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Working out from home can be a bit of a drag. Some find it hard to get or stay motivated.

Sure, you can have a great fitness app, or watch all the YouTube workout videos, or even have a bunch of great home gym equipment – but there’s really no substitute to having a personal trainer.

A really cool and super convenient service to bring personal training to you is Find Your Trainer or FYT. In this article, we’ll look at FYT and if it’s a good fit for your fitness needs.

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What is FYT and How Much Does it Cost?

Find Your Trainer is a great little piece of software that is kinda the halfway point between going to the gym and working with a personal trainer and working out at home.

Basically, users get paired with a qualified and vetted personal trainer and can book sessions who are in a similar area timezone to you, making it easy to connect and set appropriate times.

When booking your season, you give some information about your training history and goals. This questionnaire is vital in making sure that you get connected with a personal trainer who suits your needs.

You even get to choose what training style you like in a PT!

(Not an actual FYT trainer)

The short test is completely optional, but you should still complete it, so you can get the most out of your workout and your money.

If your trainer has any follow-up questions, they’ll contact you.

When it comes to pricing, the platform is actually completely free to join – you only pay for the sessions that you book. Sessions start at $29 each with options to pay less if you buy in bulk.

You can also run partner sessions (2 people) or small group sessions (3-6 people too). These sessions are really cost-effective, with partner sessions being a total of 1.5x regular cost and the small group sessions being double the personal trainer’s one-on-one fee.

That’s a great deal when you think about it. If you have six people you’ll be paying around $10 each a session instead of $30! Another good thing in regards to pricing is that you’re not expected to tip your PT either (although I’m sure you can).

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Enter the code “FYT50” at the checkout to receive $50 off your first purchase!

What I Love about FYT

There’s a lot to love with Fine Your Trainer. Some of my favorite aspects are:

Flexible: A huge benefit of organizing virtual PT sessions is that you can book them to suit your lifestyle. By booking trainers who are in your timezone, you can make sure that you’re able to find a time that works for you. This is a huge win if you struggle to fit a gym session into your busy day.

In Gym or at Home Training: One great part about the platform is that you can get sessions tailored to what equipment you’ve got at home.

  • Don’t have any equipment and want to do a bodyweight training session? Cool
  • Only get a set of dumbbells, but want to use them? Perfect
  • You’ve got a full in-home gym but want to know how to use it? You can get that too

You can even book in your session and head to your local gym too if you’d like that. Many trainers on FYT have gym access so they can guide you through your gym session as well as an at-home workout.

The Price: Personal trainers are expensive if you’re at the gym. However, $30 a session isn’t an unreasonable price. Then, when you consider the cost-saving of having group sessions, it becomes even more reasonably priced.

Hour-Long Sessions: One thing I dislike about a lot of personal trainers is they’ll charge for a ‘session’ and when you get there you find out a PT session is 45, or even 30 minutes long! Sure, you can get a good pump or sweat up in 30 minutes, but FYT sessions are 55-60 minutes in length, which is the perfect length for a decent workout.

The Trainers: FYT has a range of trainers from all over the states that have a wide range of specialties. This ensures that you’ll find someone that you’ll learn from and enjoy. And more importantly, get results with!

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What Could Be Improved

While there’s a lot to love, there are a few things that could be improved:

America Only: I understand why there’s only access for American customers, with time differences and whatnot. However, I don’t see why you couldn’t book in from other countries as long as it suits the trainer’s schedule. For example, you could work out in the morning in Australia and it’ll be a 2 pm session for the trainer in parts of America. For me, that wouldn’t take a lot away from the platform but would be a great addition for international clients.

However, if you’re in America, this isn’t really relevant.

Pre-Recorded Sessions Would Be Great: Okay, I know the point of this is to get personal training and not videos, but sometimes you find an extra hour in your day at too-short notice to book in a PT session. For these times, I think a small library of pre-recorded workouts would be an awesome addition.

Interested in trying? Enter the code “FYT50” at the checkout to receive $50 off your first purchase!

Is ‘Find Your Trainer’ Worth It?

All in all, if you’re looking for a unique personal training session that you can do from home then Find Your Trainer is a great service. And to make it better with our discount code “FYT50”, you’ll receive $50 off your first purchase.

Interested in trying? Enter the code “FYT50” at the checkout to receive $50 off your first purchase!

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