. Also, hyperlifts might cause a problem with stability and the heel is sometimes a bit unwieldy to run in.

Nobull Men’s Training Shoe- Best Known for offering High Resistance

Nobull users are serious cross trainers and weightlifters. The investment in these shoes would, therefore, be an excellent choice if your workout is CrossFit. They are very comfortable and can be worn daily.

The midfoot region of the Nobull Men’s Training shoes consists of five eyelets with some metal rings and a breathable tongue.

The tongue provides room for ventilation. The heel cup is about 2mm long which is slightly stiffer as compared to the rest of the shoes thereby providing a good resistance against compression thereby enhancing the balance of the wearer.

Product Highlights

It is a simple and tough model from Nobull, available in nice-looking wild assorted colors. The upper part of this model is made up of stretchy, strong, breathable super-fabric imbued with guard plates. This model offers superb movement to your feet. It has a flat, minimal-cushioned sole that makes it best to lift weights.

What I Like

This model is more durable compared to other top-rated competitive brand shoes because of its durable upper fabric. It is flexible in front and stable in the back that makes it excellent for dance or Zumba workouts. Its multi-directional lug pattern makes it excellent to perform on a gym and dance floors, pavement, and inbox environment.

What I Don’t Like

This model is not appropriate for runners. Also, the hefty price tag may be a problem. A few customers have complained about sizing issues and the shoe not fitting perfectly into their feet. Also, the price is on a bit higher end. It might not be your best bet if you are looking for a budget workout shoe.

Under Armour Men’s TriBase Reign Training Shoe- Best Known for Stability

Under Armour (UA) is the hot-selling brand in contemporary time in global markets. TriBase Reign cross-training shoe is an innovative creation of Under Armour, which is one of the leading brands in the fashion industry. The shoe is highly durable and flexible.

The uniqueness of this model is in its full rubber outsole, and a little Micro G® foam cushion provided by the midsole. The cushion keeps your feet touched to the ground, making it excellent for jumping, lifting, and other such lateral movements. Also, the shoes provide a high level of traction and can be worn for a long period of time.

Achieving the perfect plank position requires the right pair of shoes. Without the correct workout shoes, your feet will keep on gliding downwards and you won’t be able to hold the position for the desired period of time. In such a scenario, UA Men’s Tribase Shoes come as a rescuer.

The flexible forefoot which is present along with the high-quality rubber provides enough space for the toe box and hence your feet will be able to get a good floor grip and with this pair of shoes you will be able to ace that plank position.

Product Highlights

Since this model of cross-training specific shoes from Under Armour is the first swing of the brand; its comparison has been made with Reebok’s Nano 8 and Nike’s Metcon 4 models for construction, specs, and performance. Surprisingly, it was rated one of the best cross-training shoes for quick workouts. It is highly durable and the current users have appreciated its performance.

HIIT Training and weight lifting exercises require workout shoes which offer a high level of stability and at the same time provide a good grip so as to prevent any injuries or any mishaps from happening. UA Tribase Reign comes with a 2mm heel drop which will keep your feet close to the ground and will prevent your ankle from twisting.

Also, it will prevent any lateral movements of your feet. The inner arches of the shoe are also well protected with the same rubber material as is used in the sole. It provides utmost balance to the wearer even in steep and hilly areas. The shoelaces offer a comfortable fit and then can be tightened and loosened quite smoothly.

What I Like

The model has an attractive style. It has exceptional durability because of the rubber outsole. The external heel counter provides excellent heel stability and lateral support. The material is lightweight, which is a plus factor for the versatility of this product. Also, it gives a low to the ground feel.

What I Don’t Like

Not appropriate for walking or running long distances. Athletes with smaller feet may have a problem wearing this shoe. It runs narrow and might make your feet feel uncomfortable. Also, bottom lace tightening is a major concern.

Mizuno Men’s TC-01 Cross Trainer- Best Budget Friendly Workout Shoes

The unique feature of this model is sensor pod technology that offers excellent stability when you jump, lift, and make lateral movements. Mizuno’s new TC-01 Cross Training shoe is the debut of the Center of Balance (COB) technology.

It is Mizuno’s finest product in the cross-training category. It is an urbane advanced training shoe.

The COB midsole comes with a textured upper surface which adds to the charm of the shoe. The upper surface of the shoe is completely knit and gives a three-dimensional smooth feel to the person wearing it.

Also, the soft PU midsole provides enough room for feet movement and thus you can perform almost any kind of workout exercises without having to worry about the shoes getting torn due to the impact.

Product Highlights

The upper of the shoe is soft, stretchy and form-fitting like a sock; the sole keeps feet low to the ground. Mizuno designed this model to allow your feet to feel a ground response. It is perfect for the gym or box setting. Mizuno’s TC-01 Cross-Training shoe features a multitude of technical designs for stability, comfort, and flexibility altogether in one shoe. You can have a different experience when you first wear this pair of shoes.

Mizuno claims that this particular pair of shoes can be used to perform 15 different types of workout exercises and hence it is one of the most versatile workout shoes present in the market. It provides utmost balance to the users such that the stability enhances the performance of the athletes. It boosts the basic physical abilities of an athlete during his gym training period.

What I Like

It has enhanced sensitivity underfoot due to the Center of Balance (COB) technology. Having a single piece of soft and flexible upper makes it more durable. The 3D entirely knit upper construction is a smooth fit for every type of foot. Also, the soft polyurethane midsole provides flexibility.

The foot remains locked because of an internal midfoot strap provided without locking the forefront flexibility. It also offers a low drop backfoot and offers optimal stability in the course of static exercises.

What I Don’t Like

The shoe is good enough to walk short distances, but not for running. It is not the best fit for rough use. Also, the midsole feels a bit firm when running which will not only decrease your agility but will also hamper your performance. Even the aesthetics of the shoe might not sit well with everyone who wears it.

Buying Guide For The Best Workout Shoes for Men and Women

Wearing wrong shoes causes discomfort and carries a risk of foot injuries. Also, they can cause other bodily injuries and they tend to lower your performance. The right shoes are useful to ensure that you deliver your best performance while working out.

The selection of the best working shoes should be made by considering a number of factors. Here, we have provided information for you to understand all the crucial factors which you need to consider before you buy a pair of workout shoes suitable for your needs.

Choose Sport-Specific Shoes:

Sport-specific shoes are ever designed specifically to accept quick directional changes for improved performance. On the one hand, you plan your fitness, but an injury caused by inapt shoes can pointlessly wreck your fitness.

You Should Wear High-Grade Sport-specific Shoes to Ensure:

  • Functional fitness, which is possible when your feet feel comfortable. A low drop shoe is perfect for relieving stress on calf and ankle tendons and is, therefore, appropriate for functional fitness.
  • Improved performance, which is possible when your shoes are cushioned and too light in weight. An addition of thin mesh on the upper side makes the shoes excellent for running.
  • Your foot health, which is at the risk when a soggy cushion is provided in casual athletic shoes. Your body may lose balance during hunker down or grabs.


Stability plays an important role while working out. Choose shoes that have a broad area in the front such that your toes can adjust easily to them and provide the utmost stability. You also need a solid, flat base to serve the same purpose. A pair of low drop sports shoes having perfect lateral and heel support also enhances the stability factor.

Foot Structure:

A specific type of shoe is designed for a particular foot structure. Plantar Fasciitis is a medical condition in which the connective tissue supporting the foot arch becomes inflamed, causing heel pain. It is because of strained ligament connecting the heel bone.

Flat Feet: Barefoot style shoes are incredibly comfortable for flat feet people. Guys having flat feet tend to have wide feet. Choosing a wider shoe is, therefore, appropriate. Flat feet are also a cause of plantar fasciitis. A barefoot-style, having little or no arch support, may work when you don’t have pain because of flat feet.

Wide Feet: The best working out shoes for wide feet people are Nano 2.0, 8.0, and 9.0 of a specific brand, like Reebok, are excellent for this foot class.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How to Wash Gym Shoes?

Sneakers generally shouldn’t be given harsh treatments, such as cleaning with harsh chemicals or washing in your washer. Nike recommends soft cleaning of sneakers by dissolving just a little of mild laundry detergent in hot water to wash its sole and laces by hand (not in an electric washer); the body should be cleaned not entirely, but only for spots if needed.

If you have a sophisticated electric washer in your home, then you can run the appliance on a cold delicate cycle to wash your sneakers, but this is less recommended. A mild good-quality detergent in meager quantity is recommended for machine wash.

The shoes should be dried in dry air, but not in an electric dryer in heat as they may spoil.

An odor or stink is sometimes a problem, and if it is not eliminated in a simple wash, a spray of the Odor Remover can be used when shoes have dried up. Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyer Deodorant is the recommended solution. It will make your shoes odorless and wearable.

2. How Often Should You Replace Workout shoes?

CrossFit shoes tend to have a sturdy sole that makes some shoes to last up to two years. Cross-training shoes of top brands are usually durable to last longer than ordinary training shoes. Every brand and its model encounter a different problem, but the frequent wearing out issues are damage to the upper, detaching of the outsole, and breaking down of the midsole.

The actual lifespan of training shoes depends on your activity. It makes a difference whether you use your shoes for walking, running, or some other activity. If you are a runner, your shoes are likely to lose earlier compared to when they are used for the walking activity. A foot issue may also be responsible for losing the shoe.

The right time to replace your shoes is when their heels or sides become angled. You can observe this sometimes when your leg starts paining. Running shoes lose their shock-absorbing capacity when they are worn. You should replace them when you start feeling pain in your feet.

A guideline provides for replacement of running shoes every 400 to 500 miles or one year old, whichever is earlier. If you run on concrete or asphalt, your shoes will last between 350-400 miles. When you replace your running shoes, you can retain them for walking.

So, there is no predetermined period for which you can use your training shoes. You should replace them when they are not in a wearable condition to avoid damage to your foot.

3. Can I Use Normal Running Shoes for Workout Purposes?

Running shoes are designed differently from walking or gym shoes. A shoe with a more substantial drop to make your move forward and spring and bounce are appropriate for running. It will not, however, be fit for the gym because unbalance is likely to be caused due to forward tilt; running shoes can cause instability when you are lifting heavyweights.

Running shoes are, therefore, best for runners, and okay for gym training when you work on an indoor track, treadmill, stepper, or elliptical machine.

4. What are the Best Shoes for HIIT Training?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of interval training. In this training regimen, short periods of intense anaerobic exercise are alternated with less intense recovery periods, until continuity is not possible due to exhaustion.

You need flat, stable, and minimally-cushioned shoes with less drop for this activity. Thus, the shoes, like Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer or Nike Metcon 5, are the best for HIIT. You will feel secure in these shoes that are flexible at the forefront and locked in at the heels. Running shoes are high for running, but not for HIIT.

Running shoes are designed to go in one direction that is to execute a forward movement. Running shoe drops usually measure about 8 mm or over on top of a substantial volume of foam cushioning. HIIT shoes have a minimized drop of not more than 4 mm. The difference of a 4mm is quite too much. You cannot, therefore, expect the desired HIIT performance with such running shoes.


The above discussion aims to inform you about the best working shoes for both men and women. The literal meaning of best working shoes is a pair of shoes which is sturdy, comfortable, and apt for the kind of activity you wear them. The price is not everything in your purchase because an expensive piece doesn’t always mean the best, or economically priced piece is not always inferior. It is one fact necessary to understand by every buyer. Several other factors are worth considering. These factors have been well elaborated in this article.

Before you buy your training shoes, research thoroughly to make a comparison of what’s the best you can buy in the market. Your selection of the best workout shoes can never go wrong if you carefully and mindfully follow what is provided to you in this review article. If you carefully focus on each factor to make a comparison, your decision cannot go wrong. Remember, between similar models of two different brands, one can be apt and another can be for your foot.

All the above aspects have been illustrated in this article, which provides complete knowledge of buying, maintaining, and replacing your training shoes. You will find the reviews of various brands provided in this article helpful. The objective of this comprehensive information is to make your investment in training shoes worthwhile.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 9 is undoubtedly the best of the lot. It has a split outsole which provides utmost comfort and reliability. Also, the redesigned flexweave material provides ample space for toe fingers movements and thus facilitates smooth foot movement. Mizuno Men’s TC-01 Cross Trainer is definitely a cheaper alternative. You can choose from more models to get the best value of your training shoes.

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