The Best Resistance Band for Pullups: Our Top Three

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You’ve probably already read or heard about the importance of doing pull-ups. They are one of the best exercises to build your back, but also your entire body – shoulders, arms, and even your chest and core to an extent.

However, pull-ups can be hard to do if you’re a beginner. Perhaps you’ve already tried to do one and you struggle to complete several pull-ups in a row.

Are you frustrated by this? Then here’s the solution for you:

Band-assisted pull-ups.

They help you do pull-ups easier since they provide support for you when you do them. If you’re wondering what the best resistance band for pull-ups is, then you’re in the right place. We’ve analyzed the best resistance bands for pull-ups in-depth to give you this no BS review.

Don’t Want to Wait? Here’s Our Favorites

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Our favorite resistance band for pull-ups is the Rubberbanditz Exercise Band by Functional Fitness. You’ll love how quality these bands are – they are thick and very flexible, and they come in different resistances, too.

Check the Rubberbanditz exercise band by yourself now, and get it from Amazon now – you won’t regret it.

Dynapro Power Resistance Band – Best For Beginners

The Dynapro resistance bands are made for beginners, but also for intermediate to advanced lifters. If you’re looking to purchase a single resistance band, then there are several band options for you here.

We liked it because there is a wide range of resistance bands on offer. The yellow one is great for beginners, while you can also buy a set of 5 resistance bands. And they are durable, too, making them a great choice for anyone wanting to improve their pull-ups.


If you’re looking for an entry-level resistance band for an affordable price, then the yellow resistance band from Dynapro is a fantastic choice.

Other than that, there’s a wide range of options you can choose from.

Along with the yellow band, the red resistance band is the easiest – it will provide between 5-30lbs of resistance. Other band colors include black (10-60lbs), purple (30-80lbs), green (50-125lbs), and blue (70-170lbs). There’s a whopping difference in resistances between 10lbs and 170lbs to choose from!

You can buy single bands, or you can go for a set of three bands or a set of five bands. These bands are made from 100% natural rubber, which means they will remain highly flexible and durable for a long time.

These bands are versatile and easy to use. You can simply pack them and take them with you, and you can also use them for other exercises such as push-ups, squats, and they will also help you improve your flexibility.


  • Made from 100% natural rubber
  • Durable and flexible
  • Great for beginners and advanced users alike
  • Band resistances vary from 10lbs to 170lbs
  • Single-band option and sets of 3 or 5 bands
  • Lifetime warranty included


  • No dimensions listed – be careful when picking the right band for your size
  • Reports of a strong rubbery smell

FFEXS Resistance Bands – Best Value For Money

If you’re looking for the best value for money, then you should consider FFEXS resistance bands. These come in packs of 3 and 5, and they are very affordable, too. You can also buy single resistance bands if you only need one.

The bands are made with quality and will last you for a long time. You can use them to improve your strength, increase your flexibility, and are suitable for both men and women of all skill levels. You can either buy a package of five or three bands of different resistances, or a single band of your own choice.


The FFEXS resistance bands are great if you’re looking to build your strength for pull-ups. Depending on your strength levels and weight, you can buy the band of the appropriate color and start doing pull-ups easily. You’ll be able to progress greatly with these bands.

The quality of these bands is excellent. They are made of rubber that is resistant to tears, and there are different thicknesses to choose from. The bands will support up to 170lbs in weight.

However, if you’re more serious about your pull-ups and are looking to progress to muscle-ups eventually, these bands might not be enough to assist you. The black band is good for that though, although not as great as the other two on our list.

One of the most appealing aspects of this product is its price. It feels like a steal when you’re getting three or even five bands for the price of one. But after careful inspection, we identified these bands to be the best value currently available. You’re not compromising on the quality too much, despite the lower price.


  • Great value for money
  • Single bands or packs of 3 or 5
  • Good quality build
  • Variety in resistances (up to 170lbs)


  • Might not be enough if you need more support
  • As a result, they might snap if you weigh more

Rubberbanditz Resistance Bands by Functional Fitness – Best Overall

We’ve already said it that this is perhaps the best resistance band for pull-ups for the money. The Rubberbandits resistance bands are very durable and resistant to snapping, even if you weigh more.

They are made from thick rubber that won’t snap easily. They will work very well with pull-ups where you require thicker and more durable bands that will hold you up easily. And these bands certainly do their job expertly.

There’s a wide range of different resistance band choices for just about any trainer out there. If you’re a beginner, you can choose the more resistant bands such as the orange one, or you can go with the lighter one that will help you perform other exercises, too.


If you’re looking for quality, then you certainly can’t go wrong with this band. It’s made of thick rubber, and it’s probably the most durable band on the list here. That’s why it wins out as the best resistance band for pull-ups overall.

One thing to note here is that you’ll only be able to pick just one band size and thickness, unlike with other bands where you can buy them in sets.

The toughest band is the black band, which will support up to 200lbs in weight. And that easily justifies the asking price of the product. And when you buy a band of any size, you’ll get a free e-Guide that will show you exactly how you can use the band for pull-ups. That’s neat, isn’t it?


  • Extremely durable and strong bands
  • They are made for pull-ups but can also be used for different needs
  • Free e-Guide included in the package
  • Lifetime warranty


  • They are not available in sets of multiple bands
  • They cost slightly more, but they are of better quality, too

Resistance Bands for Pull-Ups – Buying Guide

Are you not sure which band is the right one for you? Read on to find out how to pick the resistance band for you, and what to look out for.

Build Quality

You want to be sure that the resistance band holds your weight completely. When you’re doing pull-ups, you’re likely to be shifting all of your weight or at least much of it onto the band itself.

Make sure the resistance band you’re buying for pull-ups is sturdy enough to hold your weight. It should be thick, made of pure rubber, and also flexible enough to stretch when you’re moving up and down during the movement.


Resistance bands are already versatile on their own. You can perform so many different workouts with just a resistance band.

However, your life would be much easier if you would have several bands at your disposal. Some bands just might not be flexible or strong enough for certain movements. Make sure you buy a band or bands that will allow you to do different exercises with them.


Again, you must make sure the band you’re buying will suit your size. If you buy a resistance band that’s too small, it will not fit you when you’re doing pull-ups and as a result, it might snap.

On the other hand, an oversized band will have little to no impact on your workout since it won’t be tight enough to provide any resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are resistance bands good for pull-ups?

Yes, resistance bands can be very helpful when you’re doing pull-ups, especially if you’re someone who’s just starting out or can’t do several pull-ups in a row. A resistance band helps you do pull-ups easier as they provide you assistance when you’re doing pull-ups.

How much weight do pull-up bands take off?

Stronger bands will take off between 80lbs and 150lbs, or in some cases, up to 200lbs. These bands are the toughest and are especially appropriate for beginners since they make pull-ups significantly easier.

Should I do pull-ups every day?

Doing pull-ups every day might not be the best idea. It can result in injuries from wear-and-tear and you should tone the number of times you do pull-ups to two to three times per week.

Does combining resistance bands increase weight?

Yes, you can add two resistance bands or even several of them if you want to increase the weight. However, this can be slightly hard to manage since some bands might have different sizes.

How long should resistance bands last?

Good quality resistance bands should last you at least 10 months or longer, depending on how much or how often you use them. Some bands I’ve used have lasted for several years despite prolonged use. We believe these bands on this list will last you years.

Final Thoughts

Resistance bands can make a great addition if you’re looking to easily progress your pull-up strength. Finding the right resistance band for pull-ups will take some figuring out.

To make your life easier, we recommend one of the Rubberbanditz resistance bands. They are very durable, and you can expect these resistance bands to last you for very long. They are available in different sizes too, so you can choose the one to your liking.

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