Best Stairmaster Workout for Glutes

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Running on a treadmill can get boring fast. Listening to the same songs and repeating the same motion for an hour takes the fun out of working out. To keep your cardio interesting, and to add a little oomph to your glutes, the Stairmaster is an excellent alternative.

The Stairmaster is a great machine for incorporating cardio to your lower body workout. Many gym-goers choose it because it offers low-intensity exercises that strengthen your all parts of your legs.

Here are some workouts to do while climbing your way to a firm tush.

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Workout One: Emphasis on Step Patterns and Level Intensity

This 30-minute workout from SELF focuses on the different ways you can step on the Stairmaster. Just like the treadmill, continuously stepping with the same motion gets boring. This is a workout that targets all parts of your legs with different movements that can build the booty of your dreams.

Before starting, warm-up, drink a little bit of water and get ready to sweat.

The Workout

Minute 0-3: Single steps at level three

For the first three minutes, climb as you usually would.

Minute 3-4: Double steps at level six

The next minute should be double steps. This means skipping a step with each stride you take. This specifically targets your glutes.

Minute 4-5: Leg lifts at level four

This minute is dedicated to leg lifts. Between each step, kick back your leg and hold for one second. Alternate legs as you go.

Minute 5-6: Single steps at level seven

Go back to the usual climb, except this time has a higher intensity.

Minute 6-8: Crossover steps at level four

For the next two minutes, face one side. It does not matter which side you pick to start. With this exercise, you are stepping laterally and crossing one leg over the other. After one minute, switch to the other side and repeat the same motion.

Minute 8-9: Single steps at level nine

Go back to the beginner steps, but with an even higher intensity.

Minute 9-10: Single steps at level three

The final minutes are a recovery period. Climb the Stairmaster as you would generally climb stairs. It is essential to give yourself a little cool down before repeating the workout.

Repeat the steps from minute three to minute 10. Make sure to keep proper form, and do not feel bad if you need to do lower intensity levels.

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2. Quick, Effective, and Tailored to Your Strength Level

This fast Stairmaster workout from Bünda can give you serious glute sculpting results. It is simple, and there are no specific intensity levels to keep up with. Focusing on form is critical, so go at the pace you want. Like the above workout, it also focuses on different step patterns that target different parts of your leg.

As with any other workout, warm-up and make sure you have plenty of water.

The Workout

Minute 0-1: Single step

Go about stepping as you usually would. Keep your core tight and focus on your glutes.

Minute 1-2: Double step

With each stride, skip over every other step.

Minute 2-4: Crossover steps

Starting on one side, step up laterally. Cross one leg over the other. After one minute, switch sides and do the same thing again.

Minute 4-5: Leg lift

As you step, kick back your leg and hold it at the top for one second; alternate legs as you climb.

Repeat the exercises three times for a leg strengthening cardio workout. After each round, you can increase the intensity level of the Stairmaster. This helps build strength and, ultimately, your glute muscles.

The higher the level on the Stairmaster, the more intense your workout. Keeping up those level numbers can also burn more calories.

best glute workout for women

3. Keeping It Simple

If complicated leg movements are not your thing, then here is a simple HIIT workout from Eating Bird Food. There are no step patterns. All you have to do is climb and change the Stairmaster’s level.

The Workout

Minute 0-2: Level five
Minute 2-3: Level ten
Minute 3-4: Level twelve
Minute 4-5: Level fourteen
Minute 5-6: Level sixteen
Minute 6-7: Level two
Minute 7-8: Level ten
Minute 8-9: Level twelve
Minute 9-10: Level fourteen
Minute 10-11: Level sixteen
Minute 11-12: Level two
Minute 12-13: Level ten
Minute 13-14: Level twelve
Minute 14-15: Level fourteen
Minute 15-16: Level sixteen
Minute 16-17: Level two
Minute 17-18: Level ten
Minute 18-19: Level sixteen
Minute 19-20: Level two

This type of workout can really test your endurance, and how much you actually like that playlist you made. Although there is not much alternating movement, climbing the Stairmaster for 20 minutes can pay off. You can get toned abs and strong, sculpted glutes.

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4. Sprint Your Way to Perfect Glutes

This HIIT Stairmaster workout from Yuri Elkaim combines step patterns with intense cardio. It is perfect if you want to escalate your climb to a firm tush.

The Workout

Interval one: Slow single step for 45 seconds

Start slow, going at your own pace. Climb simply, stepping one at a time for 45 seconds.

Interval two: Double step for 25 seconds

Here is where the intensity picks up a bit. Skip a step with each stride.

Interval three: Slow single step for 45 seconds

After raising your heart rate, go back to the simple single-leg climb. This still keeps your heart rate up, but it lessens the intensity for a little bit.

Interval four: Crossover steps for 30-60 seconds on each side

Climbing laterally, face one side, and cross one leg over the other as you step. Repeat on the other side for the same amount of time.

Interval five: Sprint climb for 25 seconds

This is where you start to put in serious work. Climb as fast as you can. Although, you do not necessarily need to get to the point where you are sprinting. This can cause damage to your body and muscles. All you really must do is pick up the pace.

Interval six: Slow single step for 45-60

Give yourself a recovery period.

Interval seven: Double step for 25 seconds

Interval eight: Slow single step for 45 seconds

Interval nine: Sprint climb for 25 seconds

Rest for one minute.

Do this set three times for a great booty lifting Stairmaster workout.

best glute workout for women

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