Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming

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Fitness trackers and watches have become quite common in the last couple of years.

However, the manufacturers of these fitness gadgets primarily target users who take care of their physical fitness and activity via cycling, running, and other “above-ground” exercises.

So, what about those who take care of their physical fitness in the water?

There are a number of research reports that suggest that swimming is one of the most complete workouts. In swimming, you get to move your complete body against the water resistance.

Swimming lets you develop torso strength more quickly than any other exercise. It is also great for developing endurance and building muscle strength. Cardiovascular health also greatly benefit from swimming.

In short, swimming can be more fun, engaging, and yielding workout than any of the other exercises. You can make it more fulfilling by tracking the progress and results of your reps.

Thankfully tech companies are now focusing on those fitness gadgets that you can use to track your performance in the water.

Nearly every fitness tracker is designed with some waterproofing. However, specialized fitness trackers for swimming have impeccable water-resistant attributes.

These devices don’t just withstand the constant submersion in water, but they also continue to work and measure the values for which any user wears these gadgets in the first place.

Many users often wrongly pick a fitness tracker for swimming just after reading the label that says “waterproof.” Keep in mind that not all waterproof gadgets are suitable to be used in water for an extended time period.

To help all those buyers who especially want a fitness tracker for water, we have listed and reviewed five of the best fitness trackers for swimming in this piece.

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Don’t want to get double-minded with multiple options and just want to know the single best fitness tracker for swimming? If that’s the case, then we would recommend you to buy K-berho Fitness Tracker. This K-berho device comes at a really reasonable price and has each and every feature you find in any high-end tracker. To begin with, it is not just waterproof but also ensures the safety and function of the device 10 meters underwater.

Besides being a perfect gadget for swimming, it is ideal for tracking your fitness throughout the day. Its heart rate and blood pressure monitor gives you dynamic readings of your vitals 24/7. It calculates the total distance you have covered in an entire day via step counter. You can also connect it to the GPS of your phone to map your routes and accurately measure your running and cycling distances.

The companion app of the K-berho fitness tracker is also really agile and works on both Android and iOS phones to offer you better insight into your health and fitness. By integrating sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, and menstrual cycle tracker, K-berho has guaranteed that we must choose its device as our topic among all the best fitness trackers for swimming available right now.

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming - Comparison Table

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming - Reviews

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K-berho fitness tracker is another top-quality fitness gadget that is equally good for swimmers. It also has IP68 waterproofing, which makes it suitable for using underwater. You can dive 10 meters in water, and the tracker will continue to record your vitals and other readings. While offering exceptional water-resistant attributes, this fitness tracker is also a bargain with its price tag.

K-berho has packed this slim-line tracker device with all the measuring features that you look for in any fitness gadget. It records your heart rate and blood pressure 24/7 and relays that data to the android and iOS compatible app where you can analyze that data for better insight. It also records the distance you travel every day by measuring your step count. By using the pedometer and heart-rate data, it also gives an estimate of the calories you are consuming.

The manufacturer has particularly taken female users into account and added a period tracker and reminder in the device. You won’t find this women-friendly feature in the majority of fitness trackers. The Bluetooth connectivity also lets you take control of your phone from your wrist. From answering/rejecting calls to get SMS/SNS notifications and capturing photos, you can have all of that via your wearable fitness tracker.

You can also use this fitness tracker to track your sleep and determine its quality. Wear the tracker before going to bed, and it will record different readings all through the night. From measuring hours of deep and light sleep and the number of times you wake up, the device records all that data send it to the companion app for more comprehensive analytics. 


  • No charging dock or cable needed— built-in USB socket
  • Don’t let you sit idle for too long— releases intuitive sedentary reminder
  • Available in three colors
  • Great value for the money


  • Not suitable for deep diving

Fitbit is one of the premium manufacturers of fitness gadgets. In fact, it is the pioneer of this tech niche. If you are looking for a device that can track your swimming performance, then its Inspire Heart Rate & Fitness tracker is a good option to consider. This fitness tracker features Fitbit’s patented SmartTrack technology that automatically adapts to the workout a user is carrying out.

Whether you are running, swimming, or cycling, Inspire HR will adjust itself to pick up the heart rate and distance accordingly. This Fitbit device is not just waterproof, but swimproof too. You can use it even 50 meters underwater, and it will keep on picking and recording the vitals and other readings. Besides the main screen or dial, the band of the wearable is also made of high-grade elastomer. This means it is not going to wear and tear under constant water exposure.

We also like this Fitbit gadget because it gives quite an accurate estimate of daily calorie consumption. The machine is able to give precise calorie readings because it takes into account 24/7 heart rating, including resting and active phases for the calculation.

The battery time of the fitness tracker is also quite good. With the full charging that takes two hours, you can keep on using the tracker for five days. Besides monitoring your high-endurance physical activities, this fitness gadget is also good with its sleep monitoring. It is capable of separately calculating light, deep and REM sleep. 


  • Slim-line design
  • Comes in three different color bands
  • An Amazon’s Choice product
  • Impressive accuracy


  • Not designed for hot tubs and saunas
  • A bit heavy on the pocket

If you are looking for a fitness tracker for swimming but don’t have the budget for expensive options, consider getting this Mgaolo device. It is one of the best fitness trackers for swimming with quality construction and a reasonable price tag. Like any top-of-the-line fitness tracker, you will find a step counter, sleep monitor, and calorie counter in this device.

The best thing about this fitness tracker for swimming is its smartphone compatibility. It comes with its own dedicated app that works on both Android and iOS. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to get SMS alerts, call notifications, caller’s ID on the wrist. You can also link the fitness tracker with your phone’s GPS to measure your running and cycling distances more accurately.

This Mgaolo fitness tracker has an IP68 rating. This means you can wear it while swimming and diving.  We also like the fast charging and standby time of the tracker. You can fully charge it within an hour, and it can keep on working for up to seven days. Moreover, you don’t require any charging cable since the fitness tracker itself features a USB port.

Buying a fitness tracker for swimming doesn’t mean you have to use it underwater only. Mgaolo fitness tracker comes with ten sports mode that allows you to track many indoor and outdoor exercises precisely. You can switch to cycling and running mode. Then you can also set the sports mode for rowing machine or for stair-stepping. The design of this Mgaolo device is ergonomic with lightweight construction. You can wear it 24/7 without feeling any weight on your wrist.


  • Features menstrual cycle reminder
  • Have both 24/7 heart-rate and blood pressure monitor
  • Releases sedentary reminder to keep you active all-day
  • Can be used as a remote for the phone camera


  • App’s interface could be better

If you are looking to get a fitness tracker for swimming and other water activities for every family member, then look into this LETSCOM budget device. This fitness tracker features IP68 waterproofing that makes sure you can wear it in the swimming pool or while indulging in water sports without worry.

It is important to mention here this LETSCOM budget fitness gadget is not just good for its water-resistant characteristics. It features all the essential features of any top-quality fitness tracker. It measures heart rate throughout the day and also differentiates between the active and restive state. Moreover, its accelerometer makes sure you can also measure the distance traveled along with the steps taken. The sleep monitor of the device can record your deep and light sleep and also the waking up times.

Through the companion app, you can have more deep insight into your sleeping pattern and overall health by assessing the trend graphs. Via the latest Bluetooth configuration, this LETSCOM fitness tracker for swimming can also relay calls and SMS/SNS to your wrist. You can receive and hang up the calls and also read the SMS and SNS alerts up to 128 characters on the display screen of the tracker.

We also like this fitness tracker because it is truly one-size-fits-all. Its display dial goes perfect on the wrists of both kids and adults. Moreover, its wrist band is adjustable. You don’t have to swap the bands to make it wearable for adults or teens. The same band can be adjusted between 5.3 to 8.6-inch circumferences. 


  • Features eight activity modes
  • Can take over remote camera controls
  • Available in four different colors


  • Calorie counting may be slightly erroneous
  • Not suitable for diving

We are concluding our list of the best fitness trackers for swimming with a model that features an impressive color display. MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker has a 0.96-inch IPS color screen that offers a high-definition display with brighter and richer color saturation. It is way better than the TFT color screens you will find in the majority of fitness tracking devices.

The best thing about this MorePro fitness device is it doesn’t just boast about the better color display. It is swim-proof and offers dynamic heart rate and blood pressure monitoring that is also being relayed to the phone app in real-time. The fitness tracker also runs a unique fatigue test with its patented matrix that tells you about how to fit you are. Similarly, it also calculates the number of calories you have burned by taking into account your heart activity and physical movement.

Like any latest fitness tracker, you can also connect this device to your phone via Bluetooth to receive call and message notifications directly on your wrist. You can also answer and reject calls directly from the device and without taking your phone out. This Bluetooth connectivity really helps you in focusing on your exercise instead of taking unnecessary breaks to check the phone.

We also like the sedentary reminder of this device. It keeps reminding you every 30 minutes about your indolence if you are sitting/ lying in the same position while awake. The battery timing of the device is also really impressive. Even with heavy use, it keeps on working up to five days.


  • Have an Android, iOS compatible companion app
  • Available in four different color wrist bands
  • An Amazon’s Choice product
  • Features menstrual cycle reminder


  • Calorie count might not be accurate

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming - Buyers Guide


The above-reviewed five fitness trackers are good enough to use in different underwater conditions. However, if you want to explore more options, then look out for the below features in any fitness tracker.

It Must Be IP68 Waterproof

If you are buying a fitness tracker primarily for swimming, then make sure it is at least IP68 waterproof. A tracker that just bears the tag of “waterproof” is not necessarily designed for underwater use. However, the rating of IP68 assures that the given fitness tracker is not just sweat-resistant and splash-proof but also remains functional when completely submerged in water.

The Wrist Band Must Be of Industry-Grade Elastomer

If you are buying a fitness tracker just to track your swimming activity, then it would be better to look for those models that are not just IP68-rated but also feature a top-quality elastomer wrist band. This polymer variant is perhaps the only material that maintains its original shape and form even after constant and extended exposure of water.

It Must Have Latest Bluetooth Configuration

If you need to track your swimming performance and want to analyze the collected data later for better insight, make sure the fitness tracker features the latest Bluetooth Configuration. Bluetooth connectivity ensures that the device can relay the information to its companion app in real-time. By picking a fitness gadget with the latest Bluetooth (4.0) configuration, you get a better range that makes sure the device doesn’t lose the connection with the app even at bigger pools.

Display Should Be Bigger and Crystal Clear

Also, try to pick a fitness tracker for swimming that features a bigger screen that has a larger font and brighter texture. Having a good quality display allows you to easily read the real-time readings from the device through splashes and goggles.

Also, keep in mind that a fitness tracker for swimming is not designed for underwater use only. The above reviews have made it quite clear that a fitness tracker enables you to track your fitness and activity throughout the day. So, always choose the models that also feature sleep monitor, sedentary alerts, and calorie counters, etc.

We really hope that the above discussion that includes reviews and a buying guide will help you in picking the best fitness tracker for swimming and other water sport activities and within your desired budget.

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