Best Resistance Band Reviewed

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Resistance band is a workout equipment which is used to carry out strength training and muscle building workout exercises. Each resistance band translates to a certain amount of weight and the user can add or decrease the resistance bands as per the amount of weight they are habituated to work out with. With the resistance band, you can carry out several exercises where each exercise can be focused on a certain body part.

With so many resistance bands already present in the market, it must be quite a daunting task to select the best one among them. Hence, we have created a list of the best resistance bands.

Can’t Wait? Here’s Our Favorite

The Bodylastic Stackable Tube Resistance Bands is the one of the best resistance bands available in the market. Several factors make this resistance band the most appropriate option. One of the vital factors is that this resistance band ensures safety and stability.  If you have ever used a resistance band, then you must know the fact that some resistance band materials are slippery and hence it can slip from their exact position and cause injuries.

But you will not face any such issue with this resistance band. Also, the material used in making it is of high-quality, and the manufacturer has put in extra add-on protection by tucking woven cords inside the band which directly increases the overall strength and durability of the resistance band. Bodylastic Stackable Tube Resistance Banks has two grippy handles that offer great grip and support while working out. They will never slip off your hands even in sweaty conditions too.

1. Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Bands: Most Reliable Option

Within the package, you would not only get the resistance band but along with that, you get other products such as grippy handles, padded ankle straps among many other things. All the products present in the package are of high quality, and are thus worth the money spent.

The company also provides extra tubes with the help of which you can easily create a notch higher tension and hence add more weight to the resistance band.

This resistance band kit also offers a detailed instruction manual with which you can learn to use this resistance band, in case it is your first time using this product. Also, some exercise videos are provided in a CD that will help you to perform the right exercises for various parts of your body with this resistance band. You can even get your subscription for various workout sessions from the company’s website or application once you purchase this product.

Product Highlights:

With the help of this Bodylastics Resistance Band set, you will do over 44 different workouts efficiently. They use two primary materials for the creation of this resistance band. The continuous dipped Malaysian latex forms the outer part of this band. Inside the latex, the company has installed a woven super strong cord for increased strength.

They make the inner part up of woven cord which makes it stretchable. 5 resistance tubes are present within the pack, and the most significant addition is that you could connect them all together to get maximum tension. It was noticed that by combining all the five resistance tubes, the total tension experienced is around 96lbs, which is sufficient even for the bodybuilders.

Different coloured resistance tubes have different tensions. The yellow band offers 3lbs, the Green band offers 5lbs, Red band offers 8lbs, the Blue band offers 13lbs, and Black band offers 19lbs. Bodylastics as a brand and as a company has paid attention to even the minute details while manufacturing this resistance band such as for better gripping power they have created an O-ring which is a durable and more reliable feature than others.

They have also offered a stackable system, with the help of which you can connect various resistance bands in a stacks form.  With this product, you will take advantage of 100% original Malaysian latex that is known to offer better tension support.

What I Like:

As compared to the other resistance bands, this option is a much better performer owing to its several add-ons and anti-slipping properties. The overall design is amazing, and it is a durable option and is straightforward. It comes with a fantastic snap guard safety cord which is provided within the latex. This inner cord adds not only to the safety of the user but also provides stability while working out.

The total tension produced upon adding all the five resistance bands is around 96lbs. Also, with this resistance band, you will perform workout sessions for almost every body part. If you are new to resistance band exercises, then you can even start with the 3lbs resistance band, as it will be helpful for you in better management.

This resistance band targets all the high-end workout machines, and hence it is considered as one of the best alternates for all those machines. The overall weight of this item is 3.25 pounds which states that you can take it anywhere with you by keeping it inside your backpack. Moreover, it is provided with a bag to keep everything in one place.

What I Don’t Like:

Some customers have complained that the three thinnest resistance bands included in the package got wrecked because they were thin and could not take more tension on them.

Some users found that they could not use the application that came with this resistance band package.  Also, various users have complained about facing issues with the o-rings. They claim that they broke because of high tension.

2. Go Fit Pro Gym Extreme: Reliable Resistance Tube

GoFitProGym Extreme Resistance Tube is inclusive ofthaut e tubes and did our workout, then 140 lbs of resistance is offered by the bandof this band. Inside the latex, the company has installed a woven super strong cord for increased strength.

In the package, you will get four resistance tubes and two rubberized handles with the help of which you will never slip. The package also contains padded ankle straps, two-door anchors with the help of which you can join the resistance tubes to your wall for distinctive exercises. You will also get a spiral-bound manual with the help of which you can know more about this product and various exercises that you can do with a resistance tube. They also provide a storage bag is also in which you can keep the resistance band and other related stuff.

The overall quality of the band is awe-inspiring, and the company offers a great add-ons of door anchors that enhances the productivity during your workout sessions as with it, you would not have to move your resistance band while working out.

Product Highlights:

Upon connecting all the four resistance bands, you will take advantage of total tension of 140lbs, which is a good enough tension range for a highly effective workout. You can even decrease the tension range by removing the resistance bands from the line. Hence it states that this option is a great one for beginners too.

You could tone your muscles by doing some hard workout, or you can even burn fat and take advantage of cardio by decreasing the tension range and increasing the reps. Along with that, you could take advantage of its higher fat burning quality with the air of two handles.

Within the kit, you will also get a laminated guide which will let you know about how to use this resistance band set and what exercises you can perform with that. Not only that the manual will also help you in performing the exercises with perfection.

What I Like:

If you are a beginner, then this is the perfect workout equipment for you to get started with, as this set consists of four premium resistance bands and all the four bands have different tension ranges. Those ranges are 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs and 50lbs. With the help of these resistance tubes, you will be able to build muscles slowly and hence you can keep on increasing the resistance levels as your body gets stronger.

The tubes of this rompany offer an inner cord function with the helpfor which you could notice a decrease in snapping back and the chances of harming yourself while working out decreasescreased strength.

They provide two handles which have easy-grip padding with the help of which you could make a powerful connection between your hand and grips and hence you will never lose it while doing your workout. They also provide two wide door anchors are also which ensures that the band does not move from its place while you are doing the workout.

What I Don’t Like:

The overall product is excellent, but sometimes, people faced issues regarding its lifeline, as in their cases the product got wrecked within a few days of using it.

3. Resistance Band Training Economy Fitness Package: Hybrid Fitness Band

In Resistance Band Training Economy Fitness Package, you get four resistance bands that come with detachable handles and an anchor. The significant difference between this resistance band and other options is that it does not have the tube-like structure, and instead of that, it is a kind of superband which has a slim structure.

While this does not mean that you cannot get extensive advantages with this band, because these superbands offer better workout experience compared to other ones.

Product Highlights:

Researchers claim that these superbands offer more resistance in comparison with resistance tubes. Hence if you are trying to find an option with the help of which you can do an effective and high-end workout, then this is an excellent option for you. In case, you are trying to find a versatile product for yourself, then you should go with this one.

It comes with two foam covered handles with the help of which you will face no kind of irritation issues during a heavy workout. A bad handled grip translates to injuries and thus this is a wound-proof option.

What I Like:

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you will surely fall in love with this product. The company offers band utility strap, training handles and 28 days jump-start training program, which is exceptionally great.

If you are a frequent traveller and usually miss going to gym because of that then again, this product is made for you. You can easily carry this product in your backpack while you travel from one place to another, and do your workout with this resistance band whenever you find time.

What I Don’t Like:

Comprising latex, these bands can easily get wrecked because of slight cracks or cuts. In case of resistance tubes the tubes can be changed, but in case of superbands if there’s any cut over it then you will not be able to use this product at all and hence you will have to buy a new one.

4. Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up, Resistance and Stretch Bands: Best Superband Set

With this resistance band, you can easily perform assisted pull-ups and various other superband exercises. This is a budget-friendly option in which you can workout using latex loops instead of resistance tubes, and it contains four bands set in the package.

We found it that you can workout with resistance between 5 pounds to 120 pounds with this band. You can increase or decrease the resistance offered as per your needs. You can select the most appropriate tension range option for yourself.

What I Like:

This superband option comes in four different sizes. They create all these band sizes for original purposes and workouts, so for every kind of workout, you will get a band. You can even combine these bands with your weight workout sessions for better and extensive workout sessions. Within the package, you will get a quick guide from where you can have a look at what kind of weight exercises you can take advantage of with this superband set.

What I Don’t Like:

All the superbands present in the set are great and comprise high-quality material, but it was noticed that the purple-coloured band breaks easily.

5. Perform Better Exercise Mini Bands: Best Mini-Band Se

This mini-band option is for rehab or perhaps, those who are facing body pain issues. During their rehab sessions, they are asked to work out a bit, and these are the bands that are suggested to them. You can mostly use these mini bands for legs related training sessions by putting your legs in between these bands and carrying out your workout. In the entire set, you will get four original mini bands.

Product Highlights:

This is one of the best superbands set for using while your rehabs from any kind of body pain issues or anything else. While this does not mean that you can’t use it for your regular workout sessions. You can easily use it for legs related workout sessions easily.

What I Like:

This mini-band set is perfect for usage for all kinds of fitness and strength training, while mostly it is used for rehabs only. It is easily transportable and you can carry it with you wherever you travel.  Just make sure that the surface of the bands doesn’t get cut in any way. It can be used for legs expansion and many such workouts.

What I Don’t Like:

Make sure you keep these mini-bands away from sharp materials as they can put cuts over these bands and with that they will be of no good use.

Best Resistance Band Buying Guide-

There are a few things that you need to keep in your mind whenever you are buying a resistance band. In case, you cannot select the most appropriate option for yourself from the above-listed options, then here we will talk about all those factors. Have a look at the buying guide and then make the best choice available:

Maximum Tension at Which You Perform Your Exercises

 The most important factor which you need to consider is the maximum tension that you can withstand while working out. As you must have noticed that the options mentioned above have different tension ranges and it is not possible for everyone to handle every resistance range. So buy a resistance band after having looked at the tension range of the resistance bands.


Choose the perfect resistance band for yourself after considering the amount of minutes you spend regularly in using the band. Try to figure out the amount of time you spend using the resistance band and the frequency of your usage. If you work out less frequently, then buying a resistance band meant for a regular workout session will not be worth the money spent. And vice versa, if you workout regularly, you need to buy a resistance band which is specifically made to serve the purpose.


The budget plays an important role in deciding the best resistance band option. Find a resistance band which is well within your price limit and never try to exceed the price limit for your resistance band. Also, don’t look for cheaper options as it won’t reap good results in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can We Keep Resistance Bands Near Any Sharp Material?

It is strictly advised to all the resistance band owners that you should never keep your bands near any sharp substance as it can inflict some serious damage to your resistance band and damage it beyond use.

 Can We Do Any Kind of Workout With the Help of a Resistance Band?

Yes, we will be able to do any kind of workout with the help of the resistance band. Moreover, every resistance band manufacturer offers a quick guide where you can have a look at the workout you can do with the band.

 is There Any Resistance Band Option Available for Rehabs or Prehabs?

Yes, if you want a resistance band option for rehabs or prehabs, then you can go with mini-bands as they will help you a lot in that.


Most fitness enthusiasts perform bodyweight workouts on a daily basis and with the resistance bands; they can easily perform workout sessions within the comfort of their own homes. It is undoubtedly the best and most used workout equipment for body-weight or weightless workout sessions.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the top 5 resistance bands. Along with that, we have provided you with a buying guide to consider the essential factors which will help you in selecting the most appropriate option for yourself.

Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Bands is one of the best resistance bands. Four different colored resistance bands are available in the package and each color translates to a certain weight. Thus, with this resistance band you can easily increase or decrease the weight as and when needed.

Also, it comes with four heavy duty Velcro straps for both wrists and ankles. It is also provided with two door anchors and a gym bag to easily carry them from one place to another. Perform Better Exercise Mini Bands is a cheaper alternative.

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