Best Sports Bra Reviewed

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When it comes to exercising there are a few clothing pieces that are extremely essential and play an important role in the successful execution of your workout session.

A reliable sports bra is the one that provides maximum support and comfort while working out. But, different women feel comfortable with different choices. The one that works for you might not work for your friend. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best sports bra options out there so you can make your best buying choice.

Comparison of 5 Best Sports Bra

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Can’t wait? Here’s our favorite

The Shock Absorber Women’s Active D+ Classic Support Sports bra is one of our favorites and is very popular among women. This piece is crafted with classic design and large D cups to ensure maximum support. Cups are perfectly round in shape and ensure that every breast tissue fits in them perfectly well. A great level of comfort is assured.

The straps provided are also adjustable and wide enough to guarantee an optimal fit. This sports bra also provides encapsulation support and is designed with a larger cup size only. Their cup size starts from D and runs till G. Hence, they are an ideal fit for exercises with higher impact.

The shape of the straps provided are just perfect to provide maximum support and additional comfort is also provided with padding. The inner support is assured with the help of a sling shape and structural seams also provided a great level of comfort. The fabric used to manufacture this sports bra also has the ability to draw moisture from your body. This, in turn, keeps your body cool and dry while exercising.

1. Hanes Sport Women’s Seamless Racerback Sports bra- Best Known to Provide Maximum Support

Manufactured by using imported fabric this choice of a sports bra is one of the most suitable options for maximum support. Pull-On closure is provided with a great level of coverage of the material used in the manufacturing process. Formulated with cool DRI technology with the help of which this fabric dries faster than other available options. Hanes support bra ensures great performance by providing the maximum level of comfort. It is also believed to provide a great look that suits your life and style perfectly.

Product Highlights

It has a good range of cup sizes to provide a great level of coverage. It means that you will not have to worry about the extra bounce and sagginess. The racerback design enables a full range of motion that makes this piece flexible for every kind of exercise. There is no wiring and still, it manages to provide an optimum level of support. This pull-on style bra is simple to wear and an affordable choice. It also provides reduced chafing. Without being padded it is able to provide a good amount of support needed to high-intensity workouts.

What I Like:

A medium level of support is provided that is better than several other options. This clothing does what it claims and there are no fake promises by the brand. An affordable choice that suits small budgets as well. The cup size is larger than other similar options available. The fabric used to manufacture this bra makes it super soft and comfortable.

What I Don’t Like:

It doesn’t have great concealing powers and sometimes the fabrics run a bit transparent. This might be the case as this option doesn’t have adequate padding to make cups a little less transparent. The manufacturer could have paid attention to the fabric used in the cups to make it less revealing.

2. Victoria’s Secret The Ultimate Sports Bra for Large Breasts: Best for Women with Large Breasts

As the name suggests, you must have already figured that this bra has maximum coverage since it is specifically designed to fit in larger breasts. Maximum support is provided so that you don’t have to worry about spillage while exercising or running. The fabric used to manufacture this bra is quite thick and hence it ensures proper concealing and the user will not face any issues with revealing. Back closure is provided with extra cushioning for an upgraded level of support.

Product Highlights:

Underwires are provided for the maximum amount of support. Cushioned support is also ensured to provide a great level of comfort while engaged in high-intensity exercises. The back closure is super soft and comfortable with extra cushioning. Its straps attach in front so that you can adjust it even while performing exercises according to your level of comfort. Ample coverage is provided with this sports bra from Victoria’s secret.

What I Like:

It is a seamless bra which ensures that no seams are visible under your shirt. Light padding provided in this sports bra ensures great amount of support like none of its competitors. It is because of the padding that there are no issues faced with concealing. Underwires furnished make this choice of bra fully equipped with great features. It is super easy to open and wear this sports bra as it has a normally adjustable hook latch system.

What I Don’t Like:

The padding provided may not be comfortable for some ladies. As this bra is designed specifically for ladies with larger breasts, the manufacturer should keep their preferences in mind. Some ladies with larger breasts do not prefer extra padding. But again, there are a few who consider extra padding to be good.

3. Adidas Performance Women’s Supernova Bra- Best Known to Provide Great Coverage

This amazing piece of the bra features the name of a very popular brand. The brand manufactures merchandise items and this sports bra is one of them. The bra has to be one of the best selling bras in the market and has got a huge fan base. The straps are crossed at the back to ensure great coverage and also provide flexibility. You can effortlessly carry out any exercise by wearing this comfortable and supportive sports bra. This seamless bra has hooked the ladies up. The seams are also not visible from underneath your top.  

Product Highlights:

This bra has molded cups and the cross-straps are flexible enough to adjust according to different postures. The neckline is scooped so that your cleavage doesn’t show up quite often and it also has an insert of the brand’s logo at the center. It also ensures proper ventilation of heat as the fabric is believed to be quite promising. It is formulated with the technology that manages moisture very well and keeps your body dry and cool.

What I Like:

This supernova product from Adidas is both a fashion staple and a sports bra. It is an overwhelming choice for several women out there as it ensures great support. The material used to keep moisture at bay is Climalite and it is proven to keep a person cool with no side effects. The bra is also lightly padded to deal effectively with concealing issues. The look and style are just flattering and one can feel stylish after wearing it.

What I Don’t Like:

The bra has a lower level of cut and it doesn’t bend over like the other options available. Had it been available with these two options, then it would have grabbed a greater share in the market. Though stylish, there aren’t several color options available for the ladies to choose from.

4. Shock Absorber Women’s Active D+ Classic Sports Bra- Best Shock Absorber Sports Bra

This shock absorber sports bra is the best choice for women who wear D cups bra. The sizes available are bigger than the usual ones since it is manufactured keeping intensified workout sessions in mind. While working out this bra will ensure that there are no spillage issues and a maximum level of comfort is provided. With no additional padding and underwire, this piece manages to take care of all the desires of a woman.

Product Highlights:

With no extra features added that may be proven to add some level of discomfort, this bra is just what women are looking for. The size and fitting of this option are adjustable and you can adjust it according to your needs and comfort level. Hook closure features are added with which the fitting can be easily changed to either snug or loose-fitting. The cups can be lifted individually as per preferences.

What I Like:

Women feel flattered after wearing this one of the amazing sports bras options. The straps are also adjustable and wider than other similar options available. Wider straps ensure that the bra fits perfectly well and doesn’t hurt your shoulders much while working out. It is one of the most affordable sports bras that women can easily rely on.

What I Don’t Like:

The size may run small for women with larger breasts. The company claims that it is suitable even for women with larger breasts but the size sometimes may prove to be smaller for women who prefer cup sizes that are actually bigger than normal.

5. Nike Women’s Pro Bra- Best Regular Wear Sports Bra

An excellent choice for ladies who workout every day. Pick this sports bra from a popular brand and feel the level of comfort like you have never perceived before. This sports bra has a separate fan base and a lot of women swear by this wonderful option in the list. The extra soft fabric is used to deliver a great level of comfort and flexibility. Racerbacks of this option provide a wider range of motions and you can easily move while exercising. The bra adapts itself to different postures.

Product Highlights:

There are flat seams provided in this option and they go perfectly well with your skin. No extra troubles or discomfort are experienced because of light seams in the bra. This bra is specifically designed for sports activities that include cardio, dance, cycling, running, etc. You already know the level of comfort and support needed while performing such exercises.

This pro sports bra from Nike is able to deliver exactly what is needed. The bras available are one of the cuter options available. The designs of this range of bras are curated keeping women in mind and their preferences as well. Women are really attracted to cute stuff and hence, this sports bra is one of them.

What I Like:

An excellent choice for ladies and teenagers, this Nike sports bra ensures great comfort and coverage. Available in a plethora of designs and colors these are one of the trendiest sports bras that women talk about. They are really cute and the color schemes available are also unique giving it a more vibrant look. Racerback allows great freedom of motion and you can easily try out different positions. Soft brushed interior ensures that no discomfort is experienced while engaged in a workout. The perfect choice for small and medium-sized breasts.

What I Don’t Like:

No padding is provided with that may be considered as a downside by some. Also, it comes with concealing issues, and therefore this option might not be suitable for some women. Due to thinner fabric used for the cups, some may face revealing issues.

Best Sports Bra Buying Guide

Choosing a sports bra requires some real hard work. It depends on the intensity of your workout and the impact level of activities you are engaged in. Hence, we mention some criteria that you must consider while buying a sports bra for yourself.


It is important that you stay comfortable while being engaged in​ sports-related activities. A regular bra is not created to deliver the maximum level of comfort. Look for fabrics that are super soft and comfortable. Also, ensure that the model has limited or no seams so as to prevent irritation during exercising. Comfort is also proportional to the size you are wearing. Measure the circumference of your bust with a measuring tape so as to pick to come up with the best size fit.


The job of a sports bra is to provide bust support. The bust is subject to​ different impact levels depending on the intensity of your workout. A sports bra is able to deliver just the required amount of support to the bust. Distinct sports bras are available that provide different comfort levels ranging from a high level of support to a lower level. Get optimal support from some of the best options available in the market.

Perspiration Wicking

If you need a sports bra to be engaged only on low-intensity​  workout sessions then you can go for soft fabrics. Soft stretchable fabrics deliver just the required amount of freedom to flexibly move and perform several exercises. Technical fabrics are required to handle exercises that have medium to a higher level of impact. Muscle back provides better perspiration wicking.

Underwire or Wireless

You can choose a sports bra with or without wires. Bras​ incorporated with underwires tend to provide maximum support but may be uncomfortable for some. Hence, you can also opt for the ones with no wire but ensure that they provide the maximum amount of support even without wires.


Smaller options are most preferred by several women for daytime​ sporting activities and also for long-distance travel. They are lighter in weight with great coverage. These features make them a go-to accessory and with no discomfort, they provide maximum support. However, some may start feeling that the bra is not so comfortable for them with extended use. Therefore, look for the most suitable for you.

Looks and Appearance

Choose a bra according to your choice, i.e how you want to look. The bras​                available with a traditional compression tend to flatten the chest and most women desire this look. But some think that it may provide the required amount of support but it looks less feminine. Runners and other women engaged in similar activities like to opt for this style. It helps to prevent the extra bounce by making your bust look flat.

● Padding or Not –

Well, you are already aware that padding is responsible to add​  volume to your breast. Padding also helps to overcome concealing problems. If you plan to wear a light top or a t-shirt while going to workout, you should go for the options that are created with light padding. Padding will keep all your revealing problems at bay effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Good Sports Bra?

There are several factors that are responsible for a bra the best suitable for all your workout sessions. Such factors include an ample amount of support for all sports, don’t allow busts to spill or slide out. It has moisture-wicking properties so as to keep you dry and cool through the workout session. It should make one feel secure and comfortable.

Is a Sports Bra the Same as a Normal Bra?

All bras follow the same sizing standards. Moreover, there are some differences between sports and regular bras. The major difference is in terms of support. Sturdy materials are used to manufacture sports bras and they provide just the required amount of support during intense workout sessions.

Is It Okay to Wear Sports Bras Daily?

Sports bras are not only great for exercises but they are also great for everyday wear. Just make sure to choose the best size, design, and good impact level. Wider straps will prevent them from digging into your shoulders and you will feel comfortable even while wearing it for the whole day.

Is It Necessary to Wear a Sports Bra During Jogging?

Yes, it is essential to wear a sports bra while working out or doing any other sports-related activities. Even if you are engaged in some low-impact activities such as yoga or jogging. However, it is fine even if you wear a medium impact bra while jogging. Just find the best bra fit.

What is the Purpose of a Sports Bra?

A sports bra provides maximum support to the chest while women are engaged in sports-related activities. It is important that you should wear a sports bra in any physical activity. Sports bras are sturdier than the traditional ones. They are also believed to minimize chest movements and alleviate discomfort. Many women wear sports bras to experience reduced pains and physical discomfort. These are just common problems faced while the chest moves during physical activity.

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