The Top Fitness Trackers that work with Myfitnesspal

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Some people think that fitness is just a chore. However, fitness is more of a lifestyle. It is always advisable to track performance when working out, as this makes it easier for individuals to achieve their desired fitness goals.

Working out and changing diets are essential to achieve your fitness goals, but tracking progress using fitness trackers that work with MyFitnessPal matters the most. Some applications such as MyFitnessPal can make the tracking easier as they have features that can help in different ways, including counting calories, keeping track of the intake of nutrients.

When you integrate MyFitnessPal with the fitness trackers, you will get a more accurate picture of your workouts. The integration helps to add or subtract calories from the workout charts for accurate assessments.

Ensure that you choose a fitness tracker that is compatible with MyFitnessPal to get the best results. Not every fitness tracker in the market today will work the same. The following are some of the best fitness trackers that you should consider:

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Garmin Vivofit 4

One of the unique features of the device is its color screen. It is one of the most comfortable fitness trackers in the market today because of its touch lighter feature. It is ideal for people who may want to track their basic activities.

When you replace its regular battery, you will not need to worry about recharging it as it can last a whole year. Therefore, you can keep the Garmin Vivofit 4 on your wrist even at night, and you also do not need to worry about the battery running out when working out.

The Garmin product has a plastic strap, and this makes it easy for users to clean after a sweaty workout session. Garmin Vivofit 4 has a secure strap, and this means that it will not go flying about your wrist. The devices come in small, medium, and large sizes. It is thinner than the previous Garmin Vivofit models.

What are some of the cons of the Garmin Vivofit?

The device lacks a GPS or heart rate and phone notifications. Also, some users find its interface difficult to use.


Amazfit Bip

It comes in a stylish design. Its plastic chassis is matte-textured, and it has a colored, pixelated display. Amazfit Bip has a friendly user interface, and this allows users to navigate easily on the touch screen.

The fitness tracker has a side button, which you can use to wake it. Its features allow users to designate tasks that launch whenever you press and hold the glossy button. Currently, you can choose tasks such as outdoor, running, cycling, walking, or treadmill.

Once you have unlocked the tracker, you can move your fingers around different directions, which venture into different features. For example, when you slide down, you will find your connection status, the battery level, and an option for disabling all notifications.

When you swipe up, you will find notifications on your phone, such as text messages and tweets. However, nothing will happen if you swipe from the right side.

The battery of the Amazfit Bip can last more than 30 days when fully charged. Some of the other impressive features of the fitness tracker include phone notifications, a dedicated alarm, and a GPS.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The fitness tracker has a wide variety of features that makes it one of the best in the market today. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a big flat screen to ensure less fiddly swiping for viewers and has a long-lasting battery, which can last 21 days after a full charge. 

It has a 120 by 240-pixel display and 400-nit brightness. The features make it easy for users to see in direct sunlight. The touchscreen display allows users to navigate easily to different features using tabs and swipes.

When you swipe up or down, you can select your preferred modes and settings. Swiping left or right allows you to access features such as music controls or moving to another screen on the fitness trackers.

The band of the fitness tracker is made of silicone, which makes it easy for users to swap it out for another band. You can find a wide variety of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bands on various online platforms.

Another impressive feature of the device is its heart rate sensor. Behind the sensor, you will find two pins, which are used for charging. Slide the case of the tracker into the charging cradle when charging. The charging takes less than an hour.

The battery of a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a 135mAh capacity, and this can last for about 20 days with normal usage. It will keep track of details such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned during a workout session, and heart rate.

Honor Band 5

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It is the best option for users who prefer small fitness trackers. The device comes with removable straps, which are made of silicone. Its straps have many lugs to suit the needs of every user. You can choose three colors of the Honor Band 5 myfitnesspal compatible tracker.

One of the features that make the fitness tracker stand out is that it has an AMOLED display. The display is better than OLED displays as they have better brightness and vivid colors. You can choose from nine faces on the device. The faces present users with more options for customization.

As far as functionality goes, I love the compatibility the Honor Band 5 has with Myfitnesspal.

What is one of the cons of the fitness tracker?

Customers on Amazon have mentioned that the screen may be unresponsive in some situations. Also, on a personal note, I don’t love the design on the screen, but that is totally subjective. Many users love the design.

Fitness Inspire HR

It is one of the most attractive trackers in the market today. You can choose between black, white, or lilac when purchasing the device. Like most popular fitness tracker models, it has silicone bands. On the right side of the Fitness Inspire HR, you will find a button that you can use to wake it or move to the home screen.

How is the responsiveness of the device’s screen?

The screen may be unresponsive in some situations.

Final words

Finally, myfitnesspal compatible devices to ensure that you getter better results when working out.

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