Best Running Compression Tights Reviewed

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If there’s one thing we stand for at Your Fitness Radar is that leggings aren’t pants. A second, and somewhat more relevant thing we stand for is the importance of recovery and training safely.

Like them or not, the best compression tights help with muscle soreness. So, in this article, we’ll look at some of the best options.

Comparison of 5 Best Running Compression Tights

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Can’t Wait? Here’s our favorite.

INOV8 Race Elite Running Tights is our choice as the best set of running compression tights.

With these tights on, you no longer need to apply sunscreen lotions on your legs. Along with that, the company has worked on the overall design of these tights. They have added a high back waist with a gripper tape that enhances the grip of the tights on the waist region, ensuring that they will never roll off you while you work out.

The product offers exceptional freedom to do any intense exercises with these pairs of tights on. You will also get a rear pocket with the tights where you will keep your belongings. Although the pocket is not that big, it will easily accommodate your smartphone and some keys in it. Also, these thighs are easy to peel off from your body once you are done with your training session.

1. INOV8 Race Elite Running Tights: Best All-Rounder

The product is created for those who love to run, but while running, they face several problems such as rashes, sunburns etc. With the use of INOV8 Race Elite Running Tights, you will get rid of all these issues which originate because of sun exposure, and along with all such benefits, you can even increase your running capabilities.

Product Highlights:

They make it of a stretchable material that provides complete flexibility while working out. Also, the product has a rear pocket where users can keep their essentials. Also, stay ensured that the tights won’t roll off your body while working out, unlike its competitors.

It offers a high-quality elastic waistband which is non-loosening and will remain in the same shape for several years even after continuous use. The material that  for the creation of these tights is lycra spandex, which is one of the most stretchable materials. The product is available in several sizes for both male and female.

What I Like:

The entire product weighs just 176 grams, hence it is lightweight. Various tights create stretch marks over the user’s body, but the material used for the creation of this product is so soft that they will form no stretch marks. These tights are comfortable and comprise great quality materials.

What I Don’t Like:

It does not offer any side pockets. Also, the users have complained about the material ripping off after a prolonged and regular use.

2. GORE WEAR Men’s Windproof Running Pants: Weatherproof Option

This is one of the best tights and owing to its rugged texture, you will use this product even in the toughest workout conditions. They’re also sturdy too – being able to survive a range of conditions.

These tights are breathable, which means while having a hard workout, you will not face any kind of heat issues, as the product comprises an asoft material which provides enough space for your legs to breathe and it is water repellent. While working out with these tights on, you will push your limits and achieve your workout goals.

The Gore R7 offers comfort in its best form and also supports foldable cuffs with the help of which a user can change the length of these tights. One of the most significant issues which a user faces while wearing tights is sweating which makes the tights wet and stick to the legs. But, with these tights, you will not face any issues. It allows the heat to dissipate and restores the coolness.

Product Highlights:

The product comprises a Windstopper membrane that enhances its breathability. With these tights on, you will perform the extensive workout. The product also offers its users concealed back zipped pockets where you can put your essentials, and right after that, you can close the pockets by using the zippers.

Some reflective detailed work is also done on the product with the help of which the tights glow. It adds to the aesthetic of the product and you can jog with these on even in the early morning or at late nights.

What I Like:

They equip the product with a useful zipper with the semi-locking facility, and along with that, they also offer reflective piping that will make you visible even in low light conditions too.

You can adjust the waistband according to their need, Hence with the adjustable waistband, you no longer need to worry about your tights rolling off while working out. The tights also offer a zip pocket at the back where you can keep your money, wallet etc. The tights are windproof and water repellent, ensuring that no harsh weather condition can keep you from excelling at your workout sessions.

What I Don’t Like:

The overall product is great and durable, but the only issue most people will face is the steep price range. One who has a low budget should not opt for this product.

3. Under Armour Men’s Qualifier HeatGear Running Tight: Best Gym Buddy

There’s a new energy philosophy that  in creating the Under Armour Men’s Qualifier HeatGear Running Tight. Owing to this philosophy, whenever our body emits energy these tights help in absorbing and reflecting it in our body so that our body always stays full of energy at least during our workout sessions.

The company has introduced an alternative name to their fabric, and that is mineral-infused fabrics and suggested that with its use, the users will improve endurance and strength. We can’t say about its energy reflecting fabric, but the thing we can assure all the users is that these tights are one of the most comfortable options while working out.

This option is one of the most lightweight tights and they have also added mesh panels which ensures that the users will not face any rashes and irritation issues. Hence, these panels also enhance the overall breathability.

Product Highlights:

Whenever you would think about buying these compression tights, make sure you are picking them according to perfect climatic conditions, as they offer two different versions, one which can be used in the summer season while they have for colder climatic conditions.

What I Like:

Under Armour Men’s Qualifier HeatGear Running Tight are an excellent buy for gym sessions. These tights offer amazing elastic waistbands that will prevent your tights from slipping. It also provides a raised silicon logo on the tights which ensures that top quality silicon material is used to manufacture it.

The high-performance cotton material offers incredible comfort during the workout that enhances the overall performance. The material of this legging contains about 84% polyester and 16% elastane that creates a perfect balance between a quality product with great elasticity.

What I Don’t Like:

Users have often complained about the color failure. It was noticed that because of sweating issues, the color changed and put color stains on the body.

4. ASICS Leg Balance Tight 2: Japanese Precision Tights

Here’s another option in the list of best compression tights, and it’s a more appropriate option for those who are trying to find compression tights for their running sessions instead of those who want something to wear during their workout sessions.

Asics is one such company famous for creating high-quality shoes, and along with that, they stared working on manufacturing high-quality compression tights too. The tights from this company are of exceptional quality, which is prepared using the latest technology that will enhance your overall running efficiency and workout experience.

The company added core and leg balance with the help of which the users will feel the difference in their running style and efficiency right after using it. Along with all that, they haven’t even forgotten about the calf support and have given special attention to it while manufacturing the product.

Product Highlights:

The major highlight of this compression tights is that it offers outstanding leg balance and calf support. Asics have paid attention to additional features such as add-on pockets where the user will keep their phone, keys, and other essentials with them.

The fabric used features quick-drying properties, which means there that the sweat accumulated in the tights will dry up within a short period of time. The product also offers a mesh compression panelling that leads to a safer workout and running sessions.

Reflective detailing is done in the product because of which the tights will be visible in low light conditions.  They also provide this product is also with an internal drop pocket where you can keep your essential items such as your smartphone and keys with you all the time during your workout sessions.

What I Like:

The product uses leg balance technology and they make it using elasticized panels that the user will feel at the thigh and sides of the knee. This directly works on reducing muscle fatigue that one can face during the workout sessions, and hence they will work out for a prolonged period. The core balance addition offers elasticized support to the waist and back that helps in providing a better posture to the body and enhances the body movement.

It offers excellent moisture management with the help of which the user will not face any kind of sweat related issues while working out in these tights. They manufacture it using a reflective print which ensures that the runner will be visible in low light conditions too.

What I Don’t Like:

The overall product is excellent, but there were some compression related issues which a majority of the customers have complained about.

5. adidas Alphaskin Sport 34 Tight Tights: Durable Material Used

It is one of the best compression tights which comprises 85% recycled polyester and 15% elastane interlock. The company states that at the time of designing these tights, they had the ocean in their mind, and hence this was the sole reason they use 85% recycled polyester. Another motive behind this product was that whenever a user wears these tights, they will feel extreme fluidity and agility just like water and the company keeps up with their intentions.

Product Highlights:

These tights use recycled ocean plastic, which adds to its charm. Hence the product is eco-friendly and it is amazing to know that the company created a team and collected plastic from several beaches. Other such places and then the special fabric for these tights were created. The fabric is lightweight and allows immense space for your legs to breathe.

The product will wrap up your large muscles and lock them up in the tight, yet breathable material with the help of which the user will feel the power of their workout.  Trust Adidas to create something exceptional with a particular motive behind it. This time with the tights, they have prepared tights with built-in UV protection. Not only that, but the fabric used is also lightweight, and sweat won’t be any issues for you while wearing these tights and working out.

What I Like:

The first and most significant reason to fall in love with these tights is that they are made up of high-quality recycled plastic, and hence this is the reason that the tights are lightweight.

The overall design is excellent. Users could take advantage of excellent fluidity in the overall workout performance. Along with all that, it keeps sweat at bay, and the user will not face any kind of heat issues while working out. The overall design is unique and can be considered as one of the major factors to buy these compression tights.

What I Don’t Like:

These tights are beautiful and each has a design different than the others. Because of which, the price of this product is high. If you are someone for whom looks do not matter, then you should look for something which is sober and has a decent price tag to it.

Best Running Compression Tights Buying Guide

If you cannot decide the best and most appropriate option of running compression tights for you, then here we have bought a precise buying guide for you with the help of which you could select the best buy option for yourself. Choose the right and reap maximum benefits. Experience improved perceived exertion.


Whenever you are selecting the best running compression tights for yourself, give a thorough look at the material used. You should go with those material types that are sweat-proof and are breathable. With the help of such material, you will face no kind of heat issues during the workout. Smoother fabrics used keep irritation at bay.


Size is also an important factor while selecting compression tights for yourself, and hence by selecting a perfect size, you could ensure the best fit for yourself that will help you during your runs. The size depends on the height of weight of a person. Don’t make the mistake of buying compression tights based on one of your typical sportswear measurements. If your size measures something between the two available sizes then choose the smaller size. It helps to get maximum benefits.


Style is one of the significant factors and contains a lot of hype for today’s world. In case if you are one of those for whom style is not a factor at all, then you could get several options under simple-looking compression tights. While, if you are someone who wants everything with a better style, then it could be a little difficult for you.

Types of Compression Tights for Running

These days, most runners use compression tights.  One can usually see the long and tight clothing covering both legs of the runner.  This is the compression tight used for running, and usually worn as outer clothing for the legs. Here are its common types:

Outerwear Compression Tights – This supports the muscles while running, thus, keeping them intact.  When muscles are tight, blood flow is better, producing more power.  The outerwear compression tights also protect you from the heat of the sun during long distance running.

In selecting compression tights as an outerwear, two things should be considered.  First is the stitching.  Make sure it’s durable and properly made since it will be subjected to heavy-duty running.  Second, elasticity.  It should expand and stretch without getting ripped off during the running while still maintaining its tightness.

Underwear Compression Tights – used as underwear.  This is shorter and above the knee.  It is worn inside or under a running short.  No other underwear is worn if this compression tight is used for it might cause discomfort to the runner.

Most runners use the underwear compression tights as an alternative to supporter.  Runners prefer this compression tight for it removes moisture, and is comfortable to use when running.

Lastly, it adds firmness and stability to the upper thigh muscles – the muscles that take the initial burden when running.  It is where the starting power of the runner comes from. 

How to Select the Best Compression Tights for Running

Brand and Budget – Check the best brand that will fit your budget.  If you have been running for a long time, then you might have already tried different brands and assessed each.  This can give you an idea on the best brand for your preferred budget.

If you’re still a beginner, ask tips from veteran runners.  Rely on trusted brands in the line of running.  You may also consult sports magazines or the web for alternatives if the trusted brands are too expensive.

Quality – While expert runner will have an easier time assessing the quality of compression tights, beginners won’t experience the same. In this case, it would be best to ask for tips from other runners and read legit reviews on the web and magazines.

To assess the quality, check the stitching and elasticity of the compression tight.  Note that the product will be subjected to extreme conditions such as heat, sweat, and movement. Differentiate authentic from fake ones, as well.  Some only appear like the real thing.  The best one is usually that made of spandex.

Comfort and fit – Compression tights should not be heavy for the runner.  The runner should feel as if he is not wearing anything for the purpose of better motion.  It should also be fit but should not make your muscles feel uncomfortable.

Also, consider what you feel before and after running.  If the tights are uncomfortable even before running, it will most likely cause discomfort when you actually run as well.             

How Do Compression Tights Work During Running

Muscles play a vital role in every movement.  If they don’t function properly, your movements will be challenging and limited.  Running demands more strength from the muscles than normal walking. With compression tights, you can assist your muscles especially during hard running.

It can initially keep the runner warm.  So there would be less time for warm up with the tights on.  They also cover the entire leg, thereby keeping the temperature warm.  Muscles work best and become active at warm temperature.

Compression tights also make the muscles intact, solid and tight during running.  The tightness in the muscles can produce more strength and power.  When the muscles are intact, it is also lighter so the runner can generate more speed.

In some recent studies, compression tights also help in muscle recovery while running.  Normally, muscles recover during resting periods but with the use of compression tights, recovery happens even while running.

This is because the tights aid in better blood circulation that reduces muscle stiffness and swelling. Lastly, compression tights protect the skin.  Runners prefer to run in tights to protect their legs from cuts.

The tights also protect the runner from the sun’s heat.  Exposure to extreme heat can lead to dehydration of muscles.  Muscles prefer to be warm rather than extremely hot.

How to Maintain a Compression Tight

Fitness products, especially those that you wear, require proper maintenance.  People have to keep in mind that fitness does not only mean a conditioned and a healthy body.  These days, fitness is already a total package that includes hygiene.

Compression tights are used during heavy activities and require proper care for longer product life.  There are two ways to consider in maintaining the tights. One is to maintain its quality and the next is to clean it well.

When washing compression tights, avoid using a washing machine.  The machine will destroy the stitching of the tights after some time.  It is better to wash them with hands as this can control the pressure during washing and drying.

When drying the tights, it’s not advisable to squeeze and dry it in the dryer.  Just hang it loosely and let it dry naturally.  Spandex dries faster than ordinary fabric.   Avoid too much exposure to extreme heat for it can lessen the tightness of the product.

To maintain the cleanliness, use a trusted detergent soap.  Make sure that the washing process should eliminate the sweat and odor entirely.  Soak it in tap water with detergent powder for a few minutes before washing in cold water.

As mentioned, avoid exposure to extreme heat but drying it naturally with the sun is ideal. This type of heat can eliminate bad odor and kill the germs.  It is important to wear clean tights to avoid bad odor when running.  Skin diseases can also be avoided when tights are clean. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Compression Tights Help Us in Getting Rid of Sun Exposure?

Yes, compression tights can help you in getting rid of sun exposure and hence you would not have to use any kind of sun cream. There are several people out there who use compression tights just because of saving their legs from sun exposure. Nowadays, there are some compression tights options that come with UV protection too. Because of their full length, they help in keeping your legs away from sun exposure.

Do Compression Tights Offer Benefits in Our Workout Sessions?

Whenever we are doing our workout while wearing these compression tights, we could notice that we can feel extensive power in our body. Hence we can say that yes, these tights can offer you benefits during workout sessions. Some popular benefits include reduced muscle fatigue, improved strength recovery, enhanced power and increased capability. They ensure better recovery after strenuous exercises.

When Can I Wear a Compression Legging?

There is no such defined time to wear compression tights. You can choose to wear them before a workout while working out or after a workout. Wearing compression tights during workout ensures better-controlled movements. The muscles also experience fewer vibrations and endurance level balloons. Wearing them before a workout helps to increase blood flow and speedy warmups. After a workout, compression tights help to get rid of body waste quickly.

Can I Wear Compression Tights All Day Long?

You can wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. We believe it that the garments that have compression of up to 20-30 mmHg at the ankle are just suitable for all-day wear. Hence, as long as you don’t feel uncomfortable or the tights are not tight enough, they are worn for the entire day. They also offer varied benefits when worn.

Can I sleep in compression tights?

Yes, you can sleep in compression tights or tights. Just ensure that they are not too tight and you are comfortable enough to have a good night’s sleep. It is important that you shouldn’t have any medical concerns from wearing them for a longer time period. However, sleeping in compression tights or wearing one for an entire day is not recommended if you have ever experienced health issues. Some issues include edema, DVT, or peripheral neuropathy.


Finding good compression tights for yourself can be a difficult task because there are several options available in the market and choosing one from all those options is next to impossible.

But we are here to help you out with this problem and bought a thorough guide in which we discussed the top 5 best compression running tights from which you can select the most appropriate option for yourself.

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