Best Protein Powder Brands and Their Top Protein Supplement Product Reviewed

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Our bodies are like racing cars, and just like high-quality racing cars, the human body relies on premium fuel. Our bodies need the best protein supplements to meet our body’s daily strength requirements, helping us perform quickly and efficiently during workout sessions.

Several bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts consume whey protein supplements to increase their muscle growth and strength. They’re one of the finest muscle building supplements. Instead, athletes consume casein protein powder supplements to increase their protein intake.

Supplementation is the most effective way to maximize your workouts. When we have so many market options, it’s difficult to choose the best choice. We’ve come up with the finest protein powders available from top brands. They’re helping you with increased protein intake.

Comparison of 5 Best Protein Powder Brands

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Can’t wait? Here’s our favorite

One of our favorite protein supplement brands is ON. If you are someone who has been consuming protein powders then you are already aware of ON. ON is one of the world’s largest producers of sports nutrition products. It manufactures its products by using high-end quality products.

The brand takes pride in crafting supplements that prove best for the consumers who want to craft their physiques. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is one of its best protein supplements powder. The Gold Standard has the purest form of whey protein and it comprises 100% whey labels.

This is a vegetarian product, hence, anyone can consume this protein supplement. The most versatile product manufactured by one of the top brands. They also refer it is also to as all-purpose proteins and mixes efficiently and easily in any choice of drink.

EAS Myoplex- Best Known for Producing Sugar-Free Supplements

It is one of the best sports nutrition brands and it is popular in the market for producing Myoplex which is a popular protein drink that consumers love to slurp on. EAS Myoplex is known to partner with the athletes and because of which they develop the best protein drinks. They manufacture a vast selection of products to choose from. This brand helps to reach fitness goals with greater ease by producing the best protein supplements powder.

Best Product of the Brand:

One of their best products is the EAS 100% Whey Protein​  Powder, a product on which several athletes swear by. It is packed with whey protein of top quality that further helps to build lean muscles. A major bonus of consuming this protein powder is that it doesn’t contain sugar in any form.

Product Highlights:

This powder is an ideal choice for people serious about building great muscles. It is super effective in helping the user maintain an active lifestyle. Whey protein supports muscle growth. You can enhance your workout regime by consuming this choice of protein supplement.

What I Like:

Chocolate and Vanilla flavours are available for this choice of protein supplement. So, the brand manufactures flavours for all and you can choose your choice of flavour. Both the flavours have amazing taste and they are delicious even when mixed with plain water. With a great protein content ratio of about 26 grams per serving, the price is less than other alternatives. It doesn’t have an availability issue.

What I Don’t Like:

A major con is that two scoops are to be added to a glass of water to get the desired taste. This translates to the powder getting over too soon, and you may need to buy more often.

2. VPX- Best Known for Producing No-Carb Protein Powder

VPX is a brand that was started in 1993 by Jack Owec. He was a former high school science teacher by profession. He has the vision to manufacture baked products that are scientifically proven. He aimed to curate products that will help athletes reach their goals.

Starting a science-based company struck his mind when he once had an awful experience with a protein supplement. This brand encompasses groundbreaking ingredients and technology to manufacture promising protein supplements.

Best Product of the brand – VPX Zero Carb Protein is one of the best protein supplement powders of this brand. This supplementation is effective to enhance performance considerably. It is a no-carb protein powder and great for women who are trying to lose weight.

Product Highlights:

It is an ISO approved whey protein which is regarded as an all rounder. This whey protein supplement boosts the development of muscles in the consumers and their appearance is also considerably improved. It doesn’t contain sugar, carbohydrates, aspartame or fat. Microfraction selection technology is used to manufacture this protein supplement.

What I Like:

This product doesn’t have any carbs and the protein powder is also effective to aid weight loss. Hence, people who follow a strict diet can benefit from this protein supplement powder.

They induce only 80 Kcal of calories in every serving of this protein powder. They also label it is also as 100% whey protein, so it contains the purest form of whey protein. The strawberry flavour of this protein supplement is superb in taste.

What I Don’t Like:

It is more expensive than most of the other protein supplements available on the market. It also contains sucralose which is not preferred by many who consume protein supplements. There are varied flavours available for this choice but they all are not so great.

3. True Nutrition- Best Known For Producing Vegan Protein Powders

This brand produces a huge line of protein powders and supplements for the athletes. With so many products gracing their portfolio, many people trust this brand and swear by some of their best protein supplements. You will hardly see any advertisements from the brand as they spend little on advertisements. Instead, they believe in investing  the money to produce high-end products. This brand is popular in the market for manufacturing affordable vegan protein powders.

Best Product of the brand – True Nutrition Micellar Casein Protein is one of the best​ products produced by this brand. This protein supplement is an ideal choice that considerably aids in rapid recovery of the muscles. Milk protein Isolate is used to manufacture this protein powder and it is therefore an undenatured protein.

Product Highlights:

It is a great quality product available at a reasonable price range and so it will not burn a hole in your pocket. It is a slow-digesting casein powder and will keep you full for longer. Being easy on the tummy is one of the major features of this product. Hence, is adored by several athletes who love working out by not feeling too full.  A vegan choice, hence, anyone can slurp this drink easily.

What I Like:

It is a casein protein, which is believed to release the nutrients slowly and thus you will stay full for a lengthy period. No more than 130 calories are present in every serving of this protein powder. 26 grams of protein is present in each serving of the protein supplement.

What I Don’t Like:

No manor flavours are available so as to get varied choices of taste. Also, there are people out there who believe animal proteins impart them with better gains. This is not an ideal option for those people.

4. NOW Foods- Best Known for Producing Baked Supplements

Now Foods is a nutrition supplementary products based company which produces one of the best protein supplements for years now. The company manufactures many distinct styles of protein powders. It also produces a plethora of products, thus, offering a huge line of products to its consumers. This company is a top player in the industry as a natural foods producer since 1968. They manufacture their products in the USA and Canada.

Best product of the brand – NOW Sports whey protein isolate is one of the best protein​ supplements manufactured by this protein powder company. It is pure whey protein powder and also contains some amount of lecithin. Easy to blend choice and doesn’t form lumps even when mixed with water.

Product Highlights:

It is a high-quality science baked product available in the market. It is also available at a valuable price, hence your money is worth spending on this choice of protein powder. By blending simple ingredients this powder is manufactured, and it works wonders when consumed either pre or post-workout sessions. Added lecithin helps to avoid clumping in the protein shake. It is difficult to find a more pure whey protein than this.

What I Like:

There are not much-added ingredients in the supplement powder and it is, therefore, one of the purest forms of Whey protein isolate. It is also a 100% micro-filtered protein powder option. It is a great quality product which is available at an affordable rate. Only 110 calories are delivered by consuming this choice of protein supplement and each serving provides 25 g of protein. It is an ideal choice for shakes, smoothies, baking, etc.

What I Don’t Like:

There is no other flavour available for this choice of protein supplement. Just an unflavoured option is available. This feature may be an objectionable trait in itself for some.

5. Optimum Nutrition or ON- Best for People on Keto Diets

It is one of the best brands manufacturing great protein supplements. It is the most preferred brand by several athletes for choosing protein supplements. Taste is one trait because of which the products of this brand are highly preferred. Its supplements are also lab-verified and have consistent protein content. This brand manufactures its own products in three major facilities in the USA.

Best product of the brand – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is the best protein supplement in their line of products. People on the keto diet can bake with this choice of protein supplement. ON is one of the most trusted protein powder brands and it is sure to not to disappoint the consumers.

Product Highlights:

It’s dark chocolate flavor is amazing, and it is the most preferred by a majority of its consumers. Apart from the delicious taste, the ON gold standard whey protein powder also has an amazing smell. The formula is terrific as it blends conveniently with almost any drink of your choice, may it be water, milk or fruit juice.

What I Like:

This protein supplement has a good taste. Only plain water is enough to enjoy this protein supplement. The product mixes well with any drink. It is a budget-friendly option provided by the brand and it doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. This protein powder is sure not to disappoint its consumers for any reason.

What I Don’t Like:

This protein supplement is the king, and it is hard to find a fault in this choice. Many people look for cookies and cream flavour in their protein supplements which they cannot find in this option.

Best Protein Powder’s Buying Guide

Let us go through the factors  that you should look for when buying is sbee t disappoint the consumers.

The third-party verified product:

Since protein supplements are not FDA approved, always look for products that are verified by a third party. Some reputable third parties include US Pharmacopeia, NSF International, However, it doesn’t mean that verified products work the way claimed by the advertiser, but it means that it contains the ingredients listed on the list.

Spend generously:

You should go for the options​ that cost more. Cheap supplements are not a good idea since they cannot help you achieve the desired goals and are just a waste of money. To keep costs down, many low-cost proteins are formulated using some inexpensive blends that the human body cannot digest completely.

They do not contain the ingredients that are mentioned on the label of their products. Hence, for buying a protein supplement, spending a bit more to buy the most preferred choice is always a suitable option. This way you are sure that you are investing in better results.

No Added Artificial Ingredients:

Always inspect the label of the protein supplement​ that you are about to buy. Search for the list of ingredients and go through it thoroughly to know what is contained in the product. Look for if the product has some artificial ingredients added.

Artificial colors, flavours, or sweeteners are believed to diminish the good effects of protein powders. Look for the most natural protein supplement available on the market that fits your price range perfectly. The product should not contain any artificial colouring or dyeing. Avoid hydrogenated oils as well.

Forms of Proteins:

Choose for the major forms of proteins available. There are three key types of proteins available and ensure that you should choose one among them.

  • Protein Isolates – Further filtering the protein concentrates removes excess fat and carbs. Hence, protein isolates contain a concentration of around 90-95%.
  • Protein Concentrates – These are referred to as proteins that are extracted from various sources by heating and using enzymes or acids. In protein supplements around 60-80% of proteins are available and the rest is either carbs or fats.
  • Protein Hydrolysates – Whey protein isolates are heated further, the end product is known as protein hydrolysates. Hydrolysates are believed to get quickly and easily absorbed by the body.

Amount of Protein Contained:

The recommended dietary allowance for protein is​  0.8gms per kilogram of body weight which means that for every kg of your bodyweight you will need only 0.8gms of proteins. Do the calculation and see what amount of protein is needed by you daily. For instance, a person weighing 80 kgs will need 64 grams of protein daily to perform better at the gym.

However, most of the protein powders available on the market contain 25-30 grams of protein per serving. This amount of protein for the required amount and it is suitable for a daily dose. However, if you feel that your body needs more protein you can intake 2 scoops daily.

Weight Management:

Choose a protein powder that helps in effective weight​  management. A lot of protein powders are believed to make a person full for long. When a person feels full, there is less requirement of potion snacking. It simply means that the bad habit of munching frequently is reconsidered and people will not eat frequently.

This way a person is able to manage an effective weight loss program. Several other problems are also kept at bay when the bodyweight of a person reduces. It also helps to reduce blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and other risk factors that are responsible for cardiovascular diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Drink Protein Powder?

The timing for consuming protein powder is a very controversial topic and there are a lot of debates regarding the best time to consume protein powder. However, there is no best time to consume protein powders for optimal muscle growth. According to fitness enthusiasts, maximum benefits are reaped by consuming protein supplements 15-60 minutes after exercise. It is probably the best time to drink protein supplements so that you can make the most of it.

What Happens When I Consume Protein Powders Without Working Out?

Generally, protein powders are consumed by people so that they can make the most of their workout sessions. Protein powders are proven to provide lean muscles and great strength and power. Moreover, protein powders also contain some amount of calories. If you are not working out and consuming protein supplements then it can make losing weight difficult. This is especially the case when you consume protein shakes with a usual daily diet and you are not exercising. You should not forget that to stay fit and healthy, a person should burn more calories than he/she consumes.

Can I consume protein shake for breakfast?

Yes, you can consume protein shakes whenever you feel like and you can also have them for breakfast. You can opt to add some nuts and fruits to your drink so that you get a drink packed with several nutrients. By adding fruits and nuts you will get a nutritionally balanced shake. This drink will also keep you full for longer and you will be able to work more without feeling hungry frequently. However, it is okay for some days but not the best solution for every day. You should also eat a good breakfast within two hours of consuming a protein shake.

What is the Maximum Number of Times I Can Have Protein Shakes in a Day?

Whilst you can choose to spread one serving of your protein shake through your entire day. While spreading your protein shakes, you should consider infusing them with a meal. This aftermath simply means that you can have a maximum of three servings of protein shakes in a completed day. Such Shakes are not designed to replace meals, hence, ear properly even if you are consuming protein shakes.

Can I Consume Protein Shake Before Going to Bed?

There is no harm in consuming your protein shake before going to shakes. They are believed to aid in weight loss when consumed before bed, but it is important to consider the calorie count at the same time. Ensure that your protein shake does have an optimal amount of calories infused so. According to the most recent studies, consuming 40 grams of protein before bed is the best-recommended option to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. You will also have a great sleep when you consume protein supplement before bed.


Choosing protein supplements that are verified by third parties is highly recommended. It will give you a surety that is no harmful chemical added that can have side-effects consumed. The reliable third parties also verify that the list of ingredients printed on the label is 100% accurate. Hence, by reading the ingredients list you will be sure that you are making the right choice. We have mentioned some of the top brands who are manufacturing protein powders for years. Our list will not disappoint you. With several options available it is hard to pick the best one.

We have done all the hard work for you and have significantly altered the list of the best protein supplements. However, in the first place, we highly recommend our readers to go for Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% whey protein. It is the purest form of whey protein available on the market and is manufactured by the best protein supplement brands.

This protein supplement drink is flawless and has everything that you need to reap maximum benefits. You will not be disappointed with this choice of protein supplement. It is also feasibly added to any drink of your choice and you will not have to be particular about the choice of drink. It is one of the few best protein powder supplements available in a promising flavour.

The next on-budget alternative that you can choose for is True Nutrition Micellar Casein drink. There are a lot of people who don’t want to or cannot consume whey protein. They can simply go for this protein supplement from True supplement. Another great addition to our list of protein supplements which is preferred by several consumers.

The brand does not have flashy advertisements and they are also against athlete endorsement. It is one of the major signs which proves that the brand is producing great products. It acts as an efficient recovery drink after a long training run. The protein powders from this brand are the best for runners.

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