CRATEC W5 Fitness Tracker Review

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  • Counts steps
  • Monitors blood pressure
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Measures distance traveled
  • Tracks burned calories
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Blood pressure and health rate are only indicators
  • Does not display oxygen level

The CRATEC W5 Fitness Tracker is the new generation of smartwatches, providing numerous built-in features and making use of ultra HD technology on a large color screen. With a long-term battery life, it provides an amazing user experience at a great price. Some of its features include daily activity tracker, notifications and reminders, heart rate and blood pressure measurement and a user-friendly interface. It can be easily connected to a mobile phone.  

CRATEC W5 Fitness Tracker

The CRATEC W5 is a fitness tracker with different built-in features, including monitoring the heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure. The product is designed to track your daily activity information while helping you understand the effects of your lifestyle. The fitness tracker not only counts steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned, it is also suitable for numerous sports, such as hiking, cycling, and running. 

Who is this fitness tracker for?

This product suits a wide range of customers due to its various features. Its blood pressure feature makes it useful for individuals suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as it is an easy method of always keeping track of one’s blood pressure and heart rate.

In addition to this, monitoring the distance traveled, calories burned, and steps taken makes it useful for anyone looking to monitor their lifestyle or improve their weight-loss planning by allowing them to keep track of their activities, including swimming. This watch is for all consumers, of all ages and genders. The product is not difficult to use, and it is reasonably priced. 

What’s included?

The package contains the fitness tracker, batteries required, and it comes with a user manual and USB cable for charging. The watch comes with a silicone band which can be adjusted for any wrist size. 

Overview of features

The product comes with a wide array of features. It tracks information related to numerous sports, such as cycling, running, and hiking. Due to the fact that it is waterproof and dustproof, the smartwatch is a great choice for all types of sports. It monitors sleep patterns, and offers advice on how to improve it, keeps track of BP and HR.

Another feature is that it can be synced with the mobile phone easily, it can take photos with a short shake of the hand, you can customize the background picture, and can even provide reminders to drink water every two hours. The fitness tracker has a stopwatch included for monitoring the time spent in your activity; it supports different languages and even has a built-in alarm. Its battery time is guaranteed for at least 20 days, with only 2 hours needed for recharge.

The tracker also includes a complex system of notifications and reminders, including messages to relax after spending a long time doing sports, and receiving messages and phone calls once it is synchronized with a mobile phone. The product has good aesthetics, offers a wide range of features, and it has a good price/quality ratio. 

On the other hand, the main weakness is that the blood pressure and heart rate indicators should still be validated with professional equipment from time to time. The measurements are not to be used for medical purposes but are a great indicator of one’s health. Lastly, it does not measure the blood oxygen level. 

How to use

The fitness tracker has most of its features already active, such as counting steps, measuring heart rate and blood pressure. It can be easily paired with APP WearHealth from Apple App Store or Android Google Play in order to make full use of its features.

It is user-friendly: in order to power it on, touch the touch key for 3 seconds; select functions by tapping the touch key once, enter/switch modes or quit by long pressing the touch key. In order to power it off, select power-off function, select yes and long press. It synchronizes data automatically with your mobile phone, including time and date. 


P12cheng Health & Fitness Smartwatch 

This smartwatch has a huge advantage over most other fitness trackers; it can monitor the oxygen level. It also has Omron Basic M2 Blood Pressure Measuring Device for monitoring blood pressure, and it is clinically validated. 


Overall, CRATEC W5 Fitness Tracker is a great device for customers looking to monitor their activities, receive reminders and notifications, and monitor their cardiovascular indicators. The product is user-friendly, it can be easily connected to a mobile phone, and it provides a great range of features. Its customizable band makes it perfect for any age.

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