Best Home Workout Program Without Equipment

Home Workout Program

Luckily, you can do a bunch of great exercises at home without any equipment.



You’ll hate me for putting Burpees the top; they’re directly from hell. However, they’re by far the most efficient full bodyweight exercise. The Burpee has everything you’ll need to get a good sweat in.

To start, lay flat on your belly, then push yourself up, kind of like doing a pushup. However, keep moving up and pull your knees in, and as you bounce up.

It’s almost like a super-pushup crossed with jumping jacks with a dash of tuck jumps.

Not, let’s not understate that Burpees are the meaning of pain. Your thighs, abs, chest, and upper back will burn—in the best possible way. Do them in sets, and see what you can do before you get too winded.

Russian Twists

These are the best-kept secret for a stronger core at calisthenics, and the six-pack abs. These are not worker miracle workouts, but these focus on the upper and middle abdomen seriously.

You put your legs as if you were going to do a crunch — bent on the elbows, feet on the ground or surface on which you are.

Hold your body at an angle of 45 ° and put your hands together.

You can do this with or without a dumbbell/weight in your hands, although it is advised at later levels as there is no improvement in the technique for the twists in Russia.

Then in quick moves, you rotate your body left and right, and hold your core tight. Do this within 45 seconds to one minute per rep.

Low Planks to High Planks

By practice, high planks keep your body straight while in a push-up position. You hold on, you grip your heart close, and you work those muscles.

That’s a great workout, but let’s turn the heat on it. A low board is when you do the same pose with your body and core, but instead of leaning on your hands, you stand on your forearms.

Move from low to high planks, and you will see more muscle activity and better results.


The new pushup isn’t gone.

People have developed the right way to do a pushup over the last couple of years without hurting the body.

Will poorly done pushups hurt your muscles?

Yep, they sure will.

Can improper workout types hurt your muscles?

Absolutely. Totally.

As a proper practice, people threw pushups out because they didn’t know how to do them correctly.

Tips. Total mobility with your neck out. The nose that barely touches ground/floor. This is a solid pushup.

You should literally gauge your progress when you get the correct form down.

They’re harder than the half-assured push-ups they’ve made you do in physical education so they won’t hurt your back.

You can actually count the pushups to measure how many you can do to measure your improvement. Incorporate at least a handful of these into your warmup kit.

Handstand Pushups

When you thought the pushups would be crazy now, it’s time to turn them up to eleven.

Handstands alone are complicated, but you must now hold your entire body during one. That’s not just an easy task, but it’s unbelievably enriching.

Handstand pushups can make those around shoulders comparing with the V-shape of a man’s body, but at the same time, they are also good for developing upper back muscles in women.

Overall, they’re one of the most challenging calisthenic-based bodyweight exercises on this list, but with that, you also get bragging rights.

Your buddies can be like, “Tony can do pushups in the middle of a handstand.” Cue that impresses men is a myth and makes the blood vessels in your legs get their own workout. Handstands, in general, have different advantages, and they’re pretty awesome.

Hand Walking

Do a handstand and … keep walking?

Nope, I’m not kidding. Although, this is obviously an advanced exercise.

Hand walking is trying out those muscle groups we’ve been thinking about in HIIT form. The only mini-break you’ll get is when you turn from moving one arm to another.

You get that little bit of a break, and this is it. The idea is to see how far you can go before you have to turn back to the right.

Don’t think about pooling the blood in your brain. You have valves in your legs, which allow you to control this. When you first pop up, you might be a bit dizzy for 1-2 seconds, but that’s your equilibrium.

Prove yourself. See how far you can get it (100 yards, AKA, a football pitch, is usually a pretty good range to go for).

Leg Raises

Sometimes exercises are so well named, they’re obvious. Leg Raises fit in this category.

When you’re lying on your back, you’ll want to keep your legs straight as you can and lift them, almost turning you into a human capital letter ‘L.’

It sounds easy, but after you’ve done a few of these, everything will start to hurt. Trust me.

Pistol Squats

You’re going to hate this, I can tell you now.

Do a standard squat, but on one leg …… with your other leg straight out in front of you, simply send it on the hip while you squat down.

Note, I used the phrase “simply” very loosely there.

Stick your arms straight out to help with your balance.

I’d say that’s it, but you might wonder after the first one, how you’re going to continue.

For sure, it’s an extreme maneuver, so don’t force yourself.

Pistol squats aren’t just something you can do in high-speed groups often at a time; they’re supposed to be very entertaining and done slowly, so you don’t harm.

It cleans out your glutes, strengthens your heart, thighs, and more.

Jump Squat

Think of these as a less-deadly burpee. Sometimes I do it when I don’t feel 100 percent, but I still want good training in it.

Just as it sounds, you jump up like a standing jack, but you get into a deep squat.

Taking things as far as you can before you even think of returning. This is when curiosity occurs.

The intense tingles are not yet sunk with, because you are jumping up, moving your leg muscles in a quick move.

You will have to find out from there how many in a single representative you can do. A good first goal is ten or fifteen before you label it a break.

Finally, you should be able to get around thirty to forty of these before you stop.

Walking Lunges

You control the body weight and use it as a resistance to your legs to keep your back straight during the running lung.

The quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even your lower abdominal are all supported by your lungs.

Standard lungs still allow, but there is a gradual disengagement and absolute disengagement.

Running through the lungs leaves your muscles active throughout.

If you do exercise, you’ve got a strong side. I realize you both need to hide, but you’ve got a strong one.

You rely further on one than the other, of course. Walking lungs help you to concentrate on the weakened leg and build muscle.

You can know straight away which side takes you more and can compensate by walking on this side more lunges than the other side.

Back Bridge

A cool little bodyweight exercise is turning yourself into a table. By that, I mean to do some back bridges.

You don’t have to go all “yoga instructor” with this (yet); just a plain back bridge will involve all the important muscles at the start.

Firmly set your feet and lean back to rest some of your weight on your forearms.

To get out, slowly withdraw to a laying position. You don’t want to just collapse to the floor as you have body limbs going off at odd directions.

Work your way up to using your hands instead of your forearms. If you’re thinking, “Aren’t I going to bend like a pretzel?” the answer would be yes, yes, you will.

This greatly improves flexibility, which will help you out in other exercises as well. Hold it for as long as you can, keep that core as tight as you can, and release slowly with tact.

Working Out Without Paying For A Gym

You can do all of these at home, and all require absolutely no equipment at all.

You can even add the bare minimum like a pullup bar and open up a range of other exercises you can do that use mostly your bodyweight.

Regardless, you don’t have to rely on equipment to get a great workout.

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