Best CrossFit Shorts for Women Reviewed

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CrossFit refers to a range of intense workout exercises which makes your body move in various strenuous ways. To perform such intense workouts, having the perfect CrossFit garment is a must.

If you are restraining yourself from performing these Crossfit exercises in the fear that your clothes might reveal your private parts, then it is about time that you buy the perfect pair of CrossFit shorts for yourself.

In this article, we’re going to look at the best CrossFit shorts available.

Comparison of 5 Best CrossFit Shorts for Women

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Can’t wait? Here’s our Favorite

90 degree by Reflex- Power Flex shorts is the best pick and is one of our favorite choices. The shorts are designed specifically for cross fit exercises and are manufactured with high-quality materials used. You will surely fall in love as well with these amazing pairs of shorts, once you start using them.

Own them right now to make the most of your CrossFit exercises. The pair is ideal for women who want great comfort and flexibility while they workout. These are all-rounder shorts that can be used while biking, working out, performing yoga, or even hiking with great ease.

The shorts will make you look good and at the same time ensure that you perform better. The shorts are stitched with wisdom and are given interlock seams which reduce chafing for a longer period of time and significantly maximize comfort.

Hidden pockets are also featured in the waistband where the ladies can store their essentials if they want to. Great quality fabrics are used by the brand to manufacture each and every gym wear that helps the trainees reap maximum benefits.

1. Queenieke Women’s CrossFit Shorts

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These pairs of shorts have got you covered for varied needs and you can simply trust them for your training to Bootcamp needs. The super-comfortable fabric used to manufacture them is a major bonus provided to the customers.

The waistband is rigid and lies flat on the waistline while wearing, hence, you will not have to worry about the shorts digging or sliding down while exercising. The waistband has hidden pockets that will easily hold a phone or keys, cards, etc. This way you can focus more on your exercise rather than on the gears.

Product Highlights:

The fabric used in the product is a four-way stretch fabric, which means that it will provide full protection from varied angles. The fabric is also sweat-wicking and gives a smooth cool feeling while working out. These pairs of shorts allow you to bend, squat, stretch, or perform any other pose you want.

The brand also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can simply return the product if you don’t like the pair. No questions will be asked about why you are returning the product back. The shorts fit perfectly well and they are neither too tight nor too loose.

What I Like:

Inseam provided to the pair is great which gives a perfect fit for the pair of shorts. It clings up to the skin and the fabric is so comfortable that it doesn’t bother at all. I loved the unlined ones more than the lined ones. They are softer and stretch more than the lined ones. The waistband provided is soft and wide that doesn’t dig low. A lined gusset is also available and it helps in creating the perfect fit.

What I Don’t Like:

Availability might be an issue. There are varied choices available as lined, unlined, etc. and there are times when the preferred choice is not available. So you will have to wait until it again gets back into their stock.

2. Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Armour 3

These shorts provide great comfort so that women can have a great workout session. Super light heat-gear fabric is used to manufacture this pair of shorts. Hence, it ensures superior coverage so that women wearing it are not weighed down while working out. It has 4-way stretch construction which makes movement easy in every direction. The fabric is great for wicking sweat and it is also believed to dry super fast.

Product Highlights:

Anti-odor technology is used in the manufacturing procedure which ensures that no odor is built up. Also, the fabric prevents microbes from growing. Compression-fit is incorporated in the shorts that increase muscle power. No doubt that the pair of shorts provide great compression. The lightweight material is used to prepare this amazing pair of shorts and they are not at all see-through.

What I Like:

Flat seams are incorporated all over the shorts that prevent chafing considerably. Hence, you can use this amazing pair of shorts while working out and it won’t ditch you. Anti-odor technology in the pair of shorts is quite promising. It is a major plus point for women whose sweat stinks.

Moreover, it has a wide waistband but is super soft which ensures that it doesn’t concern the user during a workout. It provides a cool and refreshing feeling throughout the workout session.

What I Don’t Like:

Some may feel that even their perfect size runs small for them. The shorts may feel too tight sometimes. Hence, performing exercises freely is not possible with tight shorts and it may evoke feelings of compression at times.

3. Adidas Women’s Training Techfit Short Tights

Recycled polyester is used to make sure that quality is not compromised. The fabric is great to sweep sweat considerably from the body so that you will not have too much sweat all over your body. These pair of short tights will keep sweat at bay. Hence, keeps you dry and comfortable throughout. A compression fit is provided to these training shorts. Moreover, target support is also ensured by the brand so as to support the spots where you need the most.

Product Highlights:

Available in cool color options, these pairs of shorts are a steal deal for women. With great fabric and technology used, a lot of women swear by the tech-fit short tights by Adidas. These are crazy light shorts and are super comfortable to provide the best workout sessions.

Bend, squat or any other movement, these pairs of shorts support every exercise with maximum comfort. These short tights are great to spruce up your training greatly. The techfit construction helps to improve blood flow considerably. It also provides great muscle support.

What I Like:

The waistband is soft and provided with a fine elastic band to ensure that it doesn’t slip down while exercising and also doesn’t feel too tight on the waist. Logo of Adidas is featured just perfectly. The shorts have a stretchy inner compression and light breezy outer shorts. There is a gusset provided in the inner shorts that make movements super easy. A moderate 3″ inseam is also provided to deliver greater levels of comfort. These pairs of shorts allow a good range of motion.

What I Don’t Like:

The size may bother some people since they are shorter than some other similar options available. However, as the name suggests they are short tights, and so it is natural that it will have a shorter length. The shorts sometimes ride up a bit in the inner thighs which may not work well for some.

4. 90 Degree By Reflex – Power Flex Shorts – Best Known for Comfort and Flexibility

This pair has a wider inseam that provides maximum comfort. 5 inches wide of inseam makes sure that you get the most of your workout session without experiencing any discomfort. It is hard to find such long inseam in any other CrossFit shorts. Hence, you can already figure out why it is the best choice when it comes to choosing CrossFit shorts for women. The length of this pair of shorts ensures that there is no see-through.

Product Highlights:

It is an ideal choice for comfort and flexibility. The fabric used in this pair is either specialized nylon or spandex. The fabric used is great for workout shorts and ensures that it moves along with you in every direction. Sticks up to the skin and hence, you will not have to worry about revealing. With its moisture-wicking technology, the user can sweat it all out while working out.

High waisted band ensures tummy control and is the best option for ladies who are a bit curvy. Style, comfort, fit, and performance are all gracefully combined in this one pair of shorts. It will never let you down; instead will help you to obtain maximum benefits.

What I Like:

It is high-quality activewear that is accessible and affordable as well. The most perfect pick for all female fitness enthusiasts and athletics. There is no need to think much about styling these pairs of shorts, instead, they can be styled with any tank top and look flattering.

The elastic band contours the body greatly. They have a stylishly sleek fit and provide maximum comfort and movement. High waist shorts that are perfect even when styled with crop tops. These are long inseam shorts that don’t see through at all.

What I Don’t Like:

The wide waistline provided to the pair of shorts can snug a little for some and it can bother some women. Women who are not so curvy may find this option a bit discomforting but the same waistline is a plus point for those who are a bit full-figured.

5. WodBottom Women’s Spandex Booty Shorts – Best Fitting Shorts

These shorts are specifically designed for all CrossFit athletes. These shorts are not at all peek through and are manufactured using fabric that runs a bit thicker than most of the fabric used. Hence, it ensures that this pair of shorts will not let its users down by any chance.

Fully functional shorts available in the market and these are also regarded as the best booty shorts. Superior gym fabric is used to manufacture them. They are high-quality shorts and will help you to perform better while working out. They have got just the perfect amount of stretch. Higher waist effectively contours the curvy body and its rise is also gentle to fit the butt perfectly.

Product Highlights:

These are breathable, quick-dry, and moisture-wicking shorts that are suitable to show off your hard exercising skills. It sticks to the skin just perfectly well and is sure to move along. Designed specifically to fit tight so that it doesn’t move while workout out. It provides great coverage.

The waistband is also smooth and wide to add body contouring features. The brand makes sure to keep its users in mind while designing this amazing piece of shorts. They do not ride up and fit great even while lifting or playing basketball or volleyball.

What I Like:

The material used for these shorts is great and a bit thick, which means even while stretching it doesn’t become see-through. The square gusset is also provided in this pair, designed thoughtfully that prevents the shorts from climbing up when engaged in an exercise. The waistband is highly responsible for making the shorts stay in place. Several fun prints are available that are really cute to lift the mood of its user.

What I Don’t Like:

The shorts manufactured by this brand are all exclusively limited editions and it is difficult to find all prints in every size. The availability of a particular pattern in a particular size may be tough. Hence, you will have to wait for a few days to check if your favorite print is available. The patterns tend to be seasonal and limited editions.

Best CrossFit Shorts for Women Buying Guide

There is no denying that CrossFit is a demanding sport and you need to wear just the right clothing. There are a lot of activities involved in CrossFit exercises that include running, gymnastics, burpees, weightlifting, etc. Hence, to deal with so many movements, find just the right pair of sports that will not let you down.

Such specific shorts are also designed using a special fabric that captivates all moisture and sweat from the entire body. Moisture is then spread out so that it can easily evaporate out of the fabric. It helps to keep you cool and dry.

Shorts propagated for cross fit exercises adjust itself according to extreme stretching or any form of intense exercise being performed. In spite of stretching and adjusting, the fabric sticks to the skin so that you do not have to worry about your body parts revealing. You will not feel insecure anymore with some of the best shorts available.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while looking for the right pair of shorts. We discuss some major tips that will help you find just the right pair. Know some factors which will help you to choose the best shorts that are perfect for your CrossFit exercises.

Sustainable and Durable

One of the crucial aspects of selecting just the best​ shorts for CrossFit exercises is that it should be super durable, supportive, and fitting. The kind of fabric should be very comfortable so that every exercise is done freely.

Some Crossfit shorts are designed specifically for training purposes and they are made up of thicker and supportive material. Hence, look around for options that are not see-through. With high-quality materials used they are also believed to last longer. They should cling on to the skin just right so that there is no need to correct them quite often while training.

Stretch and Movement

The fabric used to manufacture CrossFit Shorts should be​ stretchable and should easily support any exercise. A lot of stretching is done while carrying out CrossFit exercises. Such exercises incorporate hip flexes a lot and therefore if the fabric is not right there are chances that it gets torn. Your body will jump, quat, etc. Keeping all such movements in mind you need to decide what is right. The fabric needs to be movable and should not be rigid.

Moisture-Wicking and Dry Fit

The shorts are designed for functional fitness and it​ is thus necessary that they should have moisture-wicking features. It is necessary because you will be sweating a lot while exercising and the shorts should wick it up all. Such fabrics also help in keeping you dry, cool, and odor-free. Formulated with great technology to keep a check that you are not too wet while exercising.

No See-Through Fabric

Ensure that the CrossFit shorts are not see-through, even​ at the slightest. There are exercises that include bending, lifting, etc. and you should be comfortable in doing so. Moreover, it is also important that the fabric is not too thin, since it may then tear down while performing intense exercises. The shorts should not distract you by thinking that your underwear is visible while exercising. Hence, choose shorts that are manufactured using a thicker fabric.

Waistband Woes

Several shorts for CrossFit are designed using a wide waistband.​ They offer better coverage than the regular ones and are believed to be more comfortable. However, you should choose shorts that fit just perfectly well. Moreover, if the waistband is too tight on your waist, then it may make movements tough and can also hinder them. If it is too loose then you are found pulling them up often. All such issues are resolved by the wide waistband and they keep the shorts just at the right by providing maximum comfort.

Other Minor Factors

The best CrossFit shorts should be able to help the users​ reap maximum benefits. Hence, it is crucial that shorts should not ride up, bunch up, chafe your skin, slide down, fig in, give a camel toe, have see-through material, give you a muffin top, show your cheeks, etc.

Material plays a major role in making the pair of shorts the best pick. It is very easy to determine the best pair. Look for major features while reading the product description to know more about what you are going to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Should I Look for Shorts Specifically for Crossfit?

Crossfit is a successful combination of cardiovascular exercises and steps that increase strength. Hence, it is important that the workout outfit should reflect the nature of exercises the user is indulged in. Shorts are super effective in venting excessive heat produced while running or working out.

But, they are not able to provide the required amount of coverage which is generally needed while working out in a public gym center. Crossfit shorts mentioned in this list offer a great amount of coverage and are modest to wear. Moreover, it is necessary that your shorts should support the full range of motions and mobility. CrossFit gears are the best that caters to all such needs.

What Style is Perfect for Crossfit Shorts?

To provide adequate coverage, CrossFit shorts should be longer in length. They are capable of supporting a variety of movements that include jumping, twisting, lunging, etc. The CrossFit workout is intense and the session is full of sweat. Therefore, the shorts should have the capacity to effectively wick out sweat. Highly breathable shorts that offer greater comfort is recommended.

Why Are Most of the Crossfit Shorts Shorter in Length?

Short spandex is much more relaxing than longer ones. Users prefer shorter ones more than the longer ones and the brands have therefore started manufacturing shorts that are shorter in length. Women also wear shorter shorts so as to cope up with the excessive heat that is generated during CrossFit exercises.

What is Gusset Used for?

The gusset is provided to the pair of shorts so as to provide great support. Crossfit helps to keep people in shape and there are some intense workout sessions included as well. Gusset makes sure that your shorts move along with you in every movement so as to get away from the worries of revealing. The shorts with gusset are your go-to pair.

Why is It Necessary to Look for Fry Fit Crossfit Shorts?

When the pair of shorts has sweat-wicking properties, it collects the sweat efficiently from your body and helps in easy evaporation. It further helps you to stay cool and dry. Hence, if the shorts are not dry fit then it will stay wet for long, causing hindrance in beneficial workout sessions. Dry fit properties of the shorts ensure that it dries up quickly after soaking sweat.


Our list will help you make a perfect choice so that you can buy the best CrossFit shorts available for women on the market. You should also look for shorts that have antimicrobial properties as it helps to keep odor at bay. Women need a pair of shorts that will hold up their high-level performance consistently and hence provide the best workout experience.

We love 90 degrees by Reflex power flex shorts. This pair of shorts is curated with antimicrobial fabric with an aim to keep bacteria and odor at bay. You will not have to worry about durability with this pair of shorts as these ensure to last for a long period of time. With this, you can accomplish all your fitness goals with reflex shorts effectively. They have super comfortable high waisted and wide waistbands. The waistband helps to contour the body efficiently.

The next best choice that tops the list of most preferred CrossFit shorts is Wod Bottom Women Booty shorts. They are a cheaper alternative and are highly durable. These shorts are available in some really cute prints and women are sure to love them.

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