Best Elliptical Machines For Home Gym

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Elliptical trainers are low-impact home exercise equipment, and this is one of the primary reasons as to why they have become so popular. They are one of the best equipment to do cardio exercises.

Also, they will help you to lose weight and build muscles within the comfort of your home gym. You can try exercising in an elliptical machine at a gym and decide if you want to go for it. If you’re going to invest in an elliptical trainer, then purchase a high-quality machine that would last long.

Elliptical trainer machines are the best fit for home gyms. Though to obtain the maximum benefits from such machines, you need to find the best one available in the market with all features intact that suit your preferences.

Finding an elliptical machine of best value or a cross-trainer that suits a variety of needs is a daunting task. More than 30 brands are prevailing in the market, manufacturing these low-impact machines, and it can be difficult for you to find the right one.

We have come up with a solution to your problem! To simplify your search for the ultimate elliptical machine, we have researched several of them which are available in the market and have curated a list of the best ones available. We have tried our best to narrow down the range of options to help you find the best elliptical machine for your home gym. With the help of our article, you will be able to decide which low-impact machine would be the right choice to go with. Choose one according to your needs and preferences.

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Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is one of the best elliptical machines available in the market. It comes with four user profiles, which is the most number provided by any of its competitors. It features moving handlebars that provide full-body toning. The elliptical strides used in the machine are 20 inches long. Also, it has a 20-pound flywheel and 25 resistance levels. Hence, the user can easily customize the machine as per their convenience.

The equipment has 29 inbuilt exercises, and 9 out of it come with heart rate control. It is also compatible with Runsocial, which is a fitness app that helps the user to track their workout progress.

Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer System-Best for less maintenance

Sole E95 has been the most preferred choice for years, and it is believed to be an efficient machine for burning calories and carrying out lower body muscle toning along with cardio training. The equipment is now upgraded with a new feature that enables the users to connect their mobile with the equipment and sync it with the fitness app of Sole.

This elliptical machine has also won the award for Best Buy Elliptical for several years in a row. The machine significantly meets all skill levels, and delivers premium quality work out sessions. Users can easily set different durations to suit their workout time. It is believed to have diverse resistance levels due to which it is appropriate for trainers with varying levels of strength.

Product Highlights:​

The console of E95 features a 10.1″ program screen. The screen is pretty large, and it features the best display graphics of the brand. A perfect view is ensured by giving it an adjustable angle. Bluetooth connection is available in the model that allows tablet, computer, or phone to be connected to the equipment.

You can store the information about your workout session on the Sole’s fitness app and sync it on your mobile device. Inclines are adjustable, and you can adjust them easily with handlebar based controls.

What I Like:

The machine provides an option to use mobile devices as a workout display, and it also syncs easily with the fitness apps present on your mobile. The machine is compatible with the pulses of a human body, and it features wireless compatibility. The machine is most suitable for ten different workout programs, including customized ones as well.

What I Don’t Like:​

The machine is not an ideal fit for people who have short strides. It is non-upgradable, and new workouts cannot be downloaded. The user will have to keep doing the old ones. Also, it requires a larger space to be stored as it is not compact.

Body-Solid E300 Endurance Elliptical Trainer- Best for workout customization

This elliptical machine is quite heavy and hence transporting it from one point to another is quite a daunting task. The thick steel tubing adds to its sturdy frame. Hence, it requires at least two people to assemble it.

The patented technology is used in the machine to improve space efficiency and stability. The machine has a compact design and is, therefore, suitable for small spaces as well.

Product Highlights:

The machine is super smooth to use and syncs in a natural rhythm with your body. The machine has a low center of gravity that helps to prevent its rocking considerably. It features a basic LCD that notes down information of your workout sessions so that you can keep track. The machine is quite compact and hence can be easily stored in small spaces.

What I Like:

Moving stationary handles are included in the machine that helps the heart rate sensors to sense your heart beat rate. The build of this trainer machine is robust and sturdy. Exercise sessions on this machine are very smooth, and the machine is quiet, thereby promising a quiet workout session.

What I Don’t Like:

Only a few programs are integrated in the machine. It does not feature an option to download new workout programs which is quite a disadvantage. The incline of the machine is quite stiff, and not many resistance levels are available to choose from. Also, it is a bulky machine with heavy constructions and thus it requires a minimum of two people to set it up.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine- Best for multifunction

It is one of the best elliptical trainers and it serves as a great value for money. Owing to its great features, the users will be able to reap maximum benefits upon working out on this machine. The machine guarantees a quiet workout session. Also, it runs quite smoothly. It has a display that helps you to track your performance while working out.

Product Highlights:

It has both stationary and moving handlebars due to which less effort is needed to paddle the machine. The machine is inclusive of 29 preset workout programs that helps the users to perform their workout as per their requirements. The LCD screen has a backlight, which makes reading the stats easy for the users. A fitness app can also be connected to track the progress of the workout sessions.

What I Like:

The trainer machine is budget-friendly and is much cheaper than its competitors. The machine supports up to four user profiles which is a great plus point.

Also, the footplates are cushioned to provide the maximum level of comfort while training. A multi-speed cooling fan and a water bottle holder makes the machine all the more attractive.

What I Don’t Like:

One of the biggest drawbacks of this machine is that new workout programs cannot be downloaded in the equipment. The incline tends to stop working after sometime. Also, the customer care service is poor at times. Pedals, Rollers, Handlebars, and other parts are susceptible to breakdown. The labor warranty provided is also short.

Proform Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer- Best for support

This machine will be an ideal purchase for people who are looking for elliptical machines that offer whole body workout. It features a 10-inches path that is extremely smooth and can easily incorporate powerful movements of the upper body and lower body together effectively. The users can easily perform high-intensity workouts on this machine. Also, it is one of the best elliptical machines to do cardio training.

Product Highlights:

You can connect the machine to your iPod or your mobile and can listen to music while working out. The console used in the machine is of 7-inches and it clearly displays the workout details so that users can track their performance effectively.

The stepping path is 10-inches long. Also, phone and tablet holders are provided in the machine to help people store their devices while they work out. Pedals are cushioned so that the harsh intensity of the workout is not felt. The machine is also provided with workout fans which have the ability to generate cool air to regulate the excess heat produced.

What I Like:

One of the biggest plus points of this machine is that full-body training can be achieved with it. The users can do strength training, cardio, weight management, toning, and more with this equipment. Pedals provided are high in quality and cushioned to provide a great level of endurance while working out. The machine has 24 resistance levels and comes with a 28-pound flywheel. It is a great addition to your home gym and it is fairly priced.

What I Don’t Like:

The stride lengths of this trainer machine is small as compared to its alternatives. The heart rate monitor can give finicky readouts while doing fast-paced exercises. The wireless monitor available is not as reliable as its competitors. The machine comes in numerous parts that makes it difficult to assemble.

Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Machine- Best for LCD Backlighting

If you want to boost your cardio routine, then the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Machine is a must have elliptical machine. It is to be noted that the amount of fat you can burn on a treadmill in 15 minutes, you can burn the same amount of fat on this machine in 7 minutes. The machine is compact and takes up a little to no space. Users who train on this elliptical say that they do not feel nearly as tired after using equipment owing to the fact the joint impact of this machine is very less.

Product Highlights:

One of the highlights of the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is the fact that it can save up to four different user profiles. The model can be stored easily, even in small apartments. The machine is inclusive of 20 different computer-controlled resistance levels and it comes with 11 different programs to suit the various needs of the users. A comparatively larger LCD is available through which you can view your workout details. Bluetooth compatibility makes the machine much more user-friendly, and you can pair your mobile device with it.

What I Like:

There are 11 different programs present in the machine. It provides maximum benefits to its users for convenience. HIIT training is easy with the help of this option available. It offers premium grips and pedals. Also, it comes with a bottle holder. It is a compact size machine that features a long warranty period.

What I Don’t Like:

Customer service provided by the brand is not that great. Assembling the machine takes a lot of time. The price is also on the higher side.

Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer- Best for resistance

It is a budget-friendly option available that offers a smooth workout session to its users and is an air resistant trainer machine that pleases its customers every time. The machine will not burn a hole in your pocket and offers decent features required for a good training session though it lacks a lot of other features contained in similar options. The machine can be easily moved as it has transportation wheels attached.

Product Highlights:​

The operations of this machine are very smooth, and the machine is quiet during workout sessions. It doesn’t make much noise and can easily resist intensive workouts as well. The handlebars contained are dual-action. You can work out your upper body, lower body, and core body areas all together with the help of amazing features integrated into the machine. The footprints included are relatively smaller that gives it a compact design.

What I Like:

There are no complicated parts included, which make the assembly of this machine quite an easy task. The design is sleek and smooth, which makes it one of the best fits for your home gym. Transport wheels are included with which you can easily shift the equipment from one place to another. Comfortable foot pedals make the workout sessions convenient. It can be easily folded and thus helps in easy storage.

What I Don’t Like:

A lot of features are not included as compared to the other similar elliptical machines available in the market. The design is also very plain and simple, which is not liked by some of the users. The LCD screen provided is also comparatively smaller, which makes reading details tough at times. No Bluetooth connection facility is available and the connection of mobile devices is not possible. The features offered are quite subtle considering the price of the equipment.

Air Walker Glider- Best for Complete Body Workout

This budget elliptical machine features various exercises that help to achieve complete body workout. With the help of the various exercises performed with the help of this machine, you will surely get closer to your body goals. It saves a lot of space as it is easily foldable and fits in tight spaces too. It comes with shifting wheels with the help of which you can haul it down from one point of your home gym to the other.

Product Highlights:

This elliptical trainer is an appropriate choice for overall body exercise to improve the glutes and increase the body’s flexibility. For a more challenging workout, you can stimulate a slow exercise and advance up to a quick run. When you are planning to work out on the lower body, the center handlebars come in handy.

The machine offers a free movement total of 180. The LCD records the time and shows the calories burnt. It has anti-slip protection for the heels and thus provides a grip to the user while running. Also, the machine is lightweight and is hence portable.

What I Like:

This equipment ensures 180 degrees of free movement and hence makes room for intense workouts. It also comes with ergonomic handlebars, which provide a good grip while performing an exercise. The machine comes with an LCD screen that displays the calories burnt and time spent on the machine. It also features a 24 inches range of motion and hence provides enough space for carrying out proper workouts.

What I Don’t Like:

The size of the machine is small, and hence it may not accommodate tall people that well. The price is also on the higher end.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine- Best front-drive elliptical machine

The Schwinn 430 is a front-drive elliptical and has the advantage of saving essential space of your home gym. It is one of the best elliptical machines among the front drives ones. One of the most common issues faced while using a front-drive elliptical machine is that the users often tend to lean forward while exercising on it, and the same tends to destroy their posture. With this elliptical machine, you have nothing to worry about! It comes with adjustable pedal angles that allow the users to walk flat and thus keep their posture straight.

Product Highlights:

The competitors of the Schwinn 430 Elliptical machine do not feature adjustable pedals, and you can easily offset this equipment by using the workout incline. Also, the elliptical pedal path has six slope settings, which come with a maximum incline of nine percent. Each user can easily create and save up to two custom workout programs and can also access at least 22 preset exercise programs.

The Schwinn 430 comes with a 10-year frame warranty, along with a 2-year warranty on its body parts, and an additional 1-year warranty on its electronics parts. The elliptical pedal path has six slope settings with a maximum incline of nine percent.

What I Like:

It has a seamless and relaxed operation with robust construction and is convenient for prolonged workouts. It also has useful programs along with a selection of settings for resistance. It comes with transportable wheels that facilitate the easy portability of this machine. One of the best features of this machine is that it includes two users’ profiles.

What I Don’t Like:

The flywheel used in this machine is light, so striding is not that smooth for heavy trainees. Also, the incline present in this machine is manual and not automatic. The heart rate monitors used in the equipment are not as accurate as of the wireless one, and the wireless ones are not supported in this machine.

Nordic E 7.5 Elliptical Machine- Best for a versatile workout

The Nordic E 7.5 Elliptical Machine is equipped with a 20-pound flywheel and has a weight capacity of 325 pounds, and both of these specs are quite good considering that this is just an entry-level model. The users can easily alter the incline and the resistance of the machine and thus optimize your daily workout. Also, the console present in this equipment has 26 built-in workout apps that feature a variety of exercises that range from muscle building programs to fat loss programs.

Product Highlights:​

This equipment supports 26 different types of workouts. You have the option to select your exercise depending on calorie burning, efficiency, or strength.

It has a flywheel of 20 lbs weight, which enhances the natural movement of the equipment. Also, the machine comes with 22 levels of resistance, and the user can choose the level as per his comfort level.

The equipment comes with a one-touch command and has both moveable and stationary handles. One of the best features of this equipment is the fact that it can be connected to iFit, which is a fitness app that helps to record the users’ progress in their respective workouts. The machine also comes with a 5-inch screen and has an ergonomic tread.

What I Like:

One-touch commands are in-built in this equipment. The machine supports 26 different types of workouts. Also, it has 22 levels of resistance, and thus the users can change the resistance level as per their convenience.

The company offers a lifelong frame replacement, 2-year component protection along with a 1-year service guarantee.

What I Don’t Like:

Bluetooth is not accessible on this equipment which is a big drawback. Also, the Nordic Track C 7.5 Elliptical has a maximum load capacity of only 325 pounds. The iFit requires a paid subscription to function.

Marcy ME-704 Elliptical Machine- Best for full body workout

The Marcy-Me elliptical machine is one of the best elliptical machines to do an effective full-body workout. It is quite a compact equipment, and hence it can be easily placed at any corner of your home. The levers of this machine are adjustable, which makes it easy to balance the machine on almost every surface.

Transport wheels are also provided in the front stabilizer that makes the trainer machine easily transportable from one place to another. Pulse detectors are installed in the handles of the machine that can easily track your workout sessions and provide you with some tips to optimize them.

Product Highlights:

The handles provided are the ergonomic elliptical type that makes the workout sessions smooth and pain-free. Also, a large and easy-to-read display screen is provided that displays the details of your workout session. The console has 24 programs already installed in it, and it also helps to keep track of your pulse rate.

Adjustable levels make the machine easily storable at any surface. It also has magnetic resistance levels that can be customized and adjusted to suit different training needs. Enormous pedals are included that can easily fit feet of all sizes. Have a great workout session from the comfort zone of your home.

What I Like:

The machine is easily movable with transport wheels, and you can move it to and fro in your workout zone too.

The LCD Monitor displays several information related to the workout, including time, speed, distance, heart rate, etc. The machine is ideal to be stored in small spaces as well.

What I Don’t Like:

No HR chest strap is included in the machine. A tablet placed at the top of the display screen may cover the screen, and the user may not be able to see the details. It does not contain a bottle holder, which is a feature that is present in the machine’s competitors.

Best Elliptical Machine Buyer’s Guide

Although broadly similar in design, elliptical trainers differ greatly in terms of features, build quality, and the level of resistance offered. Similar to an exercise bike, most elliptical trainers use a flywheel to create resistance, and it is the weight and design of this wheel that will determine how buttery smooth the workout feels, as well as the amount of resistance one, can pile on.

An elliptical is an excellent piece of equipment to invest in, but before one gets it, he must be aware of all the features that make up a great machine. Naturally, space and budgets will be an important factor, and in general terms, the more expensive one goes, the larger and heavier the device becomes.

It’s worth looking out for adjustable platforms, a multitude of grab handles, a decent spread of resistance, and the more powerful drive systems if one wants a trainer that’s good enough to warrant ripping up the gym memberships.

Below is a list of the features to be considered before buying an elliptical machine:


If the elliptical machine is not stable, the user might stumble and fall during a workout. Unstable machines pose a great threat to the user. Thus, stability is a crucial criterion for basically any equipment. The best machines are the ones that are highly stable. On average, a heavier elliptical will be more stable. However, with the higher-end elliptical machines, better design trumps weight and can provide ample stability. Thus, always check the stability of the machines before buying one.

Resistance Levels and Types of Resistance:

With more resistance levels, you can increase the toughness of your workout. As you tend to get comfortable with your workout, you need to change and increment your resistance levels. A good workout machine is one that is provided with a number of resistance levels so that the users can choose the toughness of their workout. As far as types of resistance are concerned, there are two main types:

  • Fan Wheel Resistance: Fan wheels can provide a smooth ride and tend to be employed on lower-cost elliptical machines.
  • Magnetic Resistance: Magnetic resistance can provide the quietest, most consistent, and most natural feeling workout.

Elliptical Computers

Not all elliptical machines come with a computer, but if they do or you want one, here’s what to look for:

  • Display: The display should be easy to read. Backlighting is a plus.
  • Data Provided: The best elliptical computers will give you a range of data, including distance, stride speed, time of the session, and heart rate if you have the necessary adapter or if it’s included. Some elliptical trainers feature the ability to upload your data to external devices or websites for tracking progress.
  • Pre-programmed Workouts: If the elliptical includes a computer, which most do, they will ideally include programs that give you workout options geared toward weight loss, intervals, cardio, etc.

Incline Adjustment

The ability to change the degree of your incline is at the core of working out on an elliptical machine. Easy-to-use power incline controls are preferable to manual incline adjustment. The best elliptical trainers have the ability to adapt to various positions for a diverse and challenging workout greatly.

Stride Length

Elliptical machines’ stride length varies from machine to machine and matters more for some people than others. A 15″ length may be fine for some users. And if you’re tall, a longer stride length is a good feature and common on a lot of machines. A 20″ stride length allows the natural stride almost anyone would have while walking quickly.

Adjustable Foot Pedals

Adjustable articulating/pivoting foot pedals are helpful for replicating a natural stride motion and avoiding injury. Additionally, large pedal surface space allows for users of any foot size to comfortably fit their feet in the pedal. Sole Fitness has addressed this and all their elliptical machines feature a two-degree inward slope on the elliptical machines that they claim reduces stress on your knees and ankles.


As on indoor exercise cycles and spin bikes, the flywheel helps to create a fluid and natural momentum. Similarly in an elliptical machine, the flywheel prevents your workout from being jerky and jarring. Also, it helps mimic actual motion. Look for Dual Direction Flywheels. Dual direction is a nice feature that allows for switching your rotation direction for a workout of the opposite muscles.

Hybrid Trainers

Some machines combine elliptical machines with recumbent bikes or exercise bikes. With this type of dual trainer, you’re getting a two-for-one (or even three-in-one) piece of equipment. These trainers feature a seat that is more upright like an exercise bike or reclined like a recumbent bike. This style of elliptical machine can be a good option, but be sure to do your research to ensure the quality is there.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Front Drive or Rear Drive – Which One is Better?

This question is one of the ones we hear the most frequently. Rear-drive ellipticals typically have a smoother feel to them because the drive axle is located in the back of the machine. This also delivers a smoother feel on the pedals. While it is great, it is also a little more expensive.

Most people find that even though the front-drive ellipticals have a little rougher feel to them, the price is affordable. It basically depends on the preference of the buyer and the budget.

Is stride length an important factor?

Stride length is actually important. It determines how your workout will feel. For example, longer strides will make you feel like you are leaping, which is a preferable setting for taller people but the short heighted people face a lot of difficulty coping with it. Shorter strides will make you feel like you are climbing stairs. Stride length determines how your muscles feel during the workout, so choose the setting that fits best to your needs.

Is regular maintenance of the elliptical machine necessary?

Yes, it is. For all fitness machines, maintenance is necessary to help it function properly. The maintenance rules should be listed in the manual of the machine and should be followed accordingly. Even though most ellipticals do not need constant maintenance, it is important to keep it well-kept. When in doubt, read through the manual, and you may find your answer there.

Will an elliptical machine help to lose weight?

It definitely will help you lose weight. With a 30-minute medium elliptical workout, you can lose between 1-2 lbs per week. But you have to pay attention to your diet. A lot of users train really hard on elliptical, just to snack extra to ruin all the hard work. If you can add some bodyweight training with your elliptical exercise, you can boost overall weight loss.

Will elliptical machines help to build muscle? Will elliptical reduce belly fat?

If your goal is to build muscles and do cardio, we would suggest getting a rowing machine. Elliptical machines’ main purpose is to burn calories, and while doing that, it strengthens a lot of muscle areas. Elliptical Machines are not very effective in reducing belly fat. Elliptical is good for a full-body workout. You will definitely burn a lot of calories with an elliptical within time will reduce your belly fat.

Will elliptical help to boost stamina?

Elliptical trainers will definitely help you strengthen your stamina and strength if you use it regularly following your heart rate zone. You can start your running exercise in an elliptical first, gain stamina, and then move on to a treadmill or on the road.

Even though we always say “Elliptical trainers simulate running, while being easy on your joints,” many users say the elliptical motion is not the same as running. Your running form and posture will not improve on an Elliptical as they will on a treadmill.

Final Thoughts

Elliptical machines are great equipment for a full-body workout. If you are considering making the purchase, then be sure to do your research thoroughly. There are many different models offering a huge range of features, so set your budget and try to find the best within that price range.

Talking about the best elliptical machine to buy, generally, the cheaper units will use a much lighter flywheel, which may not offer the sort of resistance true fitness freaks need to break a sweat, while shorter stride lengths and stubby handles can limit the muscle groups worked.

Similarly, the more expensive and complex units can combine elements of an elliptical with things like a stepper or climber, which reduces the amount of floor space required but still delivers a solid, all-over workout. The really cheap stuff does away with the magnetic motors entirely, which is great for electricity bills but terrible for anyone who actually wants to shed some of those fat cells.

Schwinn 470 is undoubtedly the best elliptical machine in the market as it has moving handlebars that are ergonomically positioned. It also has a 3-speed fan along with a center-mounted water bottle holder which adds to its charm. Its sound system has sealed acoustic chamber speakers. While its competitors offer warranties of just one year, offers a 10-year warranty on the body frame. To sum it up, this elliptical machine is the best buy. Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer is a cheaper alternative.

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